Robbie Gould: If Bears were smart, they’d extend core players


On Wednesday, Bears General Manager Phil Emery said that he didn’t anticipate reaching agreement on a contract extension with any of the players entering the 2013 season with an expiring deal.

Emery also said that he hadn’t picked up on any bad vibes from those players, but Emery may not have spoken to kicker Robbie Gould, one of the impending free agents, before making that assessment. Gould was on ESPN 1000 in Chicago on Wednesday night to talk about Emery’s decree and said he approached the team about an extension and was told there was no money to make it happen. The Bears are tight against the cap, but, as Gould said, teams usually find a way to fit players under the cap when they want to find a way to fit players under the cap.

Gould believes that pushing off contract talks would lead to divided motivations as players “have to take care of No. 1.” The kicker also said that he thought the Bears’ approach would wind up costing them more money in the long run — “If they don’t want to re-sign me now it’s going to cost them double at the end of the year — and that it would lead to major changes before the 2014 season.

“If they were smart they would try to get their core group of players and re-sign them before the end of the year and try to make it work, but a lot of us are sitting in a great position,” Gould said. “You might see a lot of guys exit the Bears, [so] this year has to be pretty special, because if it doesn’t go as well as planned I can see them completely rebuilding. Or they might find a couple guys they think is their core group and get rid of some of the other higher-paid guys.”

Waiting to do any extensions certainly carries the risk of costing the Bears more money, especially when it comes to quarterback Jay Cutler, but it also allows them to avoid locking up a player before they’re convinced that he’s someone they want around for years to come. And while it may lead to some of those bad vibes in the locker room, players looking to score a big contract don’t lack for motivation so the Bears could benefit from their hands-off policy this year even if it means losing a few key players as a result.

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  1. I didn’t know Gould was the GM. You extend guys as you can get the deals done the way you want them done. Urlacher refused to be a Bear at a price they were willing to pay.

  2. Extend the core players with what cap space Robbie? This is why you aren’t a GM. If they extend even one person, what little cap space the Bears have this season is gone, and if they need to acquire a player because of injuries, they would be up a certain creek without a paddle.

  3. If he REALLY thought he would get paid double after the season, then he wouldnt even want to sign an extension now. He’s scared he’s gonna blow this year and having nothing guaranteed for future years.

    He’s sounding desperate for a deal. Thats why kickers arent GM’s

  4. I don’t think the Bears know who their core players are right now outside of maybe Cutler. Let these guys prove themselves first. I feel the same way about a lot of the upcoming FAs for the Packers as well.

  5. I’ve said this for years and I’ve been right every time and so I’m gonna repeat it – As long as the McCaffrey family owns the Bears the team will be mediocre. Some years they’ll be really good, some years they’ll be really bad, but they’ll average out to mediocre.

    And that is wrong, because Chicago IS pro football, and the fans there deserve a real team.

    I remember a few years ago when the Patriots (my team) were coming to Chicago for a late-season Sunday night game and the Bears were making all kinds of noises about how they were gonna kick butt, etc. and come the game – under the lights, snow falling, maximum drama, etc. it was a blowout. 36-7, and it wasn’t that close. I still have a chuckle when I think of that TD just before halftime.

    Bears fans – I’m not rubbing it in, (actually I am) but just a little. You deserve better.

  6. 1historian: There’s a different McCaskey (that’s the actual family name, for your information) running this team. Any sports fan in Chicago has seen a noticeable difference in George McCaskey. He DOES want to bring a title back to Chicago, and is trying to follow in the Rocky Wirtz/Blackhawks footsteps.

    That’s no guarantee it will happen, but the Bears old reputation of being cheap is gone. They are right up against the Salary Cap and have dropped big money when they have needed to. The new McCaskey’s are running things different, and anyone from around here can see that plain as day.

  7. How can any intelligent fan support this? You’re prepared to have a season “adjusting” to new systems in every aspect of the game and a nearly complete overhaul next season?

    Neither the fans nor the front office are very bright.

  8. There’s no guarantee of a “complete” overhaul next season. And this is simply the nature of the salary cap era of the NFL. It’s stayed flat the last couple years while salaries go up. It is what it is. No reason to be overly concerned about it for this year, and most likely not for next year either. Things will shake out OK.

  9. @recoil47

    Thanks. Couldn’t have rebutted the “historian” any better. Add the fact that Angelo is gone and the only direction to go is up.

  10. The team is not smart, they are greedy. Teams are going to make money regardless and therefore are caring less and less about the product put on the field. When a team fires a head coach (most times) and signs high profile free agents (most times) they are merely keeping up appearances.

  11. I don’t see a problem with it except I think they should’ve extended Henry Melton and a couple other key players that will be tough to sign if you want to keep Jay Cutler. You can always trade/cut a player anyways in the NFL. No contract is guaranteed. The real question is, if Jay has another mediocre year, are they actually going to let Jay go? If that’s the case I say let him play it out. But if you’re going to resign him anyways, don’t let Jay become the next Flacco.

  12. I sort of agree with gould that you lock up core players. But, who are the bears core players? And, sorry robbie, youre not a core player.

  13. The Bears will continue to struggle until they get a decent front office. Robbie is right. The way to keep your studs/core is to extend them early. The way you lose those players is waiting until they are free agents. The cap should be of little concern because if extended properly the current cap number is reduced.

    poor poor ignorant Bears fans…

  14. Operational phrase: “If they were smart…” We already know that the Bears front office is anything but smart.

  15. Good as Gould is 100% right, Bears are handling this wrong. They will have no leverage with several key players, and, why would you stay with a team that leaves you hanging out there?

  16. Exactly Robbie… Who is one of the best kickers in the game. You dont let guys like him (and others) get to the free agent status. When you do, one of two things is going to happen. Either you are going to have to franchise tag them or you are going to be in a bidding war with another team. Both ways cost you far more money then you would have paid if you extend them.
    Salary cap means nothing. Most of the time the players free up more cap space when they work out a new contract.

  17. 1historian,

    I remember you and that season. Your annoying mantra of “Be Afraid”. I remember you all but guaranteeing a title for the Pats. How did that work out chief?

  18. I agree with Robbie, and am somewhat worried for what will happen next off-season, especially if the Bears make it deep into the playoffs. (If they don’t, a lot of these guys are probably gone anyway.)

  19. @Larryboodry
    Agreed 100% I agree with Robbie too. this is the first thing Emery has done that I DONT LIKE AT ALL. The Team and management should sign and get behind Cutler and let him know everyday that they are with him.. like Brady, Brees, Payton Manning, and that idiot Rodgers. a QB will play better with everybody with him

  20. @Larryboodry
    agreed 100% I agree with Robbie too. Chicago should sign Cutler and get behind him. EVERYBODY! just like Brady, Brees, Payton Manning, and (Rodgers) who cant wait to show everybody how stupid he is. the best QB’s have the support of the whole team.

  21. Shut up Gould, you union goon. If he and his union buddies had his way the Bears would end up like the city of Detroit. Bankrupt, behind the competition, and a roster of serial killers.

  22. Chicago Bears: “If Gould was smart, he’d keep his mouth shut and make field goals.”

  23. Robbie will not be making double next year unless he makes in excess of 5m. That being said be is one player with no question marks and he has gotten better each year. He should have been resigned. The money for 2013 could have stayed the same or even been less against the cap.

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