Talks ongoing but no deal yet for Chiefs, Eric Fisher

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The Chiefs’ rookies started practicing on Tuesday, but the top rookie, No. 1 overall pick Eric Fisher, isn’t at training camp yet.

A league source told PFT that the Chiefs and Fisher’s camp talked multiple times over the course of the day today, and that talks are ongoing. Offset language in the contract, which has become the major sticking point in several rookie negotiations, is one of the issues involved, but we’re told there are multiple issues.

Obviously, Chiefs fans would much rather hear that Fisher’s deal is done and he’s ready to get to work, but as long as Fisher is out, ongoing communication is better than the alternative: At least they haven’t hit an impasse.

There’s no indication at the moment of whether or not those ongoing talks will lead to a contract in time for Fisher to be on the field Friday, when the full squad reports to camp. Fisher will be practicing with the first-string offense as the starting right tackle whenever he gets to camp.

12 responses to “Talks ongoing but no deal yet for Chiefs, Eric Fisher

  1. Im wondering if the fact that the Chiefs plan on inserting Fisher in as RT because Albert insists on being LT has something to do with the hold up.
    Fisher was drafted as the new LT in mind but KC couldnt trade Albert. Im sure Fisher doesnt want to waste a year as RT when he could be building up his skills and reputation as a shutdown LT for next contract time.

  2. KC is sitting pretty right now. its really not a big deal, it will get done. but for now, Albert is locked at LT, and Stephenson can slide into RT if the worst happens and somehow he holds out for an extended period.

    I guess that is part of what is nice about taking a RT 1st. he can hold out and not really change your season when Donald Stephenson is your swing, and Geoff Schwartz rides pine.

  3. Business Owners/Managers engage in bloodsports of various schemes over the years with peer pressure amongst them to match the instigators innovation in the matter. Typically they attempt to see how much they can leverage labor by squeezing money out of them, examples of this in the past are reduced health care benefits for labor, and currently in the NFL it’s quashing offset language in rookie contracts. Now with Eric Fisher the same thing, apparently KC doesn’t trust their own drafting of the # 1 pick. Wow, hard to believe.

  4. This is why the chiefs are always behind the curve in the NFL. He’s your number 1 overall draft pick, and he’s not in camp working with his team mates to become a better team. Your front office stinks, that’s been the plight of the chiefs for as long as I can remember. He’s your #1 draft pick. Sign him and move on. That’s how you get better. Freakin ridiculous. Just sayin….

  5. How’s that “mean streak” that Joekel didn’t seem to have working out so far?

    So glad the Chefs over thought that pick. Luke is the best rookie in the NFL.

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