Tarell Brown says he’s fired agent after losing $2 million salary increase

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49ers cornerback Tarell Brown indicated Thursday that he has fired agent Brian Overstreet after losing a $2 million salary bump for 2013 by not taking part in the club’s offseason workouts.

“That’s what agents get paid to do — to orchestrate the contract and let you know what you can and can’t do as far as workouts, OTAs, things of that sort,” Brown said Thursday of Overstreet, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. “That’s what he got paid to do. He didn’t do that. So, in my opinion, you have to be let go. We all are held accountable for our actions and it’s just part of the business.”

There’s a five-day waiting period for a player to change representation from when the firing becomes official.

Per the Chronicle, Brown — who told reporters he found out about the salary loss via Twitter — indicated he was thinking about his compensation reduction while practicing on Thursday.

“It definitely was hard to concentrate just because my mind was somewhere else,” Brown said, according to the Chronicle. “But this is a business. And I understand that. And I have a job to do. The 49ers are paying me to do a job. I have to come out here, regardless of what’s going on off the field, personal or financial.”

Certainly, these are circumstances that could test just about anyone’s focus.

84 responses to “Tarell Brown says he’s fired agent after losing $2 million salary increase

  1. I’m not mad at you T Brown. You just saved the 9ERS 2mill
    in cap space.

    Of course its always easier to say when its not my money.

  2. Ouch. I know when I miss work I lose money and there are consequences. How did he not think about what would happen if he missed workouts? Agent or not.

  3. Hey idiot, maybe you should have kept up on the stipulations of your contract. I think a $2 million workout bonus is something you should have been aware of on your own.

  4. The blame game. It’s your money to lose, Brown, maybe you should know what’s in your contract yourself instead of relying solely on someone else to hold your hand through life.

  5. jimnaizeeum says:
    Jul 25, 2013 9:21 PM
    Read what you sign.

    Dude do you realize how many pages these contracts are? No players actually read through it.

  6. Didn’t know being an agent entailed ‘hand holding’ either.

    The real frustration has to come from what is probably a habit of poor decisions and misunderstandings. From forgetting to register a car, buying insurance or running out of milk.

    $2,000,000 is an expensive education but one he finally earned.

  7. Work it out with the 49ers by doing a decent contract extension. I think Tarell Brown is an above average CB and would like to keep him around a few more seasons.

  8. When did he sign his contract? If it was recently then yea… he is an idiot.

    If it was more than a year ago, it’s easy to forget things, especially when you just went through a rough season. The agent’s job is literally to advise his client on matters like this. The agent was negligent in his duties and should have been fired.

  9. I find it hard to believe that this genius didn’t get a single text, email, or phone call from the team asking if he was going to be at OTAs. Accept a little responsibility and wallow in it, sucker.

  10. really? that’s lazy on your end… your agent is at fault here but your ultimately responsible to report to work man..

  11. They’re both to blame…he needs to ask his agent whether missing workouts will be an issue and needs to read his contract. For the agent, if I were due to make $200,000 if my guy shows up for workouts I make damned sure to follow up with him to get him there.

  12. That’s why you should take charge of your own life. Especially when it comes to millions of dollars. Hire a lawyer to go over your contract and do the rest yourself.

  13. Yes agent is at fault as well as yourself. Dude. Read the contract u sign
    Use use education u earned in college it’s called business

    Why wouldn’t u go to workouts anyway. U not a superstar
    I didn’t even know who u were till this article was written

  14. So basically, he’s saying that his motivation for attending off-season workouts would have been purely money. Nothing at all about staying in better condition, and thus being better able to help your team win during the season.

    I think I understand now.

  15. I would love to had seen the look on his face when he saw that tweet about losing 2 million dollars. It would have been priceless.

    Can’t fix stupid.

  16. What an Idiot! The thought of that money is going to follow him around like a cartoon rain cloud all season long.

  17. So… He’s essentially coming out in public and admitting he’s an idiot?
    Ok. Got it.

  18. Read what you sign, sure. But also hire an agent that will remind you and do anything else it takes to make sure you can’t screw anything up. It’s about having the ultra-premium service.

  19. Read what you sign, sure. But also hire an agent that will remind you and do anything else it takes to make sure you can’t screw anything up. It’s about having the ultra-premium service.

  20. No raiderapologist…they don’t go to college. They go to the NFL Farm League. 85% of those kids get nothing close to a college education.

  21. Regardless of who is dumb and who is dumber, why would an agent allow 2/3rds of a salary depend on attending a volunteer workout?

  22. Yes they go to college but it’s on a football scholarship not a scholarship for getting straight A’s. Most are dumb as a rock.

  23. “That’s what he got paid to do…”

    Kind of like being a professional athlete that get’s paid to go to team workouts. Incredible blunder on the agent’s part, yes; but if football teams could fire players for failing to attend ‘voluntary’ workouts, I’m sure they would too.

  24. Give the guy a break, he’s just doing what nancy pelosie told everyone to do, “just sign it so we can see whats in it”.

  25. The agent probably thought his job was done once he negotiated the contract. I could see how a player signs a contract and time passes, coaches say the next workout is completely voluntary, then the agent never reminds the player that it is in his best interests to go. You can blame the player for “not knowing the contract details” but that is exactly why he has an agent in the first place!

  26. wow- that sucks royally. I would bet those contracts are the usual several pages long with all sorts of legal-ese thrown around. How many of you read all the fine print in your mortgage when you signed all those freaking papers? His agent hosed him and should be sued for malpractice.

  27. raiderapologist, yes, and there lies the biggest problem. These types are nancy, barry, and harry voters. From their first step on campus they drill ’em with it. Smart ones run away from this nonsense and don’t have to worry so much about having to blame someone else for your screwup.
    Sad but funny

  28. I doubt a lot of players read their contracts, even though they probably should. T. Brown should have read what he agreed to, but it doesn’t look good on the agent that he neglected to go over the details with his client, especially when $2 million was on the line. Brown was right to fire him.

  29. He’s a FA at the end of the year and SF’s best CB. Docking 2 mil. for petty stuff like this says he’ll be going elsewhere after the season, bad move by the 49ers office.

  30. Hey Tarell, when you point a finger at someone/something else you have 3 pointing back at yourself. Ever heard of personal responsibility?

  31. Read what you sign is a bad take. Its not a car lease or a cell phone conteact. Most players don’t fully understand a lot that’s in their contract. That is why they hire agents (who have law degrees) and pay them a hefty percentage to handle all that for them. Its on the agent to make damn sure the player fully understands every one of his obligations.

  32. I understand totally everyone trashing Brown; he should have known when he signed the contract what it contained. But it is downright apalling that his agent did not inform him of what he was going to lose by staying out of workouts. That’s the sort of thing you pay these guys for. I would sue the agent for any previous money paid to him.

  33. The story should have been…Tarell Brown surprised to find he earned $2 million for participating in off-season program. ” I’m dedicated to this team and winning” said Brown. “Showing up for off-season workouts is the minimum I would expect of myself and my teammates. The fact that most of my salary was tied to them is surprising, because I would do it anyway. The difference between being a champion and an also ran is being willing to do what others won’t”.

    But instead we had a guy doing his own thing and got burned. Expensive lesson.

  34. His own words: “this is a business. And I understand that. And I have a job to do. The 49ers are paying me to do a job. I have to come out here, regardless of what’s going on off the field, personal or financial.”

    I’m under the impression that his agent did his job, got him a co tract that stipulated that he be in workouts or lose money…he wasn’t there, he lost, but his agent pays for it? From his words above sure sounds like he knows he should have been there. Fool.

  35. On the one hand, I feel bad for Tarell. $2 million is a very costly mistake especially given that now he’ll take home only 1/3(!) of what he could’ve had for all his sweat and toil this season.

    On the other hand, what kind of attitude does he have to not want to participate with his team at every possible opportunity. If his head and heart would’ve been where they needed to be, he wouldn’t be suffering this astounding loss.

    A very painful attitude check this is.

  36. Tarell Brown you should apologize to your agent right now. It is 100% not his fault that he has a complete moron as a client. I am certain that this is not the first time you have heard the details of the contract you signed and to blame him for your lack of awareness of YOUR livelyhood is pathetic. Accept the fact that YOU are wrong and start being a responsible adult.

  37. Brown was right to fire Overstreet. I mean, didn’t he realize his client was not at the voluntary off season workouts? and was at risk of losing 2million? Two million that he as agent would get a percentage of? Why didn’t Overstreet pick up the phone and prompt him to go? Was he even paying attention to Brown?

    Overstreet failed his client, in my view.

    If he’s smart, TBrown will resist the temptation to harbor bitterness and slack up on his effort this year as a silent protest.

  38. This guy serious? His agent isn’t a babysitter. He got him a contract, did a ton of work to get it & now expects to be babied. Know what’s expected & do it.

  39. Wait, is this player claiming he lost $2 mil in salary because his AGENT didn’t tell him that $2 mil was contingent on……..showing up for offseason workouts?

    And he only found out he lost $2 mil. he could have earned by reading about it on Twitter?

    On one level, Brown is right: it is part of his agent’s job to EXPLICITLY state to him things like “Oh hey, just so you know, if you skip the team off season work outs, that’ll cost you $2 million.”

    On another level, you would expect a player to have some BASIC understanding of his own contract.

  40. The nflpa will want its 2% bad enough it will find a way to get him paid. That’s what all unions are good for. Giving people who don’t deserve the money that belongs to the people that actually put forth an effort to earn it. Give me an example where I’m wrong…

  41. I would like to know how did Tarrell find this out via Twitter?

    All along I just thought twitter is just a colossal waste of time when there’s millions to be had (or lost). Gotta get me a Twitter.

  42. I bet Matt Elam knows what’ll happen if he doesn’t show up for work.

    It’s the agents job to know and inform with regards to the contract but it’s also Mr Browns duty to call up and say “what happens if I just don’t show up for work?”

  43. Money or no money……………should have been at OTA’s anyway. Doing your job would have been to go and get started on the season. They always say it’s not about the money to play NFL….apparently it is or Brown would have been to OTA’s not questions asked.

  44. To all the people ragging on Brown for not knowing, you do have somewhat of a point. However, you have to realize these guys hire agents and business managers so that they do not have to pay as much attention and can just concentrate on football. It is definitely a failure of the agent. Brown shares some responsibility, but you can see how he would be pissed about this.

  45. I have a feeling most of the people saying “you didn’t read your contract” haven’t even read the last “terms and conditions” the clicked through.

    When players sign it their agent is supposed to navigate the legal language and give them the rundown, and keep the informed of their incentives and bonuses throughout the season.

    His agent clearly didn’t do that and got fired. I don’t blame Brown. You should be able to count on the people you hire. God knows the 49ers would cut him in a second if he made a big mistake, he should do the same with his people,

  46. He’s been high since February. Couldn’t remember if it was May or June. But, don’t you think the team would send him some kind if notice about dates and times of workouts? Or he’d be in contact with a fellow player?

  47. The agent demonstrated how little Brown’s business meant to him by not encouraging him to attend the OTAs. It isn’t about holding hands, reading contracts or college degrees. It is about an agent caring so little about you that he doesn’t even remember that he might have $200,000 hanging on you showing up to work.

  48. WOW … I think the 49ers pulled a fast one here. Two thirds on your salary is based on showing up for the OTAs.

  49. Of the millions Brown has and what he pays his agent and attorney(s), none of them could complete a contract summary for Tarrell?

    Call it CliffsNotes: The Tarrell Brown Contract

  50. Now I can somewhat understand the player’s point of view here.

    Remember, an agent usually gets around 1/3rd of whatever a player makes on a contract that agent negotiated. If that was the agent’s cut of Brown’s contract, let’s say 33%, then by NOT reminding Brown he would lose $2 million in salary for skipping the 49ers off season workouts, he was costing himself around $1.5 million and the AGENT was ALSO losing around $600,000.

    You would think if the AGENT knew he was gonna lose $600,000 if the player didn’t show for the workouts, he’d SAY something.

    So yeah, Brown should read and know his own contract. But what kind of agent never mentions “Oh by the way, not only are you gonna lose $1.5 mil of your salary by not showing up, I’M going to lose my share too, $600,000.”

    This agent is gonna have a hard time getting any more clients if he really didn’t make ANY effort to remind Brown. It could be he thought Brown was going to the workouts but never took an effort to directly find out if that was the case.

  51. Brown is quoted above saying “we are all held accountable for our actions”. does anybody else see the irony?

  52. So far all we have heard from is Tarell Brown.

    Having dealt with lawyers in the past, it seems to me that they rarely make mistakes when it comes to collecting their portion of the take. Except of course, when they overbill you.

    Smells like a scapegoat of an excuse to me. Lazy knucklehead should have gone to work anyways.

    Seems to me the real winners are the 49ers who had the smarts to link that much money to have him show up for OTAs.

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