Vince Young’s possessions will be auctioned to pay back loan


Vince Young, the former NFL quarterback who made tens of millions of dollars in his NFL career, is having many of his personal possessions seized to pay back a $1.7 million loan.

KHOU 11 News in Houston reports that Harris County constables visited Young’s home and took an inventory of his possessions, including furniture, jewelry and art. Young is allowed to keep $60,000 in personal property, but a judge has ordered the rest of his property to be sold at auction to pay back the loan.

Young took the loan out during the NFL lockout in 2011 and hasn’t paid it back. Young later claimed that he didn’t understand what he was doing when he took out the loan and a financial advisor duped him, but he lost when the company that lent him the money took him to court. Young’s attorney went to court on Tuesday to attempt to get a temporary restraining order to prevent the inventory of Young’s possessions, but a judge denied that request.

As the third overall pick in the 2006 NFL draft, Young signed a contract with the Titans that guaranteed him $26 million. He played five seasons in Tennessee and then one in Philadelphia. He was with the Bills in training camp last year but was cut in August and hasn’t caught on anywhere since.

Young says he wants to return to the NFL, but with training camps opening and Young not on a roster, it appears that no NFL teams are interested in him. It may be time for Young, who graduated from the University of Texas this year, to find another job.

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  1. What an idiot. How is it possible to spend all that money? I have absolutely no sympathy. Millions of people manage on about 1% of what this chump earned

  2. Amazing….26million for any of us would lead to multiple generations of our families to live in comfort, yet one “athlete” rips through it in a couple of years.

    There is no pity here whatsoever.

  3. Man, I know it is his fault , but my heart still feels for the kid! Had a everything after that national championship game! Workd on his shoulders! Then bam! One poor decision after another! This is before the rookie wage scale , he blew through $26 million, plus a loan! That’s tough to do! You figure @ least $18 million after taxes , if he paid those

  4. Wow! Who didn’t believe in this guy after that thrilling college swan song?

  5. Wasn’t one of the reasons he took out that loan so that he could throw himself a $10,000 birthday party?

    Teams are starting to learn that physical talents cannot overcome a lack of mental capacity and drive.

    The greatest QBs may not always be the best athletes but they can get the ball to the correct spot on the field on time. That’s more important than having the fastest 40 time.

    The Eagles have never been a team to understand that, hopefully with Chip Kelly they will figure it out. If goal for the Eagles is to have Vick try to outrun defenders, history is doomed to repeat itself.

  6. Given his less than stellar Wonderlic score, I would imagine he’s easily duped.

  7. I really hope there’s a stack of game checks he forgot he had in a drawer somewhere – not because I feel any sympathy for him, but because I don’t want to believe that someone could be so stupid as to blow through that much money and not even think to maybe set aside at least $1 million in case the whole NFL thing doesn’t pan out.

  8. I don’t feel bad for him whatsoever. Hard to feel bad for a guy who was spending $350K on his birthday party, against his advisor’s advice, when he didn’t even have a job. His best chance to get back might be to go play in Canada & try to show he’s matured. But I honestly doubt he has matured.

  9. Easy come,easy go I guess for a good portion of these guys,,I can say that for myself I am getting sick of supporting them and their lifestyles,,let them get a labor job

  10. Give a homeless bum $100, he’ll be broke tomorrow. He’s a homeless bum for a reason!
    Same thing here, but on a ridiculous scale.

  11. Does this suggest that he won’t have enough money to go to the local strip clubs and punch out the bouncers working the front door?

    If so, there is a silver lining to this black cloud.

  12. Give this guy a chance….. VINCE YOUNG… He can help….
    Teams need to judge Vince Young on their own evaluation of him….The guy can play… All he need is a REAL chance to prove himself… If he don’t pan out, cut him… LOW RISK – HIGH REWARD…
    We all have some type of personal problems we have to deal with outside of our jobs. Does that mean know one should hire us. NO, you deal with it and go on with your life…

  13. maybe pro teams should spread payments for each contract out for period of a person’s normal work life . . or at least until you can get SS at age 62. You sign a contract at age 22 and payments are spread out over 40 years. When you sign contract at age 32 it is spread out over 30 years. At least then we wouldn’t have to support people like Vince Young who will be on public assistance before too long. Given his wonderlic score it is safe to assume he won’t be going to law school and starting a second career . . . might work at fast food place.

  14. 1. These loans were the most ridiculous thing ever. They didn’t miss a dime of income….just practice time. Any player that would say they needed a loan to cover the lockout before pay checks were even due to start in the first place deserves the financial ruin.

    2. He clearly needed the money and it had nothing to do with the lock out. He blew all his money, He wasn’t duped and He over estimated his value to the NFL.

    3. This league has 32 back up QB’s better than Vince Young? Seriously? I refuse to believe that’s true.

  15. VY is the embodiment of everything that’s wrong with many professional athletes.

    Dumb as a stump, irresponsible, immature, and with a sense of entitlement the size of Idaho. Despite his so-called college education, he has no practical job skills to speak of, so he’s convinced himself the NFL somehow “owes” him a job playing football.

    I predict a very quick spiral down into drug abuse, crime, and a lengthy prison sentence within 5 years.

  16. Everyone keeps saying he can still play. Remember he was cut by the Bills last year, beaten out by some no talent bum named Tyler Thigpen. In training camp in shorts and t-shirts.

    I doubt he has anything left.

  17. In the future I have a feeling you’ll be hearing Vince say this alot “welcome to McDonalds, would you like to try an egg white delight today?”

  18. Hey raidrufan: This league has hundreds of backup QB’s that will stay the stadium until the last play of the game, even if they get benched, instead of going home to pout, like our subject here. It never had anything to do with his physical ability, he’s just too dumb!

  19. It’s pathetic that someone could blow so much money. However, I wonder how many of us would be in the same situation if we got a $26 million contract when we were 22.

  20. I never thought VY was very good. Ever.

    Marques Colston should have been named Rookie of the year (took 2nd in the voting for that) but everyone (media) was eager to anoint VY as a “great” QB. Well, just look at their careers to see that simply existing as the QB of an 8-8 team doesn’t make you “great”.

    The dude seems to have the IQ of a very average vegetable and this is one more piece to confirm that.

    Give me 26 mil and I guarantee you I’d still have the vast majority of it (most likely lots more) 10 yrs later.

  21. i got dibs on the ice!!! How did this guy afford to go to the ESPY’s and why was he allowed 2005 was awhile ago.

  22. The bling ear rings are an IQ test that far to many young athletes fail.

    If a car loses 25 % of it’s value when you drive it off the lot, what do you think the resale is on a $ 250,000 set of ear rings than no one over the age of 25 would wear?

    Say what you will about Magic, but LEARN what he has done with his $.

  23. Obviously he made poor decisions but come on guys, you act like you would still drive a Ford Focus or Camry if you had $26 million. Or live in a $150,000 home instead of a multi-million dollar home. It’s easy for us to judge since most of us have been living on “average joe” income all our lives.

    Truth of the matter is you earn a lot, you spend a lot. You just have to learn how to save and not spend more than you make.

  24. To be fair, of the 26 Million, he got guaranteed, he only pocketed about 11-12 of it. And all of you on your high horse saying, “if it was one of us, we would live on that money forever!” You do know the same percentage of “one of us” who win the lottery, end up just as broke, right? Who needs facts when you can spout garbage. Then we have the most offensive comment of all to me.
    greenmeattruck says: Give a homeless bum $100, he’ll be broke tomorrow. He’s a homeless bum for a reason!
    Yea, the reasons include military vets with mental illnesses cause by doing what he’s told to do to protect you and your right to post this garbage. You are actually the person I would not give $100 to. You people that spout this nonsense are the exact same one’s that are stupid enough to go broke like VY. In summation, VY is a moron. But averages say, so are 60% of the people who post on this site.

  25. God bless you Vince, I hope you get some help.

    Still…I can’t believe someone actually paid you to play football you were terrible.

  26. evansvc says:
    Jul 25, 2013 7:22 AM
    Give this guy a chance….. VINCE YOUNG… He can help….
    Teams need to judge Vince Young on their own evaluation of him….The guy can play… All he need is a REAL chance to prove himself… If he don’t pan out, cut him… LOW RISK – HIGH REWARD…
    We all have some type of personal problems we have to deal with outside of our jobs. Does that mean know one should hire us. NO, you deal with it and go on with your life…


    Vince, is that you? Give it up man…

  27. Vince Young just spends money or was that Vince Young just wins games?

    He’ll be the best dressed worker at the next car wash he’s working at.

  28. It kills me that there are people out there who STILL think this guy “just needs another chance!” He had a chance, actually three of them, and he blew it.

  29. The worst part is by next year he’ll be on “public assistance” and all of the rest of us will be paying his way.

  30. Ignorance or stupidity, coupled with the feeling of invincibility that many young people, especially athletes, have, are a BAD combination when it comes to managing one’s finances.

  31. I became a Vince Young fan in 1994 as soon as I heard my favorite player, Steve McNair, was his personal mentor. Imagine my delight when my favorite team drafted him! I even reached a point (after his college championship and his NFL Rookie of the Year win) that I thought he could become an even better player than McNair.

    Physically, he had all of McNair’s gifts–except for overall body strength–and even surpassed him in others–faster runner. Even though I bought into the lies the Titans’ front office sold us his rookie year (major PR campaign about VY being “an extremely gifted and natural leader–a rookie leading veterans”), I soon discovered Vince didn’t have an ounce of McNair’s emotional or physical toughness, mental stability, core confidence, or even his common sense. And remember, Vince was falling apart even while his mentor was still alive and living in Nashville.

  32. there definitely aren’t 32 backup qbs better than vince young talent-wise. but playing qb in the nfl isn’t all about talent (just ask Jamarcus Russel) and there are definitely at least 32 backup qbs who are smarter, can do what they are told, do what is best for their teams, and most importantly make A LOT less money and don’t bring the baggage that Vince Young has attached to himself. For example: if the Colts cut Matt Hasselbeck tomorrow it would barely register a PFT story, if it was VY ESPN would show up and do a First Take segment on it.

  33. This is sad. I watched the guy twice in bowl games and he was phenomenal, especially in the NC game against USC. I didn’t think anyone could hang with USC but with VY at the helm Texas could and did. I never thought there was a team that could make that USC play scared but I was wrong.

    Now this. This is sad, this is just plain sad.

  34. with his wonderlic score and a sheepskin from football u. i expect he can find work as :

    1. fry cook
    2. car salesman in hometown
    3. color announcer on longhorn network
    4. pest control technician

  35. Ok. If he managed to burn through $26 million and get “duped” on a $1.7 million loan, I believe all the stories about how he scored a 6 on the Wonderlic.

  36. Assuming that VY spent is $28M evenly (we all know this isn’t true)… that cranks out to $333,000 per MONTH. If he took the loan out and was broke two years ago that’s $433,000 per month.

    I really doubt that “flag football” or trying to eliminate big hits or other attempts to change the game will be its downfall.

    I honestly think it will be people seeing examples like this and starting to wonder “Why am I donating money to these guys?”

  37. Don’t worry. UT probably already has him on the payroll (again). He’ll be fine.

  38. VY is not a very bright guy who in addition to spending foolishly probably wouldn’t be able to follow his own money trail. I wonder how many of his millions wound up in the pockets of his “financial handlers”.

  39. If he doesn’t latch on to someone real soon his NFL career is likely over.
    So many reasons for GM’s to just move on from him; his debt, his obvious immaturity (birthday party, strip club fight, etc..), that insane “suicide watch” scenario he had one night in TN, where Jeff Fisher and others are driving around town looking for him, a shouting match w/ his Head Coach in front of the team, throwing his shoulder pads into the stands after being benched, etc…
    Way too much headache there, IMO.
    As Chuck Noll once famously said to Terry Bradshaw, “time to move on to your life’s work,” Vince.

  40. jwcarlson: Well, of course, he never saw 28 million. After taxes and his agent’s 3 percent take, it was probably more like 16 or 17 million, so that throws your numbers off. Still a boatload of money, though.

  41. Buy a nice $1 million house and maybe two nice cars and just save the rest. Can’t believe they run through money like that.

  42. University of Texas? I’m sure Mac Brown
    is very pleased with his prize recruit.

  43. What do you mean the 300k I spent on my own birthday party has to be paid back ? I thought you were giving me that as a present man !

    All I know is I’ve had a hell of a week of partying and shopping spree in Tokyo spending about 5k. For 300k I could pay off my mortgage and have plenty to spare.

    They may not use the wonderlic any more but it was certainly a clear indication of Young’s brainpower.

  44. My God man how stupid can you be ? What’s not to understand , when you borrow money from someone that means at some point you have to pay it back.

  45. Can’t wait to read Jeff Fisher’s biography some day, about being saddled with Young and an owner who for a while at least tolerated the circus. Doesn’t say much for academic standards at University of Texas that this one watt bulb ‘graduated’ from there. Degrees in underwater basket weaving still offered there?

  46. Completely unsurprising – both the blame and the fiscal mismanagement.

    Maybe Mike Tyson needs an opening act for his staged circus sideshow.

  47. I wonder if one of the items was the shirt he ripped off when he got in that bar fight?

  48. when are these athletes going to take responsibility for their actions. Stop blaming the world for you stupidity that you get yourself into.

  49. Vince will play again in the NFL! VY will again WIN games & make the team that gives him a chance look GENIUS! Whoever wrote this article & said that VY should look for another job, should not be giving advice! I hope he doesn’t tell his kids to just “give up” when things are tough!

  50. If he actually ” graduated ” from UT, this tells us a lot about the academic standards there. Notice they don’t give us the field in which he received the degree. Anyone want to guess? This guy couldn’t pass a 5th grade exam in math and reading, much less any real college requirements.

  51. The NFL should insist these athletically talented, but common sense inept, suddenly rich graduated are introduced to HONEST AND QUALIFIED financial advisors. Too many follow the advice of camp followers and. Rooks.

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