Aaron Rodgers: Ryan Braun looked me in the eye and lied

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Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers’ outspoken support of Milwaukee Brewers outfielder Ryan Braun’s staunch denial of performance-enhancing drug use came back to bite him this week when Braun was suspended 65 games by Major League Baseball and admitted that he was a great deal less than truthful in those denials.

Rodgers addressed Braun’s suspension and his support, which included a Twitter bet of a year’s salary, for Braun in the past on Friday by saying he doesn’t regret backing up a friend, but that he wishes he had a more measured response at the time. He also wishes that Braun had not looked him in the face and lied.

“I was shocked, I really was, just like many of you were,” Rodgers said, via Tom Silverstein of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. “I was backing up a friend. He looked me in the eye on multiple occassions and repeatedly denied these allegations and said they were not true. So, it is disappointing, not only for myself as a friend, but for obviously Wisconsin sports fans, Brewer fans, really baseball fans. It doesn’t feel great being lied to like that and I’m disappointed in the way it all went down.”

Rodgers, who said the fate of the restaurant partnership he has with Braun was “yet to be determined,” didn’t directly answer whether he still considered Braun a friend. He did say “the thing that probably hurts the most” was that someone he trusted did this, which, in our experience, doesn’t make for the best trait in a business partner or friend.

Which makes Rodgers’ tone on Friday a particularly appropriate one.

128 responses to “Aaron Rodgers: Ryan Braun looked me in the eye and lied

  1. If you cant tell they were a couple you’re blind haha….

    Aaron’s sooo sensitive with a lisssssp

  2. So glad to see him not be an apologist for Braun. Rodgers is an outspoken guy with a different since of humor and a different approach to communication, generally. So, I hope he doesn’t change his style. This situation arose because his friend betrayed him, as he did so many others.

  3. #exhonerated

    Oh wait…

    I still want to see an apology to MLB and to fans. Rodgers lambasted fans that didnt agree that he was exhonerated because he got off on a technicality.

    Rodgers had no problem going off on them. Lets see an actual apology instead of just toeing the party line.

  4. The whole Green Bay Packers team needs to be checked for PED’s starting with Clay Matthews, expose the Packers for the frauds they are! #cheaters

  5. I could forgive a friend for lying to me, even repeatedly, and remain friends. However, business partners may not be something I’d continue. I’d want to distance myself from him as far as business goes.

  6. I think Aaron should make a video like the one from the woman at Redskins camp. Complete with mouth full of spit and slobber.

  7. My opinion: Rodgers comes out of this looking strong for having his friend’s back in a tough time and then coming to realize later – and Braun comes out sooooooooo much douchier.

    Braun is a pariah with a heartbeat. A-Fraud – you’re next.

  8. They don’t own the business. They basically are being paid for the use of their likeness. The business is owned and operated by a separate entity.

  9. “Rodgers is an outspoken guy with a different since of humor and a different approach to communication, generally. So, I hope he doesn’t change his style…..”

    ^^I dont get it….when a Quarterback bashes and pokes fun at fans he’s outspoken and has a different sense of humor…..If it were a wide receiver or running back that talked the way he did to fans you would call him an idiot, a locker room cancer and everything else in the book.

  10. Lance Armstrong fooled the media for years. Yet I didn’t hear or read one iota of shock from any of them when Armstrong was discovered to be a lying, cheating dog.

  11. When I look into your eyes
    I can see a love restrained
    But darlin’ when I hold you
    Don’t you know I feel the same

  12. So, is that means that he’ll man up and pay the bet (a gamecheck at least).

    Is he a man without honor and integrity???

    P.S. AG, you still have yet to wear Alex Smith’s (49ers) Jersey, when they beat you and you made the bet with Boyz….just saying.

  13. Hey Aaron….eat some crow for your grandstanding non-sense. #gullable, #insertfootinmouth, #getthefacts, #knuclehead

  14. And if you don’t donate your 2013 pay to charity? You will be a liar as well.

  15. wow. this makes me think even less of Rodgers. You’re so hurt Aaron. He lied to you, and now you throw him under the bus. Should’ve just kept your mouth shut again, just like the first time. You didn’t need to respond. Talk about insecure.

  16. There is something regal about Rodgers when he gets backed into a corner in situations like this. His character and leadership traits are off the charts. He’s almost in a class with Bart.

    And that’s why Viking fans are consumed with their hatred of him.

    Packer fans should enjoy it while it lasts, because these hall of fame QB’s only come around in Green Bay every 13 years or so.

  17. Ban Lyan Braun, A-Fraud, Manny Ramirass, Cabrertard, COlON, and any other cheatin clown that they catch using this crud.

  18. tokyosandblaster says:
    Jul 26, 2013 2:09 PM
    I wonder if Adrian Peterson’s friends will have the same reaction when (not if) his roid/HGH use is discovered.

    *clay matthews. FTFY

  19. Aaron Rodgers: Ryan Braun looked me in the eye and lied
    Just like you looked Boyz II Men in the eye and lied about honoring your bet.

    Just like you looked at the Twitter guy in the eye and lied about honoring your bet.

    Just like you looked in the cancer survivors eye and…well….you get the point Aaron.

  20. You have to be a naive moron to have believed Braun’s completely unscientific denials and explanations of his dirty piss. Rodgers is just trying to escape his finger-wagging by playing the victim card. The best part is that the same dumb fans who fell for Braun’s lies are now falling for Rodgers’ line of crap.

  21. A proper response would’ve been, “I’m not going to comment on that, I wish I wouldn’t have said anything the first time it came up, but it’s not my business, talk to him about it if you want to know.” I would’ve respected that response a lot more than him playing the victim card and throwing Braun (whom you call a friend) under the bus just like any other member of the media. That’s lame dude.

  22. Looking someone in the eye and lying is akin to say….making a fair bet and then not paying up. I’m talking about the Alex Smith jersey and the money you offered up on twitter. Stay classy Rodgers because you obviously don’t have honor.

  23. Thank you for such an insightful contribution linking AD to PED’s. Are you close to your daily quota of mindless and repetitive posts?

    These pro athletes could avoid so much heat if they just stayed off Twitter.

  24. How are any of you sure Rogers isn’t doing the same substances his buddy is? The two seem a lot alike. He would want to save face and distance himself. No real reason to even comment publicly on it.

  25. As a Niners fan, I now actually kind of feel bad for Rodgers….he was just defending a friend who bold-faced lied to him.

    But he still needs to own up to the Alex Smith jersey bet he welched on and address the Twitter remark that he’d bet this year’s salary($4.5 million) that Braun would test clean.

  26. Aaron Rodgers is like Cybill Sheperd…can’t control his emotions….then can’t take responsibility for his mistakes. Always the victim.

  27. @jackdw44: Even so, I’d say a rebrand is in order for the 8-Twelve at the very least, as the “8” half of the brand is damaged now.

    A pity, because it’s a nice place with decent food, albeit a little on the spendy side. Supposedly they were going to open a second location in another part of metro Milwaukee later this year. Now those plans could be in some doubt too.

  28. contra74 says:
    Jul 26, 2013 2:23 PM

    Just like you looked at the Twitter guy in the eye and lied about honoring your bet.


    Looked him in the eye on Twitter…?

  29. I have an easier time forgiving Aaron Rodgers than I do Ryan Braun.

    Still do not understand why Braun only got 65 game suspension, but that’s just me.

  30. No matter what Aaron says or doesn’t say, there will be lots of troglodytes on this site to criticize him for it. Here, he can’t win. On the field he does, which is why so many representatives of the 31 other fan bases demonstrate their resentment time and time again that their teams don’t have #12 at quarterback.

  31. If it were my friend and business partner, I would re-assure him that I understand people make mistakes and that if he wants me as a friend that lying is not cool. How could I have his back if I don’t know the truth?

    As for the business part, I’d drop him instantly. There is no room for mistrust when Its dealing with money and my livelihood.

    I could forgive a friend, just not a business partner.

  32. So all you idiots who think Rogers should pay a year’s salary for his “twitter bet” … do you also think Braun should pay for his statement “I would bet my LIFE that that stuff never entered my body”. I guess he has to kill himself according to your logic.

  33. tokyosandblaster says:
    Jul 26, 2013 2:09 PM
    I wonder if Adrian Peterson’s friends will have the same reaction when (not if) his roid/HGH use is discovered.

    I wonder if rodgers will have the same sniffle and hurt feelings with mathews is found to be doing the same stuff too, geee only time will tell

  34. Wait… so Aaron is throwing Braun under the bus.. really?

    How about all the people that Braun threw under the bus by lying to everyone.. teammates, friends, family, and team.

    I hardly see where Rodgers is at fault with his statement today.

    Now.. as far as not honoring a jersey bet.. absolutely deserves to be criticized for that.

    That “bet” on twitter.. I have yet to see where the other party accepted the bet and what his portion of the wager was. True?

  35. I’m a gambler and his statement was not a bet. When asked a question about Braun He said ‘ya, I’d bet my next years salary on it’ Sorry but this statement does not constitute a bet. The ‘I’d bet’ insinuates that if the parties were to come to an agreement on terms that he would possibly be willing to enter into an agreement. Then the parties would need to work out the terms of the bet as I’m sure the original tweeter could not have afforded to pay Rodgers a full years salary had Braun not been suspended. Had he say ‘I will bet you right now’ terms would still need to be agreed upon by both parties and as no terms we’re agreed upon this is merely a bold ‘statement ‘ and not in fact a bet.

  36. A lot of you are really struggling to understand the difference between tweeting “I’d bet a year’s salary” and actually making a wager with a contract signed.

    Rodgers doesn’t “owe” anything to that guy on Twitter.

  37. If Braun was Rodgers friend, he would have gotten out in front of this when the second round of accusations came out and warned his friend that he had lied.

    Or if there is still more to the Braun story, you would have thought Braun would have fell on the sword long ago before putting those around him on the hook for his “mistakes”.

  38. If Rogers is so upset about this he should take the lead to get HGH testing implemented in his ranks. What does he think about half, or probably the majority, of his teammates being juiced?

  39. Rodgers is such a “loyal friend” that he throws him under the bus just because of some Twitter idiot made a bet with him? Was AR indicted or under oath or something that he felt compelled to reveal private conversations just to “free” himself from a stupid Twitter bet with a dumb fan?

    and btw, this is like refusing to pay for a bet u lost on the Bills in 1990 since Scott Norwood lied to everyone when he said he could make the kick. PAY UP RODGERS!

  40. He should have been able to see right through the lie. After all he has to be used to mathews looking at him and stating he doesn’t use steroids…yeh right.

  41. Yea, my X wife looked me in the eye and said she had never cheated on me. A blood test showed that my daughter was not mine.

    Welcome to the real world Aaron.

    I would divorce him as a business partner, and a friend to put you in that position.

  42. TO all you idiots saying Aaron Rodgers should have too pay Todd Sutton a years salary get your head out of your ass and listen to what Rodgers said. He said “I would bet a years salary that Braun was innocent” Todd Sutton never responded too him, NEVER SAID OK IT’S A BET.
    Aaron owes Nothing to Mr. Sutton.

  43. Never, in my life, would I bet any amount of money that any pro athlete is not using performance enhancing drugs.

  44. Braun may have lied but Rodgers is accountable for what comes out of his mouth and what gets posted to his Twitter account. Let me guess Aaron, your Twitter account was hacked?

    Should’ve “Discount Double Checked.”

  45. Rodgers might be the most emotionally fragile franchise quarterback to ever play the game.

  46. Sorry Rogers, but did you even read what had happened?? He tested POSITIVE. He got off on a technicality because of how the sample was handled. Not because they misread the results or something.

    If you believed him, you were an idiot and ignored the facts along with common sense.

  47. did he say anything about the 31 million dollar bet he made and lost, when is he going to pay up, I could care less about his friendship with Braun, it’s all nonsense. I hope the restaurant closes down too!

  48. And then you ripped everyone that saw through the lie that you were fooled by.
    Great QB but becoming a bigger jag off by the minute.

  49. Way to go Chuck, you said all the right things. You were duped like the rest of us.

  50. Bet? What bet? for a wager to be valid both parties need to put something on the table. What was the other guy putting up?

    exactly. buy a dictionary and look up ‘wager’, viqueen mouth-breathers

  51. Kind of reminds me of the movie flight. Lawyers can get toxicology results thrown out because of technicalities that are not a big deal.

    Lawyers…you’re so corrupt.

  52. AWW, how romantic when he looked him in the eye they were sharing a fine cheese plate and a Leinenkugles light.

  53. I don’t know about you all but I was taught to be a man growing up. Part of that is paying your debts. So Aaron pay up or shut up!!! It does not matter what your “friend” did, you made a bet on the information you had…. like we all do if betting. Pay up loser. If not, I hope you get slammed this year by Suh, Sharrif Floyd, Fairley, Jarrod Allan, ….. Actually I want you to get slammed either way.

  54. thegreatgabbert says:
    Jul 26, 2013 2:37 PM
    What did Braun tell him, “The moustache looks great Aaron”?


    Hahh Gabbert’s on a roll today.


  55. Seriously guys, enough of the “pay the bet” statements. Here’s how it went:

    Sutton: Are you sure he’s clean?

    Rodgers: I’d bet a years pay on it.

    Sutton: …….

    No agreement was made. There is nothing that needs to be honored here. If Sutton would have said he’d take the bet, then I’d agree that Rodgers should pay up, but Sutton obviously wasn’t sure enough to play with stakes that big.

  56. Why no mention of the statement about him giving up his paycheck?

    He’s tap dancing either to hoping it goes away or to buy some time to figure out how he wants to proceed with it.

    It better be the latter. This guy took it upon himself to tear into fans, the MLB, and the same ones who went after Braun. He didn’t have to. He wasn’t asked for his opinion, he just gave it. Now, he has to give up some cash.

  57. Rodgers did not throw “his friend under the bus”…he owes Braun nothing more than the time of day at this point….

  58. Maybe Rodgers shouldn’t have been so critical of thye media and MLB, but then again, can anyone tell me when a players name is allowed to be brought up in connection with PEDs?

    It’s after they get suspended. Braun’s name should not have been linked the PEDs in the media until his name appeared on that list from BioGenesis. But the media dragged his name through all kinds of mud and dirt prior to that.

    Sure he was guilty; I give you that. But he was initially cleared of all charges by the arbitrator, and we should not have even heard a peep about that entire incident.

    Now, Braun looked him in the eye and said he was innocent, and then he was cleared of everything. Rodgers was doing nothing more than getting a few counter-jabs in, in retaliation.

  59. and rodgers looks us in the eye and lies during those pizza hut tv commercials. everybody knows he doesnt eat that crap

  60. The only reason Rodgers had to make the allegedly regal and classy statements he made today were because of the petty and classless tweets he made a year ago. As far as class, the guy has a long way to go to reach Bart Starr.

  61. I hope the Braun/Rodgers mancrush survives all this. They are so cute together.

  62. I honestly don’t know how all the professional sports get out of the performance enhancing drug mess. What was Rodgers supposed to do. If the guy lied right too him and was a friend, Rodgers probably felt a strong need to support him. The lying is rampant. There is no way to tell who has taken performance enhancing drugs before and who is taking them now as the drugs surpass the detection capabilities regularly. Ultimately the risk is currently less than the reward, as getting millions of dollars is worth possibly getting caught. I think it needs to go more like this… if it’s legal, it’s allowed. If it’s illegal the player goes to jail. That’s probably still not enough to prevent someone from taking illegal PEDs. It’s a huge mess.

  63. the only way Braun is forgiven is if he goes into politics and runs for mayor…….. steroids are illegal, why isn’t Braun in jail !!!!

  64. A guy “overcomes” his knee being blown up and goes onto have a monster season … meanwhile, some finesse linebacker has an alright/productive season, that must mean the linebacker is on roids and the running back is completely clean!

  65. He was shocked because so few professional athletes use performance enhancing drugs. If you believe that…

  66. Rodgers handled this perfectly. There’s really nothing else he could have said. People who see this as a testament of his character or anything like that are idiotic. So it’s his fault that someone he trusted lied to him? Give me a break.

    By the way, did anyone take Rodgers up on his bet? I’m sure Pete Rose got in on that action.

  67. Man, its going to hard on Rodgers when Clay maker has to face the music for his use.
    Looks like the way things are going Rodgers will be a Viking sooner than later after he forces a trade.

  68. You guys realize if Aaron Rodgers paid money to anyone for a bet the NFL could suspend him right?

    Not get suspended > listen to whiny people complain

  69. You gotta feel bad for Rogers. I’m definitely no Packers fan and I think Rogers is a bit “aloof” at times but I’d love to have him as a teammate and/or friend.

    The best kind of friend is the guy that will believe you on your word alone and any cost because you have his trust. Having that trust broken can harden and change a guy, in a way that isn’t better.

    Hats off to you Aaron Rogers. You’re a better man than most, and certainly a better person than Braun. Don’t let this situation change you one bit.

  70. Rodgers is a VERY smart guy. He went to Berkeley. He also knows professional sports are filled with doping, from swimming to track to cycling to football and baseball. Did Aaron Rodgers really think Braun’s test was tampered with? Or was he just making a smokescreen for his friend. Hard to believe Rodgers could be so stupid and naïve after watching Bonds, Clemens, Sosa, McGuire, Ortiz, Giambi, and many others cheat.

  71. I hope nobody honestly believes that Rodgers should have to the pay bet…but it is funny.

    Ya know, there is nothing wrong with believing in and standing up for your friend when he is accused of doing something wrong, but Aaron wouldn’t be catching all the heat is today if he

    1) stayed off twitter

    2) simply said something like “Ryan Braun is my friend and after hearing his side of the story, I believe my friend”.

    Don’t come off like a snarky jerk on twitter when the only the reason Braun got off when some hokey chain of evidence scam — maybe tone it down just a bit.

    Aaron was so much more likable (even to a Vikings fan) when he was just playing football and trying to win games…

  72. Don’t welch on your bet Aaron. Donate your salary to a wonderful charity of your choice.

    We all need to honor our guarantees. I’m sure you understand; you are a Berkeley grad…

  73. It’s a shame that packer fans think they can somehow twist this around into something positive for Aaron. Truth is, packer fans live through Aaron because there is no hope for themselves alone.

  74. Rodgers will beat Millions that Braun aint on peds because he knows him. Rodgers is tell people him and Braun is looking in each other’s eyes and telling Lies. Rodgers turned down a date with miss America.

  75. Oh boo hoo for Aaron Rodgers. He looked me in the eye and lied to me. What about thee 3 million or so people who every year pay their hard earned money to watch frauds like “Brauny” play a kid’s game. What about the people who are paying for that half billion dollar ugly stadium so Brauny and his ilk can makes tens of millions of dollars a year playing a game. What about the chumps who forked over money so they could wear their replica jerseys with the #8 on it. What about the poor schmuck who has a personalized Brewers license plate with “Brauny” on it.

    But no, lie to a GB Packer and it makes headlines. Wisconsin, where Xmas Eve church services are canceled because “The Pack” is playing football.

  76. Y’know if Rodgers had just not opened his big mouth and made a stupid bet on Twitter none of this would’ve happened, and now AR is hanging Braun out to dry to cover his own ass. Would someone put the gag order on Rodgers already, and tell him to stop voicing his opinion on everyone else!

  77. why is Rodgers getting the hate? He stuck up for a freind..Favre lied to everybody..cried, whine, slung pics of his dong (the old dongslinger) and all u Packer and Vike “fans” still act likethe guy walks on water…Give Rodgers a break..

  78. Some posters haven’t thought this through:

    Braun & Rogers own a restaurant together.

    Defending Braun’s character on twitter was not the act of a friend but of a business partner. Like everything else in pro sports…

    it’s just business.

  79. Doesn’t make a good trait for business at all but on the list of lies, it honestly isn’t the most damaging or really damaging at all. Forget the sport fans as they don’t matter in this equation don’t even know why Aaron brought that up.

    Since it really isn’t damaging, not like he slept with his girlfriend or something, when the time comes around all Aaron needs to do is talk to him about like man. “Dude I had your back, why would you do that?”

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