Brandon Browner gets pay raise from Seahawks

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Seahawks cornerback Brandon Browner is entering the final year of the three-year contract he signed with Seattle in 2011 after four years in the Canadian Football League.

Despite blossoming into a Pro Bowl selection in his first season back in the NFL, Browner has been stuck with the league-minimum contract he originally signed with the Seahawks two seasons ago.

As training camp opened for Seattle on Thursday, Browner was given a bump in pay by the Seahawks for the final year of his contract. Terms of the increase were not disclosed. The deal was only noted as an adjustment/pay raise by a team spokesperson.

Browner lost $109,411 in base salary in 2012 due to a four-game suspension for a violation of the league’s performance-enhancing drug policy and was also fined $7,875 for a personal four against Greg Jennings of the Green Bay Packers in Week 3.

The pay raise for Browner could act as a pseudo-reimbursement for some of the lost pay from last season and as a reward for out playing the value of the contract he originally signed with the team. Browner was scheduled to make $555,000 in base salary this season.

23 responses to “Brandon Browner gets pay raise from Seahawks

  1. I’m glad Seattle gave Browner a raise because he earned it. He plays hard every game and don’t think there is a CB that hits harder and is such a monster at run support. I don’t like watching in him coverage too long that’s why I like them having guys like Lane/Thurmond and we’ll see about Simon but I think eventually he starts opposite of Sherm. Legion of Boom going strong. Go Hawks!

  2. He deserves it. Richard Sherman may get all the press due to his outspoken nature, but Browner’s quietly been an outstanding CB as well since he’s stepped on the field.

  3. “Damn coach, you want me to keep taking those PED’s, they cost money, you gotta pay me more then”

  4. why not get a pay raise to cover the lost money from his PED suspension. This is the Seadderall Seahawks coached by PED Carroll right?

  5. PEDs aren’t cheap. #SEAPEDS

    Also it’s worth noting that the Adderall excuse is a cop out. If it were really as simple as getting & registering a prescription from a doctor, all these guys would have an excuse.

  6. I just want to make sure that people know why there were sanctions on USC because there seems to be a misconception there. The sanctions were there because Reggie Bush took money to LEAVE SCHOOL EARLY. Why would Carroll want his best player to leave early? that makes no sense.

  7. Having met Pete Carroll on numerous occasions, I can tell you he is one of the best human beings on the planet and is constantly doing something for others. Your cheap shots and ignorance are only going to fuel my satisfaction at watching the Seahawks steamroll the NFL this year. Think of the Hawks as Godzilla, and the rest of your soft, weak teams as the Tokyo skyline.

  8. That same joke was used 20 times on this post. It was also used 30 times on every Seattle post for 2 months straight. Its pretty sad people actually think they are funny or insulting but its just shows to lack maturity and intelligence level. But guess it should be expected, those same guys still write the “flabbergasted” line 2 years after the fact.

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