Chiefs, Fisher agree to terms

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The first overall pick was one of the last first-round picks to agree to terms.  But it’s better late than never, especially when it’s not really late.

Per a league source, the Chiefs and tackle Eric Fisher have struck a deal.

We’re told he’s heading to camp, where he will sign the contract and then participate in the team’s first training-camp practice.

The deal is expected to include offset language, but the term is likewise expected to be offset with other benefits for Fisher.  More to come on the details later.

25 responses to “Chiefs, Fisher agree to terms

  1. The Chiefs said … there’s a rookie salary scale and this is what you get. He said … OK.

    Now why did it take till now ?

  2. Cmon.. where is all that talk about holdouts?

    Goofy talk that KC should have take jokel…

    Pass rushes come from all sides in todays NFL.. this monster is going to lock down the right side and give a big push on those long Charles (Mr career 5.8 YPC) runs.

  3. Good for him.

    Eagles fan here.

    Yesterday, I posted a whole list of annoying things about Andy Reid that Chiefs fans will have to get used to.

    One of the nice things they’ll enjoy getting used to about Andy’s regime is that everybody will be signed by the time TC gets rolling.

    Chiefs fans, now that you have a coach that the national media loves, who will likely improve your team, you’ll also have to get used to fans from other teams commenting on your threads, the way they have in Eagles, Giants, Patriots, Steelers, etc.. threads.

    So quit complaining about it.

  4. Chiefs make that Albert trade yet?

    Oh, the line now is that it was OK to take a RT number one overall?

    Well at least you guys have that loud stadium thing going for you.

  5. The guy with the attempt at humor with PeterKing user name above:

    What is your point about the Albert trade? Whether they traded him or not the Chiefs were going to draft an OT. The trade really didn’t provide any other options.

    Having Albert on one side and Fisher on the other is a good thing.

    But, nice try pal.

  6. Fisher may have a higher ceiling athletically…. MAY….

    But Joeckel was an outstanding tackle and went up against some of the best CFB has to offer.

    Defenses Joeckel saw,

    Defenses Fisher saw
    Mich. St.
    NC State

    Joeckel won an Outland going up against 3 top 10 defenses in 2012 including the #1 defense.

  7. So, now we are at the point in the conversation that we are saying Joeckel should have been picked because his from A&M and Fisher is from the MAC?

    I never bought that argument.

    Jerry Rice – Miss Valley St
    Walter Payton – Jackson St
    Jackie Slater – Jackson St

    JaMarcus Russell – LSU
    Tony Mandarich – Mich St

    Who cares?

  8. Reid sucks.
    Can’t manage the game.
    Wastes Timeouts.
    Doesn’t run the ball enough.
    Blah, Blah, Blah

    Jilted Filthadelphia fans that can’t get over it and move on

    I know FHilthy fans will continue to come to the mighty Chiefs site to whine.
    Thats ok, I will bash them everytime for doing so.

    So quit complaining

  9. Really… you’re answer is to come back with guys that played college ball over 30 years ago in a COMPLETELY different time. In today’s recruiting…. if you have talent, they WILL find you.

    I never said that Fisher was a bad player…. I never said Joeckel was better. I’m just reponding to comments that try and marginalize the talent of Joeckel. I’m just saying he was the best O-Lineman in CFB last year playing against the best competition. To say he is a ‘softy’ or the Chiefs would have been ‘goofy’ to take him is just ignorant.

  10. Humor? You guys shouldn’t be laughing. You expended your energy ragging on Brandon Albert for weeks when you thought he was on his way out. He’s getting old, injury-prone, doesn’t like to work, blah blah blah.

    Then you insist you have Miami over a barrel and the Dolphins have no choice but to give you a second round pick for Albert. You insist this up until the second Miami uses its second round pick.

    Suddenly Albert is a fine player! He’ll play out his tag and Fisher will learn from him! Andy Reid was a genius all along!

    The tune changed, didn’t it?

    Meanwhile, Miami used the Chiefs as a smokescreen to trade up in front of Philly to get Dion Jordan, and the Chiefs drafted an RT with the first overall pick.

    Yeah, go back to anointing Alex Smith.

  11. @iknoweverything:

    one thing (among the many) that you apparently don’t know is:

    just how pleased we Eagles fans are to be able to move on from Andy Reid. Enjoy your new B+ coach. He’s not terrible.

  12. Wow… bitter are the Eagles fans that Reid is still getting the business after he isnt even in Philly anymore? Get over it and enjoy the basement of the NFC East. Your team isn’t relevant any longer in that division so maybe you should take a bite of that sandwich.

  13. I still cant get over it.
    I loved him with all my heart………………..till he dumped me………………now I never really liked him at all


  14. When did any one on this thread talk about how we don’t need or want Albert? Common sense is that if a team is going to spend a #1 pick on an OT…..the best OT on that team is not going to be happy. So, they started trying to accommodate Albert’s wishes.

    Do you think Albert was ok with them drafting OT #1?

    Apparently, the Dolphins didn’t want him bad enough.

    But, the result is the Chiefs have the potential for a very solid offensive line this year.

    Calm down, PeterKing.

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