D.J. Hayden cleared for practice, off NFI


Raiders first-rounder D.J. Hayden’s stay on the non-football injury list was a short one.

According to CSNBayArea.com, Hayden was removed from the list Friday morning, and was on the field with the rest of his teammates for practice.

He’ll be limited in his participation, and wearing a red jersey, but the fact he’s out there is a good sign.

Hayden missed time this spring getting scar tissue removed from his abdomen, following the emergency heart surgery that saved his life in college.

Raiders second-round pick Menelik Watson remains on the NFI list and was working on the side. His condition hasn’t been disclosed.

15 responses to “D.J. Hayden cleared for practice, off NFI

  1. D.J. Hayden has potential to be one of the best CB’s in the league, with 4.3 speed & great cover skills and Charles Woodson teaching him, I would expect him too

  2. williamwallacewouldhavebeenaraider says:Jul 26, 2013 2:00 PM

    Awesome. This goes out to all the Raider haters. It’s a new day in Oakland. We are building up properly. Watch out for the Silver and Black

    Raider fans say this EVERY preseason and look how it turns out.

  3. dougydougdoug says:
    Jul 26, 2013 11:19 AM
    Ironic, right, that you “nation” fanatics jumped all over the thumb-down when I posted that your top pick was fragile, and an unsubstantiated risk at that draft position.
    – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    It’s ok Dougy! we all know the truth. Keep on hating. Go Raiders

  4. I feel like only raider haters didn’t know what “removing scar tissue” is and somehow forgot the English language when Reggie McKenzie, Hayden, and the team doc said he’d be back for raining camp Lmao!! This kid will be a beast!! 4.3 speed, elite cover skills in college, and can tackle like a LB!! Alex little hands smith, phillip waaahhh rivers and peyton fragile manning will have their hands full dis season!! #RAIDERNATION!!

  5. philvil41 says:
    Jul 26, 2013 2:21 PM
    If he plays 16 games he will be the NFL Defensive ROY. Just watch and you’ll see I am correct.

    I almost agree with this but I think his teamate, Sio Moore brings it home. I’m sure you won’t complain 🙂

  6. If he hadn’t started the season on the list, he’d have been ineligible to be placed on it later if his injury wasn’t fully healed once he’d started practicing. Woops! Looks like the guy paid to be the GM of a professional football team was a little more thorough than the hack writers and hand-wringing fans. Imagine that.

  7. as w/all teams health is an issue w/every player…guarantee you one thing for sure…RAIDERS will finish far better than 32..& will surprise everyone(colts of last yr?)…

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