Jarvis Jenkins suspended four games, leaving Jenkins “shocked and confused”


The NFL has announced that Redskins defensive end Jarvis Jenkins has been suspended four games for violating the league’s policy regarding performance-enhancing substances.

He’ll be permitted to participate in training camp and the preseason.  He’ll then be gone until Monday, September 30.

The Redskins have released a statement from Jenkins in which he attempts to undermine the notion that he cheated.

“When I learned that I tested positive for a substance that is banned under the NFL policy, I was shocked and confused,” Jenkins said.   “It’s an obscure substance that I’ve never even heard of, and I still don’t know how it got into my body.  My only guess is that it came from one of the supplements I was taking around the time of the test, even though none of them listed anything banned.”

Players are responsible for whatever is in their bodies, so it doesn’t matter.  The league has an approved list of supplements that do not contain banned substances.  If a guy goes off that list, he does so at his own risk.

And nothing he says — whether it’s “I’m shocked and confused” or “I had a prescription” or “the supplement was spiked” or “my dog ate my homework then peed in my sample cup” or anything aimed at making him look like something other than a cheater — changes the fact that, whether he knew it or not, he was indeed cheating.

We just wish one of the players who is caught cheating would simply admit to it, instead of trying to downplay it.

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  1. The NFL should just sell/provide players legal supplements so there is no confusion. That way theres no excuse that you “don’t know how” that chemical got into your body.

  2. Unfortunately, that explanation has no credibility whether true or not. Especially since Ryan Braun turned out to be a complete fraud.

  3. Is he as “Shocked and confused” as the whiny saliva spewing chick who didn’t get an autograph?

  4. In fairness it’s not completely his fault. When the owner never admits anything, it sets the moral example for the organization about what is accepted.

  5. What if guys behind people on the depth chart are spiking someone’s supplements in order to give themselves a better shot at making the team or get playing time? I know I would consider it if hundreds of thousands of dollars were on the line.

  6. “I still don’t know how it got into my body. My only guess is that it came from one of the supplements I was taking around the time of the test”


    You think?

  7. hahaha the 2012 Deadskins are the biggest “flash in the pan” team this league has ever seen. They’ll be done fizzling out by mid season when they’re sitting at 2-6

  8. We just wish one of the players who is caught cheating would simply admit to it, instead of trying to downplay it.

    I agree….can you imagine…..Damn, they caught me with my hands in the cookie jar!!! Ok..I admit it , I did it!!!, Yes, yes I did it!!!

    Suspend me for four games and give me a fine for $ 250,000.00. I deserve it…..throw the keys away!!!

  9. “Players are responsible for whatever is in their bodies, so it doesn’t matter. ”


    Do you realize that supplement companies are not FDA regulated and although nothing banned may be listed in their contents something banned may very well be in the bottle?

    Yes, your creatine could very well have adderall inside.

  10. The NFL needs to provide these players with all of the supplements. With an NFL approved sticker on it. Take the fine money and put it towards standing that up.

  11. Call me naive, but I believe him. This can happen. Next time he should stick the approved list.

  12. ok logicalvoice what would you have to say about that??

    cowboy fans would say that all redskin players are cheaters and won the NFC east by juicing

    cue logicalvoice now

  13. Chip Kelly, Lesean Mccoy, and Bryce Brown are going to have a soft and thin front seven to run against on the first MNF game this year.

  14. hawkstradamus says:
    Jul 26, 2013 4:27 PM
    Now pipe in some more fake crowd noise.


    LOL. this coming from a Seahawks fan?!

  15. Well… at least he didn’t LIE about taking banned substances, like some other stars. He pretty much admitted to making a mistake, or at the very least he admitted to being ignorant to what he puts in his body.

  16. Honest I didn’t do nothing wrong. RGIII gave them to me. He says they work great and everyone know he wouldn’t lie or cheat

  17. pieere gar-bage will be the next to get suspended, 4 games for being overpaid and overated

  18. unbiasfan says:
    Jul 26, 2013 4:28 PM
    At this rate, the NFL season might have to start at week 5…

    You made my week…..no my month!!!
    LOL!!! Hilarious!!!

  19. at the very least he admitted to being ignorant to what he puts in his body.
    Ignorance is not an excuse….

    can you imagine…Your Honor, I had no idea that that gun was loaded when I pulled to the trigger!!

  20. Adam Carriker is out, Jenkins is suspended Move Kederick Golston to the right since he can play both ends for four games problem solved HTTR!

  21. How come you didn’t take this stance of disgust with Richard Sherman?

    Or the rest of the Seahawks?

    Why do you post multiple negative articles about Washington a day? Between the name change NON-STORY, a fan who showed up and didn’t get an autograph? THAT HAPPENS TO EVERYONE! NO ONE GUARANTEES THOUSANDS OF FANS THEY WILL ALL GET AUTOGRAPHS! WHY IS WASHINGTON THE ONLY TEAM YOU WRITE THIS CRAP ABOUT?

    Dude your not even trying to hide your bias and issues with the Redskins.

  22. Yeah, so what’s going on with Von Miller? Why is the NFL dragging their feet on that one?

  23. cfeeley52 says:
    Jul 26, 2013 4:24 PM
    hahaha the 2012 Deadskins are the biggest “flash in the pan” team this league has ever seen. They’ll be done fizzling out by mid season when they’re sitting at 2-6

    Well they were 3-6 last season after nine games last season and won the division ….so I like those odds too

  24. I wonder how much money I could make if I hired a chemist and opened up my own pharmaceutical company with the message painted all over the bottles “NFL APPROVED!” – in big giant letters so even the lowest of wonderlic scores could comprehend it

  25. Same thing happened to Pat and Kevin Williams…ultimately the NFL won and they both served their four game suspensions. They took Starcaps and the banned diuretic was not listed as an ingredient. They NEVER took steriods and were tested specifically for steriods after the diuretic was detected. Evidently, the particular chemical will mask the use of steroids so the NFL put the substance on the banned list. Didn’t matter, banned is banned according to the NFL. I personally think the Williams’ should have been able to sue Starcaps for the lost four game checks but they didn’t.

  26. maybe if the players waived their right to privacy in these cases so we could see what they tested positive for then they might not all look guilty. you have Dr.’s excuse for taking what caused the positive test then let’s see it. it may not change the results but at least it will show you were in fact taking what the Dr. gave you.

  27. Tiki is flabbergasted, Brees wants an explanation, Khan is fascinated, Crennel isn’t sure, and Jenkins is shocked and confused.

  28. It’s all so silly. Outside of booz and narcotics take what you want. If it’s sold at GNC you’re good to go.

  29. Like I said the other day… Jarvis Jenkins will have a breakout season…. It’s just going to start in week 5. I’m tired of my Skins testing positive, but it sure seems like the NFL has way too many banned substances… I mean… Is it a steroid? Is it HGH? Is it an unprescribed medication? Is it Testosterone? Is it illegal? If not, why have all these other things on the list?

  30. Seriously some of you are advocating the NFL should be supplying the supplements? How hard is it for a grown man to read an NFL supplied list of approved supplements and by one of those? The current culture accepts no accountability for stupid decisions, its never their fault. Also keep in mind since he received a 4 game suspension means he was caught once before, what excuse does he have for that?

  31. Hey you judgmental goofballs, he could be telling the truth. Remember how Rams LB (and former Mr. Irrelevant) David Vobora was issued a PED suspension a few seasons ago but then successfully sued the supplement company responsible and won millions?

  32. While none of us is capable of knowing what this particular situation is, I feel it’s important to point out that players, in general, are at the mercy of two gaping holes in the current drug-testing policy.

    1. Supplement companies are not allowed by law to list things that are not present in the supplement on the label. (This, IMO, is a great example of a very stupid law).

    2. Supplements quite often contain things that are not listed on the label. This is because the companies that create supplements are using the same machines to process (capsulize or otherwise package) all of their supplements. Many of the banned substances on the NFL list are going to show up in drug tests if even a microgram is present.

    While it is difficult to give players the benefit of the doubt in many cases (gee, thanks, baseball), I can certainly see how some instances of positive drug tests are caused by bad practices of the supplement creator.

  33. You’d think his performance would be noticeable if he were taking Performance enhancing drugs. Maybe he should stop taking them and maybe he’ll get more than 11 tackles, well after the 4th game of the year of course.

  34. RG-3 is the best QB ever or ever will be. Forget Manning and his lil’ sister Eli, forget Brady & Rogers (they’ll be out of the closet soon enough), forget Montana, Young, Marino, Unitas and Ryan Leaf. RG-3 is the man. All of the other QBs combined will not equal his records by the time he is done. RG-3 doesn’t need preseason and he doesn’t need to practice even, you can’t expand on excellence. After he retires in 30 years, football will be canceled as there will be no more excitement in the game.

  35. As a Doctor of Pharmacy, I can assure you that not only ingredients but potency, purity, and quality can vary lot to lot and often capsule to capsule.

    There are little regulations period for non-prescribed medications!

    However, I can not assure you that every player is innocent.

  36. All Roid jokes and ignorant projections of 0-16 aside, this really is a significant blow to the Redskins. Already down Carriker, the Redskins are now on their 3rd man down the depth chart on that side of the line, and we’ve only had one day of training camp.

    Golston may prove capable of filling the gap for a few days, but they are very thin now and can’t take another injury to the defensive line.

  37. If you’re getting paid Hundreds of thousands of dollars, you only take stuff with the League-approved “NSF” label on it…. It’s not that complicated….. How many Dummies keep doing this, while brilliant hard working Americans never get near this kinda green & put up with soooo much more?!!…. Simplest thing in the world to comply with, and over and over and over these guys slip up… Makes me furious…. For hundreds of thousands a year, you can’t maintain the slightest bit of self-discipline and focus???!!!!! Wtf

  38. For god sake stop the cheating all of you. It’s laughable when you are surprised. Keep cheating you will be found out, and then go on vacation.

  39. nflcrimerankingscom says:
    Jul 26, 2013 4:32 PM
    Redskins with another PED suspension wow! They are the worst historically.
    Name another Redskins player suspended for PEDs.

    The only one I can think of is Jordan Black and he was suspended for ADD meds that he had a prescription for and he had the required paperwork with the nfl but the nfl suspended him anyway.

  40. Our ever present moral compass Mile(take no meds) Florio. Thank God you are here to clean up this mess called the NFL. What on earth would we do with you, and Goodell? This was stated by an un-named source with knowledge of the situation.

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