Mazda is refurbishing the Alfred Morris 1991 Mazda

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We don’t do much free advertising in these parts, unless we get something in return, like access to the spokesperson.  Or cookies.

But the folks at Mazda deserve a gratuitous plug because they’re fixing up the 1991 Mazda that Redskins running back Alfred Morris refuses to relinquish.

 “She’s getting [refurbished],” Morris told the media on Thursday, via quotes distributed by the team.   “Mazda is going to make her like new, like she came off the floor on ‘91.  They actually just took it, so we’re going to switch cars while they’re doing it.  They said it would take about six-to-eight weeks to do it, but they’re going to totally refurbish it, so I’m happy about that. . . .  They’re just [refurbishing] it so that it can run for about 20 more years.”
Morris said his agents approached Mazda with he idea to fix up the car.
“Mazda was everywhere because of my car, so it was kind of giving them free publicity in a sense,” Morris said.  “I think they [Mazda] kind of hinted at saying something about, ‘Oh, we’ll fix your car up.’  They went from there and they worked out a deal.  So it worked out, and I’m going to get my baby back on the road so I’m excited about that.”
But Morris says the car won’t be radically different.
“It’s not like ‘Pimp My Ride’ or anything like that,” Morris said.  “I’m not into that type of stuff anyways.  . . .  I just had a crack on my dash, so fixing things like that.  They made sure the engine was in tip-top condition.  Maybe if the transmission is not so good, rebuilding the transmission.  Just making sure that it can run 20 more years so that I don’t have to worry about it, ‘Oh, I don’t know if I want to put it on the road.  It might break down and I’ll be stranded.’  Just to get that worry out of the way, they’re going to refurb, and they might update it a bit, maybe put a navigation system or something in it.  But nothing like big rims and fish tanks in the back.”
Regardless of what Mazda does to the car, Morris uses it as a way to stay humble and grounded as his NFL career takes off.  And it’s a smart, non-#YOLO way to keep his money in his pockets for as long as possible.

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  1. Alfred, not much of a fan of you as a player, but right now me an my 1997 Isuzu rodeo with 196,000 miles are huge fans.

    Just spent a weekend with my brother in law hammering out the front end and replacing parts after it got hit to keep it rolling. Why take on payments right?

    Now that I think about you, the player are much like your car. There’s a ton of other ones I’d pick before you but you seem to get to where you need to be every time.

    Here’s to making this years rookies with 100,000 cars feel stupid.

  2. This dude is unreal… So humble. A breath of fresh air and a bowling ball at the same time. And he honestly can’t wait for his Mazda 626. So glad skins didn’t draft a RB from Da U or The Ohio State. This guy s a winner HTTR

  3. 20 years….hmmm…..engine, trans, secondary ignition, fuel injectors, all hoses, brakes, radiator, ac compressor, receiver drier, orifice tube, heater core, wheel bearings, combi switch, heater controls, starter, alternator, water pump, tie rods, ball joints, tires, alignment, ignition switch, lock cylinder, egr, exhaust……good to go.

  4. a true humble classy young man, saw a post about him playing paintball with fans after they only asked to take a photo with him, great sign that he wants to keep his normal car shows hes maturity and smarts, doubt this kid is gonna be broke 2 years after leaving the NFL.

  5. Back ’91 I’m pretty sure the only navigation system they had was a map. Those were the days. The map days.

  6. Another extremely humble and classy superstar member of the Redskins organization. The best RB in the NFL today. By the time he retires, he could very well be the best RB in NFL history.

  7. After keeping his car for two months, Mazda regrettably informed Afred that they weren’t able to save it. It passed away suddenly during overhaul. They did their best.

  8. haha good for him, guy appears to have a very sound head on his shoulders. This may actually be one of the guys who doesn’t end up bankrupt after the NFL.

    I always laugh at people who need expensive flashy and fast rides.. Why so they can get a speeding ticket or speed to the next red light where my slow car will end up next to them. Get me a car with AC that can get me from point A to point B.

  9. Refreshing. Too many 5th-string practice squad players driving cars worth more than most people’s houses.

  10. Car safety has advanced so much since 1991, he’s really not making a wise fiscal decision by driving that heap. You can have a decently priced car and still be humble. It doesn’t have to be 100K.

  11. I just SO hope this guy turns out to be the Real Deal. This sport — humanity in general — needs him to be as advertised. If he is, THIS is what a Role Model looks like, kids.

  12. Well I hope it’s a ’91 Mazda 323 and not a Mazda 626. Don’t want to see the kid going big-time on the rest of us.

  13. As a cowboys fan I still like Morris and rg3 but their egos are steadily growing by the day. Keep staying humble and contradicting yourselves at the same time playboys. Ftr

  14. I’m the same way about my ’97 BMW, I keep it in the best shape possible and steadfastly refuse to get rid of her for any reason. I love that car…

  15. Totally understand. I’d love to get the same treatment for my baby, a ’99 323i convertible Bimmer. However, that’s where the similarities between me and Morris end. For instance, if/when I can afford a BMW Z8, I’m going for that beauty.

  16. It is impossible not to like this guy, humble and hardworking, definitely a winning combo. I’m not even a Skins fan, but I will be rooting for him.

  17. as a Seahawks fan, U want desperately to dislike this dude. as a man, I can’t. that, is the kind of dude that his head screwed on right. hat tip to the Morris parents.

  18. I’ve met Alfred Morris a few times last season and he’s a class act. Not a bling guy, not a showy guy, just a down to earth dude. Too bad other players aren’t like AM.

  19. I think this officially makes him the smartest Redskins player in history.

  20. Mazda should take a single parents old car and fix that up for free. Maybe Alfred Morris can buy a new car for a kid who works hard, maybe lost a parent every year like Warrick Dunn does?

  21. From an Eagles fan, this isn’t easy to say….but Alford Morris is a pretty cool dude!

  22. Lol….mazdas are junk to begin with. This guy is weird. It’s almost like he’s doing this on purpose to say oh look at me I’m down to earth like you are. Money won’t change me…lol ya right. Go look at his house. Bet it is layed out. Bet it isn’t the house he grew up in! What a shmuck!

  23. This is the guy that needs to be talking rookie symposiums. Not the hypocrites that say “don’t do what I did”.
    Now if I could only get Mazda to refurb my 10 year old (Nissan) truck.

  24. “fish tanks in the back”?

    Either way, you have to give credit to Morris for sticking with this car even though now he do a lot better. My feeling is though after Mazda “tweaks” it, he won’t get another 20 years out of it though. He’ll probably wish he’d left well enough alone. I’d love to see a follow up to this story in 6-8 weeks when the final product rolls out.

  25. I have a good feeling that Alfred Morris will not be filing bankruptcy or on ESPN’s Broke 2 in ten years. There are many players in all sports who could learn a lesson from him.

  26. Pretty cool. It’s nice to see someone actually save their money oppose to buying all these expensive cars.

  27. The kid gets it. I’m not a Redskins fan at all, however, I’ll continue to root for him. He’s setting himself up for life, not for the 10 years he is in the league.

  28. The definition of, started from the bottom. This kid already had his slice of humble pie. Wish. Wish more would follow, good job.

  29. You really have to admire this young man.

    Undrafted rookie (correct me if I’m wrong skins faithful) who just tore it up last year and still striving to stay “humble and grounded.”

    Wishing you a long, successful career Mr. Morris.

  30. Cool To hear that there is an NFL Player that exists that most likely wont piss all his money away in a few years.

  31. When I saw him truk the Bears on the preseason last year I told those tools on that this was the next great Redskins back. #Genius.

  32. Coolest story I’ve read in awhile. I have a new favorite player…and I’m an Eagles fan!

  33. My dad used to drive the same model Mazda when I was growing up, I remember getting driven to school every day in that car haha.

  34. This guy just became one of my top-5 favorite players ever. Well done, Morris. Keep your head down and stay humble. 20 years from now you’ll be far ahead of your draft-class. I hope all of them follow your lead.

  35. Nicely done Alfred. My two cars I drive the most are huge pieces of crap & I love it. 94 civic with 275k & 91 dodge d-50 with 180k. No navigation system, no huge radio, no rims, & best of all, no payments.

  36. h Saw an interview with AM on TV during the playoffs. Talked about the Mazda. During high school or college I can’t remember which, he was struggling to getting to practices and couldn’t a car. A pastor gave him the keys, at no cost, and said you need it more than I do. AM said he still has it because it reminds him how he got to where he is now. I became a fan of his right after that interview.

  37. I mean… That’s cool and all. But maybe Mazda picking out a random person who doesn’t make millions… And fix up a THEIR old Mazda, would be the better public relations move?

  38. jasonfinfan says:
    Jul 26, 2013 1:43 AM
    you know the best car, is a paid off car.. Good for alfred morris no need for flash except on the field.


    Only as long as its reliable. A paid off car that you have to dump $500 every 2 months into in order to keep it on the road isnt’ as good as one with a $200/mo payment but all it takes is gas and oil changes.

  39. You’d think that on an NFL salary he could either afford a new car, or restore this one himself. Let Mazda restore the ’91 of some young couple who isn’t doing so well.

  40. Nothing says Redskin like a ’91 Mazda.

    Like when Baugh was gifted a Packard by the ‘Skins (which apparently he promptly wrecked! oops!) complete with a payment booklet. They’d made the first payment or something & he got the rest!


  41. I can’t get my head around this guy’s decision to keep driving that old car. I love it! But I could never fathom doing anything similar myself.

  42. Nice to see an athlete not go out and blow loads of money on depreciating Cadillacs. If Alfred is as good with his money as he appears to be with his car, this guy will be a case study for all athletes – living well below your means while you are working sets you up to living well in retirement.

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