Raiders sign offensive lineman Andre Gurode

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The Raiders have signed veteran offensive lineman Andre Gurode, the club said Friday night.

The 34-year-old Gurode, who starred at center earlier in his career but can also play guard, will work again with Raiders assistant head coach / offensive line coach Tony Sparano, who was Dallas’ OL coach from 2005 through 2007. Gurode gives the Raiders some veteran depth along the interior line, where the Raiders trend young save for guard Mike Brisiel.

Gurode (6-4, 318) dressed but did not play in two games with Chicago late last season. The Bears released him in December.

Gurode’s best seasons came with Dallas (2002-2010), for whom he was a five-time Pro Bowler. He moved on to Baltimore for the 2011 season.

20 responses to “Raiders sign offensive lineman Andre Gurode

  1. “Gurode gives the Raiders some veteran depth along the interior line”

    w… wa…. Wa… Was … Was this a ….. Was this a positive …. get out…

    Is this a possible positive statement about the Raiders?

  2. Very good Lineman, I’m surprised he was still out there unsigned.
    Because of what Fat Albert Haynesworth did to this guys face, Hayneswoth should have been forced to play in flip-flops for the rest of his worthless career.

  3. First of all, he’s 35. His birthday is in March, it’s simple math. I love this signing. At worst, he’s veteran backup and leadership at a weak position (interior line) aside from Wiz Jr. At best, he’s healthy and regains his Pro Bowl form which began under current and new OL Coach Sparano. Raiders could certainly use an upgrade at either G position, or maybe Gurode starts at C and Wiz is shifted back to LG where he seemed more comfortable. And the mere fact Big Reg is signing guys like C. Woodson and Gurode should shut the people who think he’s tanking the season up once and for all. I would love for the Raiders to draft Jadaveon Clowney next year. But the fact is, they won’t be picking high enough to get him. In Big Reg I trust.

  4. I remember the 49er fanbase wanted Harbaugh to tank the 2011 season to draft Luck and that team came within a muffed punt from the Superbowl.

    Raiders don’t tank seasons or sacrifice seasons to rebuild. We Win The Day…Tomorrow’s not promised.

  5. ^^^^^^^^
    Raiders built dynasties back in the day with players nobody else wanted. I hope they play with that old school Raider chip on their shoulder too and run harder, play harder, and hit harder than their opponents to take their respect.

  6. The comment from the saints fan for life, I guess you weren’t a fan that long because I remember the Saints being so bad the fans used to wear bags over their heads and called themselves the Aint’s. Even with Archie Manning, you were never even a consideration for the play-offs and until you got a quarterback from the afc west were to be as you put it “not even in the NFL” IF you are or were 57 you won’t in your lifetime see the Saints win 3 superbowls as the Raiders have already done.

  7. i concur about the saints fan….. all time record is 306-395…you can thank the bucs for being worse, but your saints still went 20 years in a row with out a winning season, wow!

    as far as signing , wondering if wiz will move to lg.

  8. Decent signing at this time of year.

    Older, but a very versataile backup OL.

    Played multiple positions against my Steelers when he was at the Ravens.

  9. The Raiders have limited options and are indeed picking up player that are cast off from other teams but what is said about Reggie is that he finds finds value where he can.

    So, let’s say this guy is old, has lost a bit, but he once did play at a pro-bowl level. He is an insurance policy. Perhaps the Raiders get four games out of him as a stop gap when someone else goes down.

    Too many people expect every pick up to be an every down, every game, be all and end all player.

    It’s not like that for the Raiders at the moment. You pick up who you can when you can and try to fit them into your puzzle … even if that piece only improves that piece of the puzzle by 10% well, that is a ten percent improvement over the previous piece.

    It’s the sum total of the accumulated pieces and maximizing that total.

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