Report: Aaron Berry out with torn ACL


The Jets have apparently lost a player for the season already.

According to Newsday’s Kimberley Martin (via television station ABC 27 in Pennsylvania), Jets cornerback Aaron Berry suffered a torn ACL on the first day of training camp.

Berry went down after colliding with a wide receiver, and limped off the practice field.

The Jets picked Berry up last year after he was released by the Lions, who got tired of his multiple arrests.

13 responses to “Report: Aaron Berry out with torn ACL

  1. This is what sucks about training camp & preseason..players can get injured that quick and be done for the year before the season even started..

  2. Players being injured are nothing to be mocked and ridiculed, so I am REALLY fighting the temptation to say that he can now “go back to being broke and miserable” as he once said about fans…

  3. deepseabreeze says:
    Jul 26, 2013 4:43 PM
    he looks like aaron hernandez in that picture

    Sshhhhhhh!!!! That’s our little secret!!


  4. Karma. This guy is a total dbag. Aside from his DUI and then getting arrested shortly thereafter for waving a gun at someone he would play horribly in games and then talk trash to Lions fans on twitter right afterwards. He would tell them things like they had miserable lives etc…basically saying that he was better than them.
    Perfect player for the Jets but hopefully they waive him.

  5. As a Lions fan, I hold a sizable grudge against Mr. Berry, but you never want to see this happen. Berry has all the talent in the world and is capable of starting in the NFL. It’s a shame that character issues and injuries have derailed a promising and positive “UDFA to NFL starter” story.

  6. Seriously, barring his own stupidity, he would’ve been starting for the Lions last year. The drafted 3 CBs in 2012 with the goal of replacing Houston and building depth, but Berry completely ruined that strategy.

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