Rex Ryan wants to pick Jets’ QB sooner rather than later


Rex Ryan hopes the Jets’ quarterback competition doesn’t drag out through the entire preseason.

Ryan said as the Jets opened camp that he needs to give both Mark Sanchez and Geno Smith time to show what they can do, but he doesn’t want to drag out the process of picking his starter.

“That’s something you want to do sooner rather than later,” Ryan said, “but I think the big thing is to make sure that there’s fair competition and you feel good about the decision. When I make that decision, clearly I’ll feel great about it. And not just me, but I’ll lean on several other people. But, it has to be the right decision.”

Ryan also suggested that preseason performances will be particularly important.

“I think you’ve got to get them in live situations to really feel good about it and certainly we’ll do that,” Ryan said.

Most likely, Sanchez and Smith will each get an opportunity to start in the Jets’ first two preseason games, and then the guy who starts the third preseason game will be the starter for Week One.

55 responses to “Rex Ryan wants to pick Jets’ QB sooner rather than later

  1. Yeah… wanna rush the most important decision of your coaching career. Fat. Over-rated. Clown.

  2. And the winner folks is:

    Mark Sanchez!!

    Yes, fans! You and only you will have the wonderful ability to watch substandard play for another year.

    Don’t you miss all the interceptions in the red zone.
    Don’t you miss all the indecisions while in the pocket.
    Don’t you miss all the the fumbled hand-offs.
    And especially–
    Don’t you miss all the looks of confusion on his face after another 3 and out.

    Yes, fans!!! Purchase your popcorn, beer, and kleenex early. A prepared fan is a happy fan,

  3. Rex can’t help but put his foot or wife’s foot in his mouth. With a rookie QB it’s going to take all 4 pre season games to make that decision.

    It will be later rather than sooner Rex.

  4. Way more important for the players to know who their on-field and game day leader is than the coaches.

  5. Rex figures they might as well start the loosing and butt fumbles right away. You know, don’t put off till tomorrow what you can do today.

  6. Geno. Has to be. Sanchez is, without question, the worst QB in the NFL. I’d rather have Stanzi.

  7. hate, hate, hate – geno is stupid, sanchez sucks, rex likes feet, rex is fat, woody is spoiled, jets are a circus, tebow, revis, etc etc etc

    did i cover it all of the hateful comments on here yet?

    now to a normal comment – I agree with Rex that picking a QB early on is best for the team this avoids a split in the locker room. With that said I believe Geno Smith should be the starter because Sanchez’ confidence here in NY/NJ is totally shot he needs a change of scenary.

  8. Why anyone would think Ryan can make the right decision regarding QBs, or that he will make one decison and stick to it, is a mystery.

    But at least he will, probably, get to make that decision one last time while he’s a head coach.

  9. I think they should do BOTH… kinda like when Elway went down with an injury and there were two qbs that rotated in and out to replace him.

    That worked out well didnt it? 🙂

  10. Wouldn’t that be like picking your fantasy team in May? Would it not be best to do this before the start of the regular season? Just supposed Ryan picked one and that one was hurt in the last pre-season game – how would that effect the play of the other, especially if it was your veteran? Take your time Rex and leadership (that’s what it’s all about at QB) will rear its head. You would hope.

  11. Do they really need to see what Sanchez can do? I think anyone on this board could inform Ryan on Sanchez’ ability

  12. Rex put this out there just to see if any real QBs are still open to applying for the starting job.

    Seriously, though… how is Kolb not in the running? Better yet, how is Sanchez even on the team? Cap hit be damned, I just don’t get it.

  13. The Jests will be a rotten team no matter who the QB is. Let the QB carousel begin. Oh no, I said carousel, lets see how long this post lasts.

  14. Both will suck until the jets stop pretending having wrs is as important as having a kickoff specialist (which they don’t have either).

  15. If he wants the best qb playing he might consider playing the towel boy, im sure he could play qb better than gino or mark, sorry jets fan, another long season for you guys

  16. “When I make that decision, clearly I’ll feel great about it. And not just me, but I’ll lean on several other people. But, it has to be the right decision.”

    I’d hate to have to find a “right decision” when the two options were a quarterback with brains and a good skill set who has lost his confidence and a quarterback who might or might not have brains with a good skill set who has a sense of entitlement that rivals Cam Newtons.

    Frankly, I don’t see a “right decision” lurking with either of those two choices.

    The circus metaphor’s starting to wear thin for the Jets, too. Now we’re entering sad clown territory and much of what happens this season may well leave the big tent of fun far, far behind.

    Too bad. For all his bluster and goofs and over-sized ego, I like Rex Ryan and I think he’s a terrific coach who could build a great team given enough time, given a smart GM, and given an owner who’s not a baseball cap wearing joke.

  17. Rex just throw a dart and where ever it lands go with it,because you have no starter on that team. At best those QB on your team could maybe be 3 string material. Ha Ha.!!!!!

  18. If you don’t know who your starting QB is by the time camp opens it means you don’t have one in camp.

    The best teams know who their starting QB is. Washington, NE, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Cincy, Denver, Green Bay, Atlanta, San Fran, Seattle. The worst ones don’t.

  19. Without Bill Callahan the Jets offense will continue to suck. The Jets road the back of his running game to two AFC championships. Without him they’ve done nothing.

  20. “When I make that decision, clearly I’ll feel great about it. And not just me, but I’ll lean on several other people. But, it has to be the right decision.”

    Um, didn’t you make the decision the other years, and wasn’t the “decision” always your boy Sanchez? Is there reason to believe that ths time it WON’T be Sanchez?

    I highly doubt it. This is a very intimate relationship between HC and QB, and he won’t let go easily. He may have to be fired in order for the Jets to have a chance of seeing someone else behind center.

  21. 69finfan says:Jul 26, 2013 7:26 AM

    Rex figures they might as well start the loosing and butt fumbles right away. You know, don’t put off till tomorrow what you can do today.

    Quick, name the team that has not won a playoff game since 2000 and their own homegames are blacked out.
    (Hint: Except when the Jets play them)

  22. jammer88 says:Jul 26, 2013 10:22 AM

    Sanchez and Smith put together don’t even make one good QB. The Jets are in for a terrible season with no talent at QB

    And this gets your boxer shorts in a bunch because??

  23. Sure now that his Incompetant Brother is Fired, Ol Rex is looking very nervous, huge loss of weight, Why doesnt he just get betty faRve to GB then Rex would be out of the sweet box for awhile,,,

  24. Everybody’s a comedian, except for the fact everybody has the same material, not funny! I’m wondering the age bracket for these Jets haters. Hardly any real comments, don’t be too mad when Geno becomes a gd QB! Out of all the qbs drafted this year, atleast one will end up being a gd to great QB.

  25. Even if geno turns out to be good someday, you can’t expect him to be good as a rookie on a bad offense. The defense may be respectable, but I think the jets are looking at a high draft pick next year. Maybe someday they’ll spend a #1 on offense.

  26. It TRULY doesn’t matter WHO starts at qb, Rex did not go out and bring in some offensive weapons. Other than Santonio who are they supposed to throw to? When Shanahan drafted RG3 he immediately brought in 3 strong receivers and look at the results. Rex is just not progressive enough to do the right things, he’s toast at the end of the season.

  27. For people to say Sanchez sucks is giving this guy too much credit. Saying Sanchez sucks would be an improvement. People say Eli sucks. People say Romo sucks. Sorry Sanchez not same category

  28. There is more than plenty of film on Sanchez.
    Why does Rex need to see more of him?
    Just let the other dude have all the reps, and then make a decision.

  29. Jets should move to L.A., and then bring a brand new team to the Meadowlands to replace them.

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