Ryan “just a little disappointed” Milliner not signed


While holdouts have become unusual under the new rookie salary system, the reactions to them are fairly typical.

Jets coach Rex Ryan said he was not happy that first-rounder Dee Milliner wasn’t on hand when the rest of the Jets rookies reported to camp.

I’m just a little disappointed he’s not here,” Ryan said, via Mike Vorkunov of the Newark Star-Ledger. “I’ll coach the guys that are here.”

Milliner, the ninth overall pick, is one of four first-rounders yet to sign, along with Chiefs tackle Eric Fisher (first overall), Cardinals guard Jonathan Cooper (seventh) and Titans guard Chance Warmack (10th).

The Jets need him for practical and symbolic reasons, as he’s replacing traded superstar cornerback Darrelle Revis. Of course, Milliner’s ability to get on the field is also up in the air, as he had shoulder surgery this offseason, and his physical will dictate what he’s able to do.

“Well, we’ll see when he gets here to camp,” Ryan said, when asked if he was ready to practice.

This subtle (or not) pressure is all part of the dance, which will continue until those last four are under contract.

10 responses to “Ryan “just a little disappointed” Milliner not signed

  1. The holdouts always hurt themselves substantially with every day they miss.

    Especially with the rookie wage scale whatever they’re dickering over is stupid, be if offset language or something else. They’ll make millions and can be set for life from this first contract as long as they’re not idiots with they’re money.

    Meanwhile every meeting they miss, every play that’s run without them they are falling further and further behind, thus hurting their performance for much of their first year.

    Greed fueled by stupidity.

  2. I hate it when people put that stupid word “little” in front of …I am bothered, problem ,etc. If your md say your mad! I think it is stupid.

  3. Little people with little knowledge of the English language have little chances to become very important little people unless of course the have someone little to look up to!

  4. The Revis trade will go down as one of the best trades ever for the Bucs, the J-E-T–S, not so much…
    Until they fire Sexy Rexy, that team ain’t goin’ nowhere…though Sanchez will make some team a good backup next season…

  5. The guy has an opportunity to play on the worlds biggest stage and make millions before he has proved he can do anything and he is holding out. Bad move. Ryan is a good defensive coach but only if your on the field learning from him. The destruction Tannenbaum left behind may take a couple of years to fix but a Wild Card slot is always a possibility. Then again there is Markie boy.

  6. Worlds biggest stage.??????? Really.????? As far I know the jets I think only have 2 prime time games this season. The only people that will be watching this circus on TV only live ny. Hellooooo…

  7. “The holdouts always hurt themselves substantially with every day they miss.”

    Have you ever negotiated a multimillion dollar contract? I’ll bet it’s not as simple as you make it out to be.

  8. Kinda like Ryan is “just a little disappointed” he traded up for both M. Sanchez and S. Greene.

    It doesn’t get much more coachspeak than that.

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