Tony Romo would like to be an offensive coordinator some day


Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo is expected to get more involved in the game planning this season. Some day, he’d like to be the person who’s in charge of game plans.

Romo will have some say in which plays end up in the game plan this year, and people who know him say that’s something that he hopes leads to a career in coaching when his playing career is over.

He’d like to be a coordinator one day,” one person close to him told

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has said he’d like to see Romo become more like Peyton Manning in his approach to the game. Romo has never been given the kind of playcalling responsibilities that Manning has had for most of his career, but maybe that’s a responsibility Romo will have when his playing days are done.

52 responses to “Tony Romo would like to be an offensive coordinator some day

  1. The manning reference is for the work he puts in preparing..not play calling

  2. thanks for the information, we will put it in our files – don’t call us , we’ll call you – buhbye

  3. Cowboy fans would like Romo to be a QB someday. Dont see either happening anytime soon.

  4. Too bad Romo wasn’t interested in the GM job.

    That’s the job that needs to be filled.

  5. I’m not a Cowboys fan and in fact hate them very much, but I don’t see anything wrong with this. MANY former QB’s end up as coordinators and head coaches. Sort of like point guards in basketball. It’s a natural progression no matter the skill on the field or court.

  6. He hasn’t shown me enough as a player on the field to make me believe he can coach other players when he is off of it.

    Run an offense like Peyton Manning and then we’ll see.

  7. Well, you’ve got to think he’d be a better offensive coordinator than say short-order cook in a burger joint. I mean would you want a burger he made? Slip, slop, drop, pick it up again, run around putting out small fires, and on it goes.

  8. Hey, maybe it is a good idea? The guy definitely has not lived up to expectations taking plays from his offensive coordinators. Callahan, although I think is a lousy scumbag head coach, is a good offensive coordinator who gave Rich Gannon a lot of responsibilities to call his own plays and it worked.

    I think Callahan is a good fit for Romo, and if he gives Romo his wish, he might finally succeed as an NFL QB.

  9. Wait, doesn’t an offensive coordinator have to actually work long hours at the expense of free time?

  10. All I have to say is to all you Romo haters out there. Why aren’t any of you playing Pro Football as a QB. Its easy to say something about somebody when y’all don’t have the talent to play football. Its not easy to play in the Pros I should know because I had a 2nd cousin play for the Cowboys back in the 70’s. He was there Fullback and his name was WALT GARRISON so I’ve seen 1st hand what the players go through. When you haven’t had an O-Line to protect you your going to make mistakes. So if any of you haters can do batter why aren’t y’all on the TEAM maybe because y’all aren’t men or ladies enough to play the SPORT.

    ” GO COWBOYS “

  11. That just may be one of the funniest things I ever heard. I wonder if the calls at the new AT&T stadium in Dallas will get intercepted as much as Tony SLO-mos passes.

  12. Even Cowboy fans want to see him as an offensive coordinator as soon as possible…..

  13. The guy wouldn’t be half bad at coaching. Two years ago he was having to line up his receivers every single play and tell them what to run. Not to shabby.

  14. The jokes just write themselves.

    Besides, working as an OC would take him away from his golf duties.

  15. frenchy121212 says: Jul 26, 2013 7:35 PM

    Romo has been in the top 20 of interceptions thrown once in the last 4 seasons. Don’t let facts get in the way of your jokes.
    But the few he does throw are at the worst possible times and inevitably cost his team.

  16. Gee Ron, your 2nd cousin played for the Cowboys? You, my friend, are an expert. All Hail Ron!

  17. In the 68 times in NFL history a team’s defense has allowed the opposing QB to have a rating of 125 or better, only twice has a team not finished under .500 – both times it was the Cowboys and Tony Romo finishing with an 8-8 record.

  18. If all you guys busting on Romo were as good at your jobs (zip lube, gamestop, living in your Mom’s basement) ad he is maybe you would stop masturbating so much. Hot wife, 55 million guaranteed. ..just shut up

  19. Anyone else want to vote Ron for “Window licker of the year”? You do Texas proud!

  20. Any of you Romo haters fans of the Cardinals, Chargers, Raiders, Vikings, Bills, Dolphins, Jets, Eagles, Chiefs or Jaguars?

    Your team would pay megabucks for Tony Romo.

  21. That’s right, follow in Jason Garrett’s footsteps and coach for Jerry Joke. I needed a good laugh this morning. What a tool.

  22. Ron says: Jul 26, 2013 6:44 PM

    All I have to say is to all you Romo haters out there. Why aren’t any of you playing Pro Football as a QB.


    Um Ron, your GED is failing you in the logic skills component.

    If only NFL players could comment there would be no blogosphere…

    And Romo still sucks!

    – Cowboys fan since 1969

  23. Tony you may get your wish. Careful about you wish for. You sure are not a good football Quarterback in this day an age overarching all the faster young guys today..

  24. drgreenstreak, you are so right. If Tony would have entered FA every team without a franchise QB would have paid him more than Jerry. I was watching ESPN with Simon and McGinnis at The Cowboys camp, they are witnessing the strength, talent, and coaching of this team, we never go under the radar, thanks to all the haters, but they are realizing the Cowboys definitely have everything going to make a huge statement this year. I love Tony Romo and you will too! I promise.

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