Top two Raiders picks on non-football injury list


The Raiders wrapped up contract negotiations with their rookie class in the last couple of days by signing first-round cornerback D.J. Hayden and tackle Menelik Watson, but they will have to wait a little longer to get their top two 2013 draft picks on the practice field.

Steve Corkran of the Bay Area News Group reports that both players have been placed on the non-football injury list and are therefore likely to miss at least the team’s first practice of training camp on Friday. We know that Hayden was hospitalized this spring because he needed surgery to remove scar tissue in his abdomen that was related to the emergency surgery he had after rupturing a vein in his heart after a hit at practice while at the University of Houston last year.

It’s less clear why Watson has wound up on the NFI list. Raiders coach Dennis Allen will meet the media on Friday and could shed some more light as to the reasons why he landed there, but getting on the field sooner rather than later would be a step in the right direction if Watson wants to compete for a starting job this year.

Hayden’s path to the lineup is clearer than Watson’s, but he still needs to get back to speed after missing a lot of time on the field because of the two surgeries.

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  1. By default they have to be “Non-Football” related injuries…Why?…wait for it…because we all know the Raiders don’t play football. (rim shot)

    I know, I know too easy. Let the thumbs down begin from Raider Nation. But to the rest of us that’s funny.

    Seriously though I hope Hayden is okay that “ruptured vein in the heart” thing is no joke.

  2. Ironic, right, that you “nation” fanatics jumped all over the thumb-down when I posted that your top pick was fragile, and an unsubstantiated risk at that draft position.

  3. He’s at practice and practicing at a limited capacity and far as Watson I have no clue it is too early for all of this negativity. He has not played a down yet and it was not rumored he was on the injured reserve list. I think he will have a great career but atleast let it play out before we panic. Why do these so called raider haters always have to comment hey I despise Denver and Kansas City but you don’t see me trolling stories about them. I believe in Big Reg he is something we have needed for a long time an Real GM, sorry no offense to the late great Al Davis I believe if if given time he will turn us into a contender.

  4. torreyg:

    Speaking for myself. I’m not a fan of any of those other teams. I’m much more a fan of the AFC West, in general (unfortunately?). But you should consider that the Raiders are no closer to really righting the ship, and likely even heading a little further down the wrong path. It starts with the ruins left by Al Davis’ declining days. The Raiders are dead last in the league in revenue. That’s shocking, considering that teams like Tampa and the Jags (seriously?) make more money than Oakland.
    Just because Mark Davis hired a GM, doesn’t mean he hired the right guy – nor does it mean he really ever could. I always harp on this topic, but who could possibly argue that it isn’t the most important point? Your Raiders still do NOT have a real QB. Matt Flynn? He’s the closest thing there is to Matt Cassel, but even Cassel had a successful season in NE. The fact that Oakland drafted who they did with the top pick, is simply inexcusable. It’s not relevant that this wasn’t an epic year for drafting QB’s. The lack of a true franchise QB has been the biggest issue for OAK since their SuperBowl debacle.

  5. I agree that AD’s attempts to fix a broken team has hamstrung the current regime. A lot needs to be done before the team can win 10 or more games. Only a foolish GM goes out and gets a “starting QB” prior to shoring up other areas of a weak team. A good QB eats a lot of cap space on a team with cap issues. So why would you go out and find “the guy” prior to getting the house in order. The game is won in the trenches!! I as a fan believe O line and defense win games, those players tend to last longer than the average QB or RB the guys fantasy players watch. So grab defense and O line till you get that right there is no point focusing on “skill” positions.

  6. Gannon was and is a smart guy mix that with a good measure of skill, and dedication to his job and he put up some great numbers, however Rich Gannon was no “Franchise QB”! Rich had 6 seconds to stand there and check off reads during the heyday! the system and players around him made it all work out. Against the Bucs he didn’t get near that time and we all know the result.

  7. As a longtime Bronco fan, and Raider hater, I yearn
    for the days when we actually had a reason for
    animosity-i.e. division championships at stake.
    In a weird way, I am hoping to see the Raiders return
    to respectability so I can enjoy this lifelong rivalry!

  8. the4navs:

    While I TOTALLY agree about most of your points, I still totally disagree about the importance of a star QB. All you have to do is look at the guys in that position, who have won or played in the SuperBowl for the vast majority of the last decade. Gone, are the days when a Gannon or a Dilfer or Hasselback can get a team all the way through the warfare of the regular season, then the playoffs. Both the temper of the league has changed, and accordingly, the rules have evolved to further align with the play of the QB.

    The fact that the Raiders used their top pick for the guy that they did, just doesn’t speak to them shoring up the foundation positions. Even if they hadn’t wanted to grab a better QB than Flynn, they still should have gone for more than just a DB. Especially, one who does have a serious health asterisk next to his name. Don’t forget, those positions are only as valuable as the pass-rush, and the last time I checked, the Raiders weren’t setting any records (except for penalties) for their D line.

    Look at it another way, they have to contend with the rest of the AFC West, which means they have to leverage Flynn against Manning, Rivers and Smith. Arguably, Manning is the only sure HOF of the lot, but Rivers has had a number of years as a top five QB, and Smith was good enough to get the Niners to the playoffs, and a winner record last season.

  9. dougydougdoug says: Jul 26, 2013 2:44 PM

    The fact that Oakland drafted who they did with the top pick, is simply inexcusable. It’s not relevant that this wasn’t an epic year for drafting QB’s. The lack of a true franchise QB has been the biggest issue for OAK since their SuperBowl debacle.
    I’m pretty sure the biggest issue since Oakland’s last Super Bowl appearance has been the decisions made by the owner. Wasted draft picks, abysmal free agent contracts, bad trades, and so on, are the things that have sunk that franchise. Reaching for a QB in the top half of the first round would have been inexcusable, especially on a team with so many needs across the board.

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