Victor Cruz changes mind, not underpaid now


The benefit of hindsight is realizing when that thing you said before sounds ridiculous.

After Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz said in a radio interview he took less money than he deserved in a six-year, $45 million deal, it dawned on him that it might not be the best thing to say out loud.

“It was [perceived] rather incorrectly,” Cruz said at camp Friday, via Conor Orr of the Newark Star-Ledger. “I don’t feel underpaid at all, I’m very excited about my contract and I’m very excited about where I’m at with this team, the position I’m in with this team, I’m excited about everything.

“I don’t look at anyone else in terms of what they got and what everyone else got, it was just a general feeling, an honest feeling at the time and it got kind of depicted the wrong way. But I’m excited man, I’m here.”

The original sentiment was valid, based on what previous markets had led players to believe about their value. He didn’t do nearly as well as he originally hoped, and he was disappointed.

But given time to reflect on his journey from an undrafted rookie to a wealthy and famous person, he decided to circle back.

“If you look at the statistics I’m not even supposed to be standing in front of y’all answering these questions,” Cruz said. “For me to be here with a contract that’s over six years and to be with the best franchise in football, that’s great.”

Self-awareness, even if it runs late, is a wonderful thing.

41 responses to “Victor Cruz changes mind, not underpaid now

  1. I wish I made $45mm in six years. I would be a lot more satisfied and less grouchy.

  2. This guy needs to do us all a favor and just keep quiet. Shut down the Twitter to boot. Constant diaherria of the mouth.

  3. No he meant what he said initially. Just like he meant what he tweeted about Zimmerman after he was acquitted.

    Stop trying to please people. You lose credibility when you backtrack.

  4. Too late. You are already perceived as another dumb, ungrateful jock who doesn’t know when he has a good thing.

  5. If I was a Head Coach, I would have it written in each contract that all Tweets & Facebook posts would have to clear my Quality control Person. Yep, I would hire someone to proof every word spoken & written by my 53 man group of knuckleheads! Twitter = trouble
    I’m 39, so I don’t even have a twitter account nor do I remotely understand the fascination with it. Facebook the same, but everything I read, proves that twitter does far more harm than good in the hood

  6. The new CBA had a rookie wage scale put in place that should funnel money to the veterans. Instead, it has become a Quarterback Lotto. Each QB is getting paid more than the last one, whether or not its earned. That’s exactly what was happening with rookies before the new CBA.

    I know QBs are the most important position, but at some point, there will be a revolt by the other players. It may take this headline to do it “Josh Freeman gets $19 million a year; $55 mil guaranteed”

  7. Cruz was probably asked a few hundred times by different members of the media about his contract situation, and as much as he wants to just sound off on it all and express his true discontent…he should have been ready to tell each and every person who asks him about it: “I’m just gonna let my agent do his job and handle my contract situation, and I’m going to be focused entirely upon my job as a football player.”

    The worst part about this is how today’s media has created a situation in which professional athletes aren’t entirely comfortable speaking what is truly on their minds, completely in fear of any potential backlash or having their words misconstrued for the sake of a news article. Nowadays, media members know that it’s tougher to get authentic answers out of players, so they do whatever it takes to try and bait players into saying something that they will regret down the road. Don’t give those blood sucking leeches any opportunity to latch onto you, they’ll suck you dry.

  8. He’s right, he got a lowball deal. But that’s because he lost all his leverage when he signed his tender, so it’s really his fault that he’s underpaid. Great player, though.

  9. You either agree to the absurd amount offered to you or you hold out until you get what you think you deserve.

    You don’t sign a contract and then go on the radio and say you got hosed. You look stupid and also greedy.

    I bet Coughlin has told this guy to zip it.

  10. Hey Cruz I like what you said in the first place. You were honest. That’s cool and a lot of fans will respect that.
    Now that you are trying to lie or you have lied, its just not cool at all.
    Be your own man and don’t let people around you change who you are

  11. Congratulations Victor, you have successfully joined the next generation of the NFL phenomenon known as the Wide Receiver Diva.

  12. You people complain about when players speak the truth and complain about the same ol’ boring cliche comments. Honestly…what would make you dolts happy?

  13. Damn Vic, either man up or shut up, dude. You keep making it worse by adding to it. Let it go, and make everyone else forget by proving you deserve to get paid such an astronomical amount of money without complaining that it isn’t enough.

    Go Blue

  14. Damn what are the Giants thinking only giving him $45 million! lol You got to be kidding me man! 45 million to play a sport that you love! Not to mention how popular you are in the NFL and with the Giants fan base! I really hope this is true and he reflected back and realized how stupid it was for him to say something like that and it’s not just his agent or someone telling him what to say! Be grateful your getting a chance to play NFL football! Sorry bro I can’t agree with you that your on the best team in the NFL but i’m glad you think that! Best go out and prove it first! Also i’m sorry your soooo poor! Maby your next contract will be for $500 million! Is that what you think your worth? ; )

  15. If I were an NFL player I would leave the country during the offseason. There is a legion of sports reporters with nothing to do but dissect and analyze everything you do and say. One little slip and “boom!” headlines.

    Asking young, wealthy men in their 20’s to be on perfect behavior for 6 months out of the year is an impossible task. These young guys would be better off hanging out in Germany or Australia or anywhere across an ocean from the US. At least make TMZ, Deadspin and the other gossip sites buy a plane ticket to catch you off guard.

  16. 9 million a year for a slot receiver. lmao. Don’t quit your day job pimping Campbell’s Soup!

  17. The guy’s a great human interst story, a hell of a football player. a “character” player, and, by all accounts, a good guy who remembers where he came from. He handled his first go round of negotiations like a real pro. No bad mouthing. No childish moves. He’s entitled to a small slip up now and again. The Giants and all Giants fans are happy to have him.

  18. Pro football has become a joke. Instead of learning a new dance, how about buying a new skirt to dance in, or the Giants should have all the players wear one, and dance and watch the female cheer leaders play football. Bill

  19. This guy is another one that opened his mouth without thinking. He’s an ungrateful POS …….shut up and go earn your money!! If he has a bad season will he give the giants a refund??

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