Carson Palmer “shocked, excited, happy” about recent acquisitions


As the Cardinals try to keep up with the rest of the NFC West, their new quarterback finds significant encouragement in the moves the team recently has made.

“You get 10, 15, 20 percent better when you add two players like that,” Palmer said of the arrival of tackle Eric Winston and linebacker John Abraham, via the Associated Press.  “It’s not like we’re getting them going into the third preseason game or they’re getting into shape.  They’re here the first day of camp.

“I was looking at Pro Football Talk and I was like ‘Really?  Is this going to happen?'” Palmer added (and as always we appreciate the plug).  “I saw ‘Eric Winston talking to the Cardinals’ or whatever it was and I thought, ‘Maybe.  I’m sure he’s got a ton of teams after him.’  Then I hear that we got him.  Then I hear a couple of hours later that we pick up Abraham.”

Palmer summed up his feelings succinctly:  “Shocked, excited, happy. That’s when you know your organization is trying to win football games now — today.”

It still won’t be easy, not with the 49ers, Seahawks, and Rams in the division that suddenly looks a lot like Arizona’s former home, the NFC East, used to.

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  1. Palmer will have to be a top-10 QB for Arizona to make any notable splash this season, and for them to have any chance of a playoff birth whatsoever. He’s got a couple big, strong WRs to throw to and a decent running game, but the probability of Palmer playing at an elite level again isnt very high. I give him around a 15% chance at cracking the top-10 QBs.

  2. Abraham good very short term addition. Winston… not so much. How bad is Winston? Dallas didn’t even want him to possibly compete with Doug Free and Kansas City let him go. 2 pretty big red flags right there. I hope for Carsons sake he has worked on his scrambling away from whatever side Winston is playing on.

  3. “Shocked, excited, happy” is how the Raiders felt when they were able to get a conditional draft pick in exchange for this washed up QB.

  4. Winston should be used as a guard. He can’t block like he used to on the outside.

    Abraham will be a decent guy to fill in the gaps where they need to be in the pass rush.

    Palmer better get used to another West cellar. I don’t see them even being better than the Rams.

  5. solid pickups for sure, but not sure if it’s enough…NFC west is best in nfl this year

  6. The NFC is so good expect a few surprises this year with the top teams playing each other (somebody has to lose) will leave teams. like the Cards and Rams to get into the mix fighting for a playoff spot.

  7. I’ll be shocked if the Cards win more than five games under Palmer in the stacked NFC West.

    The snakes prediction: Dead last in the division.

  8. The Cardinals won’t be able to do anything with Palmer at QB. He’s just not very good.

  9. Of course it would not look too cool to Palmer, but if the Cards went out right now today and begged the Niners for Scott Tolzien, they would have a slightly better chance of success. Palmer has lost it. Here in Niner-land, we naturally get every Raider game also. I saw it. The Raiders have fallen on hard times, Yes. But still – Palmer has lost it.

  10. Farve Jr. will not be as jubilent once the zone blitz schemes reveal that horrendous Left OL….. Remember, Larry Fitz no longer commands double teams……

  11. Palmer is still a very good QB. Oftentimes last year he was the only thing keeping the Raiders from getting beat by 40 ppg. He’s going to be a great QB to team up with Fitzgerald.

  12. The Cardinals will probably be third in their division with maybe 6 or 7 wins. That said, they are better than the teams of over half of you reading this.

    Palmer, Fitz, Floyd, Mendenhall, Cooper and now Winston on the line.

    Dockett, Washington, Campbell, Dansby, Peterson and now Minter, Honey Badger and Abraham on D.

    Not the greatest, but not too shabby.

  13. I’m sorry, there is a HUGE change in the Desert… if you want to mock them, perhaps you need to suit up and deal with this Team… if you don’t respect what this organization has done this year, you have a prejudice against the Cardinals or you have little clue about theses players … no matter, The Phoenix is back….

  14. You can’t get by the Rams, Seahawks, and especially the niners without a fast young explosive QB. And Palmer is none of those. Plus those three teams have something else in common. Very strong defense. Palmer will be beaten to within’ an inch of his life against those teams. The cards’ only hope is to develop the running game.

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