Dennis Pitta out at least six weeks, will miss opener at Denver


Ravens tight end Dennis Pitta suffered a dislocated hip at practice today and has already been ruled out for the regular-season opener.

The Ravens announced after Pitta was carted off the field that the injury is serious enough that they can already say Pitta won’t be able to play when the defending Super Bowl champions have their Thursday night opener at Denver. That means it’s at least a six-week injury.

Pitta was a very important part of the Ravens’ offense last year and was expected to be an even more important part of the Ravens’ offense this year, with the departure of leading receiver Anquan Boldin. Pitta is one of quarterback Joe Flacco’s favorite targets, especially in the red zone, and he caught seven touchdown passes in the regular season last year and followed that up with three touchdowns in the postseason.

Pitta was hurt in a collision with safety James Ihedigbo when they both jumped for a ball in the back of the end zone.

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  1. This is a huge blow for the Ravens. Boldin’s gone and now Pitta. Both of those guys were Flacco’s favorite targets last year. All they have now is Torrey Smith and a bunch of scrubs.

  2. As a Ravens fan, my thoughts and prayers go out to Dennis Pitta. He’s a great guy and a great TE and that’s a bad injury. As a football fan, I don’t wish injury on any player no matter what team they play for. Humanity comes first, rivalries come second to that. Here’s hoping everyone stays safe and injury free.

  3. Tough injury for the Ravens, certainly going to make the game against denver much harder. Fortunately it looks like Shianco is coming in for the time being as well as leach so Baltimore does have a backup plan. This is a good team and will adjust

  4. Ozzie needs to sign another offensive target for Flacco now, either WR or TE. Either way, Flacco is without his #1 & 2 options from last year.

  5. If the team is gone on record and said he’s out week one. I’m thinking this is a 4 week injury (regular season) at a minimum.

    I’m a ravens fan and this is a hell of a blow.

  6. After considering the history of teams the year after winning the SB, Flacco’s track record of only average regular season production, the offseason departures and changes to the Ravens, plus the increasing balance and parity in the AFC North (the NFL’s toughest division), I had Ravens going 9-7 tops – and a coin flip at best to even return to the playoffs. If Pitta misses multiple games they will be 8-8 at best.

  7. Cue the haters in 3…2….1……The Ravens will be fine. This team was depleted by injuries last year, all the way through the playoffs, and STILL won the Super Bowl! Under Harbaugh’s guidance, they are resilient & tough, and they will overcome the loss of Pitta.

  8. This is the injury that ended Bo Jackson’s career. Although that was cuz they didn’t know it at the time and handled it improperly. Regardless, this is a very severe injury. I can’t imagine my femur coming out of my hip joint. No doubt the most painful of all dislocations.

  9. Hip injures can be career-ending. Bo knows! Jackson’s happened similarly by falling on his hip. Ravens fans, you beat us in the SB, but I hope your guy gets good treatment. We want a Harbaugh re-match.

  10. Anytime hip and dislocation are metioned in the same sentence is bad news. Pitta’s a very solid player. That’s a bummer.

  11. jamesundeee says: Jul 27, 2013 5:25 PM

    Ozzie needs to sign another offensive target for Flacco now, either WR or TE. Either way, Flacco is without his #1 & 2 options from last year.

    Pitta wasn’t the 2nd option last year. Because the Ravens favor a vertical PA heavy offense Pitta was usually option 4,with Smith,Boldin,and Rice being 1-2-3. Even from the gun Pitta is no better than 3rd,with Smith and Boldin being 1 & 2.

  12. Meh..While he helps with all the losses they have had hes just not that good..Little overrated in my book..Time for Smith and Jones the shoulder the load..

  13. Pitta is a nice player. Flacco is about to find out what it’s like to not have weapons.


  14. Maybe some dancing in the offseason would have helped keep that hip in better shape, eh Jacoby?

  15. Nothing makes an injury worse then one before the season even starts. At least it’s not a season ender. Not a good way to start off the season for the ravens.

  16. 3-4 months for a full recovery so this won’t be easy. Everyone forgets they have Ed Dickson as their 2nd TE so hes not bad to have. Definitely a drop off but he can make a difference. Hopefully Shancoe can help with the 2 TE sets they were planning to run.

  17. When asked how the Pitta injury would affect the team, Flacco said: “Not sure, but I’ll be just fine. Did I mention all the money I’m making?”

  18. That sucks. Here’s to a speedy and full recovery. Only a few are fortunate enough to participate in the best rivalry in the NFL, so I hope he gets back out there soon and earns that honor.

  19. Pita out for the year, Boldin gone, Jones to busy dancing to pass a conditioning test…Ravens fans better hope Smith can carry the team by himself because they don’t have anyone else anybody has ever heard of to catch the ball.

  20. Adam Schefter just reported on facebook he will be out for the season.

    All off season Ravens fans talked about how Boldin wouldn’t be mussed because of Pitta. Now they are saying he wont be missed?

    Come on man!

  21. Is it just me or are we seeing an extraordinary increase in early training camp injuries of a serious nature? Here’s hoping it stops and everyone from every team stays healthy.

  22. Only reason I can think of wed be in last place would be a plane crash bro. Even then we could suit up the front office staff and still take down the browns.

  23. He will be out for the year. Too much risk of avascular necrosis of the hip to push him too fast. Too bad. Good player and real good team guy. Never wish injuries on other players. It is a slanderous game , but it is still just a game.

    Heal well Dennis. Our prayers for you recovery hopefully should speed the process.

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