Eagles’ offense will look like Oregon, unless Foles is the starter


When Chip Kelly became the coach of the Eagles, he kept longtime assistant Ted Williams, who has been on the staff since 1995, as the tight ends coach. And Williams says he has been learning a whole lot about Oregon’s offense under Kelly in the last few years, because that’s the offense we’re going to see in Philadelphia this season.

It’ll be very, very similar to what you saw at Oregon,” Williams told PhillyMag.com. “He needs to be comfortable with what he’s saying to the offense and how he’s communicating it. So you don’t just out of the box decide that you’re going to do something a certain way and you don’t feel comfortable with it. So it’s going to look like Oregon.”

If Michael Vick is the starting quarterback, that makes a lot of sense. Vick’s skills are perfectly suited to the kind of offense that Kelly has run at Oregon, where last year starting quarterback Marcus Mariota passed for 2,677 yards and ran for 752 yards. (In Vick’s 10 NFL seasons he has averaged 2,027 yards passing and 555 yards rushing.) But what if Nick Foles is the starter?

In that case, Kelly says, he’s going to have to make some adjustments.

“If I called 20 read option plays with Nick Foles in the game, I should be fired,” Kelly said, via Geoff Mosher of CSNPhilly.com.

So the Eagles’ offense won’t look much like Oregon’s if Foles is starting.

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  1. If he calls “20 read option plays” with Vick at QB Vick will be hurt and Kelly will still be fired.

  2. Chips gimmick aint gonna work in the big boy league.
    Oregons offense was only successful against the weak Pac-10 conference.

    FILTHadelphia fans already had the best coach, but because of the drunkeness, immaturity, disgusting and obnoxious fanbase, that coach found a way to escape and go to a franchise with class.

    The Kansas City Chiefs offense will be more productive this season than Chip’s gimmick offense.
    Andy Reid will have more success in KC than Chip will in FILTHadelphia.

    Those two statements are not only predictions…..but also FACTS

  3. I am still questioning Kelly hiring ex-Browns HC Pat Shurmur as OC. He forced rookie QB Brandon Weeden to run a stodgy and antiquated dink-and-dunk West Coast offense for the Browns that failed to make use of his strong arm.

    It wouldn’t surprise me if Kelly isn’t one of many successful college coaches who turns out to be a major bust coaching in the NFL.

  4. My prediction: Vick hurt before week 6, Foles fills in and plays alright, but inevitably Matt Barkley will be called upon late in the season and he becomes the lone bright spot for another lost Eagles season. (This is coming from an Eagles fan).

  5. Kelly should be ashamed of himself.

    He got all you anti Vick losers hopes up when he KNEW Vick was the starter from the moment he became head coach……..

    Kelly is laughing every time he reads articles that he is ACTUALLY holding a qb competition….ha ha

  6. Does anyone HONESTLY believe Foles is better than Kolb? Philly got rid of Kolb. Arizona got rid of Kolb. Foles will lucky to be third string.

  7. It makes sense that things would be different if Foles were in there, that’s the difference between Kelly and Andy Reid, Reid put QBs in a system they weren’t suited for, case in point,Vick a pocket passer, are you kidding me? And for those that think changing systems for the QB wont work, look at the Redskins last year, RG3 went down and Cousins came in, they changed a few things for him and the offense didn’t ship a beat.

  8. The big question will be:

    How many defenses are going to be gassed before the 2nd quarter?

    Every team that tries to keep up with Vick, Desean, Shady and Maclin will need oxygen on every series.

    Just out conditioning the opponent will be a huge advantage.

  9. So in a round about way they are saying Vicks getting the first shot. Kinda like what Andy did last year

  10. Sounds like a hint from Kelly that he’s leaning towards Michael Vick getting the start.

  11. Every coach thinks they can fix Mike Vick, he’s always had the tools but then they see first hand that he has ten cent software running it, it’s funny to watch. He may have a game here or there like the ‘skin game or the 2nd miracle at the Meadowlands but for the most part it’s inconsistent play & bad decisions that defines his career, especially at big spots.

    Chip is going to find out what Reeves, Mora & Reid now know. Mike Vick will never be a big game QB.

  12. That’s right chip, go with the type of qb and offense that has never won a superbowl in the nfl era. Who cares about the pocket passers who know how to throw the ball and win games with their arms.

  13. Philly fans are the most delusional .

    Yes, teams cant stop the offense.
    Chips offense will gas the opposing defenses.
    Chips offense will put up a ton of points.


    In case you havent heard. The defenses of all other teams are getting in shape and doing conditioning also.

    And……. I’m pretty sure you can devise all kinds of trickery and design each to put up scores, but if you cant execute or dont have the talent, IT AINT GONNA WORK.
    Pus,, I think other teams arent gonna just watch the offense run by them,,, Ya think they just may be designing ways to stop them? Ya think they just may be prepared to hit them?

    Chip Kelly is the flavor of the month, next year FILTHY fans will be wishing they still had Andy

  14. Start anybody you want. This team is not going to win a superbowl this year again. Nice to see eagles hopes dashed year after year. I revel in their demise.

  15. The only skill Vick has that fits Chips offense is that he can run. Everything else Chip values in a QB (and running in low on that list) Vick struggles with: accuracy, getting out the ball quickly, making good decisions, making pre snap reads, ect. But, ignore all of that, Vick can run fast!

  16. Ha Ha Ha. they keep throwing out the bait and all the suckers are jumping at it. Kelly will not be running the Oregon offense, he is smart enough to know that as constructed it has no chance in the N.F.L. . I’m guessing he will attempt to run a lot of plays like he did there but that will be the end of it. I don’t look for Vick to be the Q.B. because the team won’t be significant for a few years, the starting Q.B. this year will need to be the guy that projects as the starter in 2015. It may be Foles or Barkley or might not be on the roster yet but it will not be Vick.

  17. Iknoweverything says:
    Jul 27, 2013 11:37 AM

    ^^^ I finally understand why the know it all is so angry! Two ignorant posts in this thread… I get it! You are the fat guy dressed like Santa that got pegged by snowballs!

  18. @ Iknownothing

    Regardless of how this year goes, Andy Reid had been crapping the bed in Philly for a couple years before last year’s embarassing last gasp from the fat man.

    I think most Eags fans are happy for any change they could get at this point.

    Shows what you know. If you think Andy Reid is a great coach, you obviously have much to learn about football, or you weren’t watching the Eagles underachieve for the last 3 years.

  19. Chip will definitely have to modify his offense to have success in the NFL. If he doesn’t, Vick will be on the IR by week 3, Foles won’t be suited for the offense, the Eagles will have 3 wins and Kelly will be fired by season’s end.

  20. Coach of the year- Kansas City Chiefs Andy Reid
    Best turnaround-Kansas City Chiefs
    More points scored- Chiefs > Eagles
    Higher ranked offense- Chiefs > Eagles
    Better record- Chiefs > Eagles

    Everyone in KC is laughing at FILTHadelphia and how Andy Reid found the way out of the classless organization and classless fans.

    Andy Reid will win a Super Bowl before Chip Gimmick.

  21. lmao@officialgame

    Oh man that was a nice Saturday morning ball buster. I don’t think he will reply to that one. Probably busy searching google for your momma jokes and other well thought out comeback lines.

  22. Anybody that says that running a no-huddle/fast tempo offense is not effective is only fooling themselves. Stopping a team from making key adjustments/player substitutions has been EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE in both college and the NFL. It makes all the sense in the world for Chip Kelly to run the same offense he was so successful with in Oregon with the Eagles. They most certainly have the personnel to pull it off (Vick, Shady, DJax, Maclin) plus it wouldn’t be wise to have a 1st year NFL head coach come in and not implement what he has been most successful doing!!!

  23. @ iknoweverything
    “FILTHadelphia fans already ……”

    You are a genius scribe Mr. iknoweverything. I see what you did there, you cleverly changed the name of Philadelphia to FILTHadelphia. And to add that little extra punch, you used all caps for the word FILTH.
    Very smart indeed, for a 10 year-old.
    Maybe we can meet someday soon when you take my order at the Taco Bell drive-thru.

  24. I’ve watched a lot of Oregon football and I can see some of it transferring over to the NFL. Some looks quite a bit like what SF ran last year. One things for sure, “Iknoweverything” doesn’t know Anything about Football.

  25. This is the dumbest off-season quarterback controversy story I’ve ever seen! In other words, here’s the story:

    If Vick is the starting quarterback, Chip Kelly can run his offense exactly the way he wants to. If Foles is the starter, they will have to adjust it because Foles isn’t cut out to run the offense. Therefore, they would have to change the offense to something they don’t know yet.

    Oh, and we don’t know WHO will be the starter, so there’s a BIG Quarterback Controversy over in Philly! (smh)

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