Frazier not happy with Jennings’ comments about Rodgers


In response to recent criticism from Vikings receiver Greg Jennings, Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers didn’t have anything to say.  Jennings’ boss had plenty to say.

Leslie Frazier isn’t happy with Jennings’ decision to antagonize Rodgers, and Frazier has told the media that he plans to tell it to Jennings directly.

“That’s not something that we’re high on, and he and I are going to talk before we practice [Saturday afternoon],” Frazier said, via Kevin Seifert of  “I’ve got to grab him.  That’s not how we do things.  We’ll talk.  We’re going to talk about it.  He has strong feelings regarding his former team, and that’s good.  But there is a way to get that communicated, and we’ve got to sit down and he and I have got to talk a little bit.”

Jennings has taken multiple shots at Rodgers since joining the Vikings.  Most recently, Jennings seemed to question Rodgers’ commitment to the concept of team and his ability to respond appropriately to criticism.

Though Jennings’ goal may be to get under Rodgers’ skin in the hopes of throwing off his focus when the two teams play, Frazier doesn’t agree with the approach.  And the head coach tends to get his way.

72 responses to “Frazier not happy with Jennings’ comments about Rodgers

  1. There is a fine line between arrogance and confidence. Rodgers is far from arrogant. He isn’t conceited either. As my daughter says, “I’m not conceited, I’m convinced!”

  2. The coach is right, Jennings doesn’t gain anything by denigrating the deity that is Aaron Rodgers — only the Pope and the ghost of Vince Lombardi can do that (Lord Favre used to have that right till he, gasp, put on a Purple jersey).

  3. During the conversation, Frazier will likely ask Jennings “Are you trying to make him throw 7tds against us now as opposed to his customary 4?”

  4. First. The person who said RGIII was an MVP candidate, where are you getting your drugs? Those must be great drugs to make you that out of your mind.
    Second. I’m a packers fan and I don’t think the statements were that bad, it’s football u can talk a little smack.
    Third. Good for Frazier coming out and trying to keep his players in check, it’s always good to see a head coach take charge on being classy
    And fourth. Rodgers isn’t arrogant, he’s confident in his ability, someone like Randy Moss in his prime and Ochocinco would be an arrogant person.

  5. You don’t want to piss off the best quarterback in football. Jennings is an overrated idiot and won’t do anything without Rodgers throwing him the ball.

  6. Clearly Rodgers managed to really rub Jennings the wrong way, but I stand pat in my belief that if this were truly a significant problem between the two than Jennings should have just been a man about it and said all this to Aaron’s face.

  7. I prefer Jimmy Johnson’s attitude towards players speaking in the media. Which was……If you’re gonna talk the talk, then you better walk the walk.

  8. I wish certain folks would stop posting the same old worn out statements that they have from the beginning. Come with some original material will ya. It’s old

  9. Rodgers won’t have it so easy against the vikes this year. Mr. Rodgers meets Sharif Floyd. Guy’s always whining. Rodgers should just shut his pie hole. Jennings is right.

  10. Frazier will teach Jennings the way the Vikings players should conduct themselves and hopefully this will be the last time. Nothing wrong with having a chip on your shoulder and I think Jennings is classy enough to recognize the need for a lil more discretion.

  11. It’s baffling how athletes like Jennings just can’t move on after free agency. Whether the issue is money, respect, change of scenery, Jennings has that now. Yet he remains obsessed with Aaron Rodgers. If Minnesota suits him better, then good for him, but he needs to understand he chose to accept Minnesota’s contract offer and therefore he owes it to them to focus on their program instead of entertaining questions about Rodgers and Green Bay. Plus he can’t possibly compare one offseason to several full years elsewhere. He can’t possibly know Ponder or the Vikings as well as he claims one week into his first training camp there and that makes his comments sound even more like sour grapes.

  12. Rodgers is an amazing QB but he’s also an amazingly thin skinned person who cries about everything. Not to mention his completly asinine comments regarding his business partner and friend Ryan “HGH” Braun.

  13. Coach Frazier … You always, always, always back your guy unless … You know? it is something really bad.

    That is if you want them to have your back, too.

  14. Guys… we shouldn’t make fun of Vikings fans anymore.

    I for one am amazed at their resourcefulness. Getting enough nutrition with so few teeth has to be a chore. Beyond that, their dedication to mating with their relation is staggering. Combine all that with the fact that they just recently got indoor plumbing, and our jests at their expense just seem cruel.

    In closing, we should lay off. No one likes a mentally and physically superior bully. We should just be mentally and physically superior nice guys.

  15. sportsmeccabi says:
    Jul 27, 2013 3:25 PM
    You don’t want to piss off the best quarterback in football. Jennings is an overrated idiot and won’t do anything without Rodgers throwing him the ball.
    Don’t sweat it mecca, Tom Brady probably doesn’t care what Jennings says about anybody. There’s no way this trash talking between NFC players will piss him off.

  16. Jennings needs to shut his mouth. I realize that he is upset that the Packers can just plug in a new receiver to easily replace him, but quit crying. He had two hall of famers throwing to him, now he gets the worst starting QB in the league, LMAO. Won’t matter anyway, he will be hurt by week three anyway.

  17. Jennings has always been a pretty classy guy, and I think he still is basically. But when people get into that M/SP area, the “We’re the San Francisco of the Midwest, now pardon me while I sip my organic tea” snobbery seems to infect them. Very infectious, and season after season of finishing without the big prize cannot cure it.
    Oh, and the Heidi fan who’s vibrating about Floyd crushing Rodgers might want to wait until Floyd is announced as something besides a situational player.

  18. Remember Aaron Rodgers 1st game after Shannon Sharpe called him out on TV last year? 6 tds against an undefeated Texans team in Houston. A game I might add that Greg Jennings missed. Well Leslie Frazier doesn’t need an angry Aaron Rodgers against his Vikings pretty sure his numbers are already insane against Minnesota.

    Oh btw Greg Jennings demanded to be paid the 2nd highest amount of any WR in the NFL last season when the Packers were negotiating with him. He wanted more money than Larry Fitzgerald lol. This and he goes 35 catches for 360 yds last season. And that game at the Metrodome where his sister was going off – Aaron made an unbelievably perfect long throw to him that Jennings flat out dropped.

  19. I thought the Vikings where more free and not so cookie cutter. Oh wait they don’t like a loud mouth either.

  20. People forget Rodgers started all this and took the first shot a while back saying “Jennings who” and ripping Jennings first. He’s a little pissed off and I would be too. You worked hard and contributed to that Super Bowl for that team and for your former QB to throw you under the bus I can understand the animosity. Still think Jennings should cool it down though. He can think that way, just don’t sink to Rodgers level and keep it out of the media.

  21. “Most recently, Jennings seemed to question Rodgers’ commitment to the concept of team and his ability to respond appropriately to criticism.”

    Seems to me Rodgers responded appropriately by keeping his trap shut and focusing on football.

  22. pillowporkers, check your time line again. It started with Jennings when talking about Favre and “that guy they have now.”.

  23. Jennings is just trying to show that he is a true Viking. A loudmouthed, self-absorbed, delusional idiot who thinks his team is in the same category as the Packers.

    But, let him keep flapping his lips. It will just give Aaron Rodgers and the Packers more motivation to beat his team and shut him up, and make him look like a fool in the process. I’m looking forward to it, personally.

  24. Once again, Packer fans turn on one of there own in a heartbeat. I guess it comes with being the “West Virginia” of the midwest.

  25. As a Packers fan I think it’s ironic that Jennings is questioning Rodger’s concept of a team player. Jennings is not speaking on behalf of his team, he’s speaking as an individual player. I think it’s totally appropriate for Frazier to tell him to keep quiet. Aaron is often at his best when he has been criticized. Jennings is spouting off and playing with fire.

    I also disagree with the assertion by some that he is arrogant. There is no question that is very confident in his ability, but he is also one of the most respected players in the league because he has consistently backed it up.

  26. Same problem favre had for years when his receivers didnt like him. Put any wr in there, and he’ll get stats. The media and fans questioned jennings as a wr when jordy, jones, and cobb stepped up when he was hurt. (Nelson having 300 yds and 3 tds in 2011 when jennings was hurt three games) jennings just got bitter when rodgers got most of the credit.

  27. Frazier is a solid coach being undermined by bonehead players and a bonehead offensive coordinator.

  28. That’s it! Trash talk Aaron Rodgers. That’ll work for sure. He will definitely be off his game when he plays against the Vikings! Do it some more! The more you trash talk him the more he’ll be off his game!

  29. He fit in quickly in Minnesota, didn’t he? Self-centered superiority complexes are a dime a dozen. As for the Viking fans?……..all hat……no cattle.

  30. Frazier realizes there is no upside to Jennings smack talk. If Rodgers comes out and throws for 400 yards and 4 TD’s against the Vikings, nobody will be blaming the porous secondary, they will be blaming Jennings. Its not like Jennings could offset it by catching 12 passes for 3 TD’s, Ponder couldn’t get him the ball if he were open all day.

    So Frazier is right to try to limit the bulletin board material, he already has one loud mouth bird brain playing DE, he doesn’t need another all talk, no action blowhard.

  31. Funny thing about Jennings. He was pretty happy when he was Rodgers favorite target and his stats were the best on the team and growing. A couple of other receivers started coming into their own, (Nelson and Jones) and all of a sudden Jennings role wasn’t as shining anymore and that’s when his mouth started.

  32. Incredibly lame response from Frazier. If he doesn’t like what Jennings had to say, no way he should have said so publicly. This is where having a HC with the balls/smarts to deflect the question would have been useful.

    Frazier’s gig is in Peterson’s hands

  33. Gotta love all the people saying Rodgers always whines, he has made no comments back, its Jennings who looks more and more stupid. I gotta say though good move by Frazier, sometimes coaches need to do this short of thing.

  34. If I were Jennings’ coach or teammate, I would ask him exactly what he thinks the upside of his remarks are. I would want to know how he thinks these musings will HELP our team, which he claims is uppermost in his mind. I would then inform him that I do not appreciate his mouth writing checks that everyone else on this team needs to help HIM cash. Jennings is a veteran and should know better than to create bulletin board trash for opponents.

  35. I love how all the fudge Packers bash on the Vikings! The Vikings are a Class organization , with a Up and coming steady head Coach, best RB of our Era! Holding his players accountable is the way to go! You all will be eating Crow when Ponder proves he is slightly above average and wills this team to victory!!! Can u say NFC north champs!! Yessir!!
    12-4 Vikings
    9-7 fudge pack

  36. So far, thr comments are just examples of the gb faithful turning their backs on an ex-player that sacrificed so much for them.
    Can’t you cheese trolls see that & also the fact the seasoned veterans cannot wait to leave your favorite team?
    Jennings may have over-stepped his bounds but, his actions speaks volumes on what a butthole ShAaron is behind the scenes.

  37. Why did this guy suddenly become a complete joke? Has he actually moved to Minnesota yet on a permanent basis? If he did, then it makes sense. It really isn’t a state, more of a disease. Common symptoms include:

    Inflated self-worth.

    Extreme passive aggressiveness

    Fear of face-to-face confrontation

    Monotone, bland voice and actions

    Frequent use of the phrase, “they only have this here in Minnesota”, no matter how common the item is.

    Excessive consumption of ketchup and well done meat.

    Fear of plans, seasons and/or stadiums collapsing.

  38. kinda funny how Tokyo gets all his posts up slaming others. I can’t get one posted, to give him the “what for” about things. Funny how that works.

  39. Both Frazier & Jennings are right here. Frazier wants to keep a tight ship which is admirable this day in age w/all these scum bag players (Jennings not being one of then). In Jennings defense he also ripped AR when he was back in Green Bay, so it’s not like this came out of the blue. Cowherd said no one on the Packers — as well as around the league like Rogers on a personal level bc he is very arrogant & nasty, as well as disrespectful. He also mentioned players respect Rogers, but said he needs to grow up and start acting like a winner oppose to a whiner. Rogers is probably one of the most classless players in the NFL but gets away w/it bc he is white, which is a sad commentary…

  40. Hey, the coach is supposed to be the smartest member of the team. Smart of Leslie to put his foot down. He bounced Harvin out of town, what makes Jennings think he can’t be next?

  41. Jennings has for years been a class A guy. I don’t think he suddenly changed personalities. I think what this illustrates is just how unpopular Rodgers is with his own team, though few talk about it because of 1. his demi-god status and 2. he’s ultra thin-skinned and sensitive. Look at that 60 min. profile of Aaron and what Greg(who had to be given permission by Rodgers to be featured in the piece, no doubt)and Clay had to say about him. They really made him sound more needy than a high maintenance GF. Here’s their star QB, alleged team leader, and he needs to hear daily affirmations or he pouts.

  42. LOL at all the idiots saying rodgers isnt stuck up! have u played with the guy? do u know the guy personally? i didnt think so! Jennings isn’t the first packer to come out and say that Sharon Rodgers thinks he’s a god! and no Jennings doesn’t have “sour grapes” either last time i checked the packers offered him more money! he saw the window of opportunity closing say whatever u want about christian ponder but i promise you the vikings will do better than the fudgepackers jordy nelson isnt a top option and randall cobb sucks! and dont forget about that horrendous defense! skol vikes!!!!

  43. Frazier could have said this privately. This wasn’t directed to Jennings, it was directed to Green Bay, and it would be accurately translated “Sorry, please don’t hurt us.”

  44. oh right, he is such a classes player… Besides having the highest QB rating in NFL History, He is never heard popping off like some other players we know. Keeps his nose clean, and is too classy to go down to Jennings level and even respond to his stupid statements. Grow up,

  45. ‘Cowherd said no one on the Packers — as well as around the league like Rogers on a personal level bc he is very arrogant & nasty’

    Explains why Rodgers has said that his best friend, in sports, isn’t a football player but a baseball player.

  46. Rogers should worry about the 4.5 Million he bet. (2013 salary), that Braun was telling the truth about drug use. Anyone dumb enough to do that can’t be playing with a full deck.

  47. Thought Jennings had more class than his comment show. The coach is right on this one. Class guy

  48. Good for Frazier. I don’t see this as throwing Jennings under the bus — I see this as his way of letting the entire team know that they are expected to focus on their work. Jennings will be fine.

  49. Oh wait, this was Greg Jennings ripping ARod and not Jenning’s sister? My Bad. Wait, does Jennings have a sister or were those Greg’s tweets last year?

  50. I really don’t care if Rodgers is a Prima Donna or not in private. Just keep it private, out of the press and ideally, confront your critics personally, and try to make peace. Frazier has shown maturity and çlass in this. Jennings surprises me.

  51. Jennings is upset because he’s washed up and needs to place the blame on someone else. Enjoy your season at the bottom of the NFC north, Mr. Jennings.

  52. Well there’s 2 wins this season. Now if the other 12 teams the Packers play can say something to irritate Rodgers, I see a 16-0 season ahead.

  53. I’d like to thank Jennings for embarrassing the Vikings and their fans, and his very public humiliation was a small price to pay for making them all look like fools.

  54. All will be forgiven when the Vikings learn to kiss the Rings !
    They have zero respect for the Lombardi award.
    And that is why they have ZERO Super Bowl Titles.

  55. 1.Who the F>>> is ShAron? and 2.why does Rodgers get so much hate….dude sticks his neck out for a freind and he gets crucified…by Packer “fans ” and Viking “fans” alike..Favre cries, whines, lies pouts his way to get what he wants..slings his dong pics out to young women and the idiot “fans” come out in droves to proclaim his sainthood. Yes, all I have to do to realize the dumbing down of America is real, is just pull up Profootball”talk”(which it’s not) and read the idiot murmuring of Viking and Packer fans.

  56. Lifetime Packer fan, loved Jennings’ play for the Pack, but he really needs to listen to his new coach, unless he’s really a mole for the Pack, providing them with all kinds of bulletin board material. Talk is cheap. What happens on the field is real. Let his playing do the talking.

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