Garrett says Romo won’t play in Hall of Fame game


For the Hall of Fame game, seeing starters play usually is a blink-and-you-missed-it proposition.  As to Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, you may be able to miss him without blinking.

Coach Jason Garrett told 105.3 The Fan on Friday that Romo may not make the usual starting-quarterback cameo in the extra preseason game that the Cowboys will play against the Dolphins.

Which, of course, will make a meaningless preseason game even more meaningless.

“It’s one of those deals where I suppose he could play five plays or whatever, but we might lean to no plays,’’ Garrett said. “But the clock starts on our [first-teamers] in Week Two of the preseason.  So that’s not going to be Tony’s game.’’

Based on the front end of the answer, Romo may play a little bit.  Based on the back end of the answer, he won’t be playing at all.  Which makes sense, given that Romo had offseason surgery to remove a cyst from his back, causing him to miss the offseason program and to be limited in training camp, so far.

Backup Kyle Orton also apparently won’t play.

“That’s going to be a Nick Stephens game and an Alex Tanney game,” Garrett said.

Which, unless Tanney will be doing his trick shots during the game, could make this year’s Hall of Fame game a bit lame.

But millions will still tune in to watch it because:  (1) it’s football; (2) it’s not baseball; and (3) it’s on TV.

35 responses to “Garrett says Romo won’t play in Hall of Fame game

  1. Right, because Tony has no business being around anything that says ‘Hall of Fame’.

  2. (4) we, including you, will watch it because we miss it. Yes, I get exciting for every preseason game that comes on and then mid way through remember how bad it can get but who cares. Football is back.

    Also hopefully the cowboys trick shot artist comes up with some nice tricks for prime time. Maybe his first pass ricochets off a d-lineman’s helmet then through the legs of a linebacker and in to the hands of a diving tight end.

  3. I mean, just a thought…but wouldn’t it have made sense to mention a time, date, and channel as long as you’re writing about this game? Just one less thing I’ve gotta look up online today…

  4. Too bad for Romo, because that’s the closest to the HoF he will ever get in his whole life.

  5. And 1A: Hundreds of thousands, if not millions – of fans of the two teams will watch avidly because this game will be the first and possibly the most extended look they’ll have at the rookies, and young guys on their favorite teams.

    Also 1B: After six months of no football, NO game is lame – whether it includes trick shots from a 4th string QB or not.

    As for Romo… it’s to be expected, with the surgery. He needs his rest. Those regular season INT’s aren’t gonna throw themselves.

  6. Th supreme leader isn’t going to like this. Maybe he’ll make them play in London the next two years. Mwahahaha.

  7. Garrett says? Since when did he become the decision maker? It should be” Jerry Joke says..”

  8. not a fan of either team, but that game next weekend will be watched by millions, just because its the first nfl game we had since the superbowl in feb.

  9. Man the Haters are out this morning why would Garrett want to start Romo the game is meaningless. Like I said in another Comment about Romo if you haters think y’all can do why aren’t y’all on a team making the Millions that he makes? I’ll tell y’all why because y’all don’t have the talent that he does or either y’all are just jealous. Which ever the case may be he play’s for a Pro Football team and y’all don’t. If you played football and didn’t have an O-Line in front of you to protect you I still bet y’all couldn’t play as good as Romo has played over the last 7 years. The man has a passer rating over 60% and has one of the BEST pass completion rates over 95% and there only still only 4 QB’s last year that was better was one of y’all I think not. Until y’all play pro ball y’all have no idea. So go ahead and hate all y’all want but until y’all are suited up and play the game your clueless at playing QB accept playing as an ARM CHAIR QB. Romo makes mistakes you tell me any top pro QB that hasn’t had his share of mistakes. Until Brees went to N.O. he wasn’t Payton that made Brees what he is. He was just an avg. qb before then.

  10. @Ron the cowgirl fan chill out dude.This site is for people to speak their minds. funny or not its all in good. As for your team yes they are a laughing stock of the league along with the jets.

  11. Skins fan here. I don’t get the hate for romo, if you wanna blame anyone blame that atrocious line that blocks for him and lack of a run game. The guy has to put the team on his shoulders every week. The blob ryan is gone which will help the defense. These guys aren’t gonna be bad this year

  12. Yeah like that dude says this site is for people to speak their mind. Even if their minds are peanut sized. F the haters go cowboys

  13. Maybe Romo will show Tanney his arsenal of trick shots? Like the one where he throws it ,from the pocket, over his teammates head, into the hands of the opposing team. Good one Tony!!

  14. “Until Brees went to N.O. he wasn’t Payton that made Brees what he is. He was just an avg. qb before then.”

    Aside from your terrible language/writing skills, you also seem to have a problem with history. Payton didn’t make Brees and Brees didn’t make Payton. The combination of the two is better than the parts. Payton wasn’t exactly blowing it up in Dallas or JJ might’ve made him HC. He needed a Brees not a Romo.

  15. Really? All I see on here is a bunch of haters. If you all hate the Boys and Romo so much, then why do you even leave comments on the team news? By the way Dan Marino is in the Hall of Fame. How many Superbowls did he win? Statistically Romo is and has been a four quarterback since he started. My bet is, if he plays out his contract he makes the HOF. Based off his stats alone. Take your hating butts to your own teams page.

  16. I think the problem with Romo is that he has the potential to be great and can never seem to win the big games. He be around too long for that to be acceptable. When your the leader of a big time team like the Cowboys and have lost for so long it starts to be on you to step it up. Coming to camp over weight and looking like a marshmellow is just going through the motions. Not good enough when your the leader.

  17. Btw, if Dallas doesn’t make and win in the playoffs Garrett is gone and the J.J. will be looking for a new QB.

  18. For Dallas fans, this game is plenty meaniful, for non fans it means nothing and for nfl fans, we’re just happy to get back to watching football after a 6 month absence. cowboys and dolphins fans are spoiled to get 5 preseason games, it’s a chance for rookies and undraftees to prove worthy of being on the team. 41% of these guys won’t make the roster and I’m sure there’s a couple of guys you just can’t wait to see on the field. Good luck to them and may the best make the 53 man roster

  19. That was funny comparing Romo to Marino. Like Romo could even carry Marino’s jock strap.

  20. The top priority for Dallas other than making sure Romo is healthy for week 1, is to take a look at their 4-3 defense and see how it’s progressing.

    I’m interested in watching how Tanney performs. He appears to have a strong arm and accuracy. If he can toss the ball to a college buddy in the back of a pick up while cruising down the road, then he sould be able to hit Dez down the sideline. Just sayin’

  21. What about Kyle Orton. That man needs some game time play and it may help to have a QB with some NFL experience in the play to see how some of the rookies come along.

    My biggest fear is if Romo goes down, does Orton have the ability to lead the team? He played in only one game last year.

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