Giants G.M. Jerry Reese says everyone is “on notice”


The NFL is, as the cliché goes, a “what have you done for me lately?” league.  Under that standard, winning a Super Bowl within the last 18 months may not be good enough.

Giants G.M. Jerry Reese told reporters as the team started 2013 training camp that it’s time for the team to turn it around.

“All I know is that we’ve been in the playoffs one time in the last four years and that’s really not acceptable for us,” Reese told  “That’s not our standards.  That’s not what we shoot for.  We want to put everybody on notice, myself, everybody is on notice that that’s not our standard.”

The Giants have developed the ability to navigate the NFL’s postseason tournament, as long as the qualify for it.  Two of their last three playoff appearances have ended with Super Bowl wins.  But the Giants have only three playoff appearances in the last six years.

And so the Giants need to find a way to play in September through December the way they play in January and February.  Reese said the 2013 Giants will keep everyone’s eye on the ultimate prize by pointing out the number of days that remain until the next Super Bowl is played, in their home stadium.

“When you look at it and you see that number jump out at you, 190 days, that’s really not that far away,” Reese said.  “The sense of urgency really jumps out at me.  We’re going to put up in the locker room a countdown just so guys can see how urgent it is to be ready to go every week.  You can’t let games get away from you and expect to make it to the playoffs.  We have to have a sense of urgency going into this season.”

Actually, going into the season isn’t the problem.  In every year of the Tom Coughlin regime, the Giants have started the year at 5-2 or better.  It’s November and December where the team sags.

If they do it again and miss the playoffs for the fourth time in five years, some members of the organization could go from being “on notice” to “out of work.”

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  1. That sound you hears is pure laughter from Washington DC. The new standard of excellence in professional football is the franchise lead by Mike Shanahan and Robert Griffin. Smurf Nation is decaying before our eyes and it serves them right for that crook owner Mara. #OnceyougoBurgundyGoldyounevergoback

  2. It would be embarrassing if they didn’t win the division. Not a good sign if Griffin in his 2nd year can overtake Eli at his peak, and the Eagles seem to have some QB (and now as of today WR) issues. And I don’t think Team Jerry has them shaking in their boots.

  3. The Giants are one of the best and clsssiest franchises in the NFL. Besides being competitors in every decade but the 70’s since the mid 1920’s, read how jealous longsuffering Skins fan are of that reality. Lol

  4. Logicalvoice, you’re anything but… Your “fearless leader” (Shanahan) has been lackluster at best in DC, and your franchise QB will need to change the way he plays the game if he hopes to have a prolonged career. Danny Snyder will throw useless money at anything that moves (see: Randle El, Haynesworth, Archuletta, Trotter). So win a Super Bowl with home grown talent before you come talking smack….

  5. There are so many delusional Deadskins fans it’s unbelievable. How many superbowls have the foreskins won in the last 10 years? About as many as the Eagles.

    Skins had one good season and now all of a sudden all of these fools are coming out of the woodwork. RG3 is one hit away from ending his career forever. And then what?

    Exactly. Shut up.

  6. The NFC East is always up for grabs. This year will be no different (except you Philly, sorry) NYG are very lucky to have it’s two recent trophies, but they’re good enough to get there and win. I can’t say that about the rest of the teams in the east.

  7. o you midget fans get over yourself. your LUCKY four year run is over. Your like yesterdays news compared to The NFC East Divisional Champions Redskins.!!!!!! Quit talking about your past cause your future is not going to be bright as well. Time to move over Burgundy and Gold are The Colors of The NFL Now.!!!!!!

  8. As a SEA fan, I can’t help but laugh at all of these Redskins fans coming in here poking at the giants. News flash little boys…one playoff run with a QB who barely got away with running a one-read, mickey mouse offense in his 1st year (thanks to Shanahan realizing that he needed the read-option to buy his QB time to hopefully learn how to move through progressions), doesnt beging to lick the toe-tops of 2 SB championships in 5 years. Oh yeah, an lets not forget his selfish “Willis Reed 2.0” attempt in the playoffs, whereby he single-handedly lost the game for you folks by trying to come off as a hero, when instead he exposed that he’s crap in the pocket. But have fun with that. Enjoy the jabber while there AREN’T games to play, to back it up.

  9. The Washington PEDskins and the NJ Giants will be battling it out for last place in the division while the Cowpokes will make it all the way to 2nd place under the supervision of the great Jerrah Jones. Mean while , the Eagles will quietly win the division once again taking their position as the dominant force to be reckoned with.

  10. Good grief. Does anyone have a clue what on earth is wrong in the head with Redskins fans? Their comments and behavior are consistently as bizarre as it gets.

    What other fan base buys their QB gifts on the Bed Bath and Beyond wedding registry and, even worse, RG3 has no clue how tacky that is. This fan base and organization are in the Twilight Zone. They’re also obsessed with the Giants.

  11. It is unfortunate that my Giants have not been a good team for a long time. They’ve had some lucky runs in the past but they are old and lacking in talent. I’d be happy with 7 – 9 this year but maybe I should root for 2 – 14 so they clean house and get the top pick in the draft.

  12. If the Giants are on notice now, they’re really going to be on notice when two visiting teams come to their home stadium and play the Super Bowl in the snow while they watch from home. Then they can start the countdown to the next Super Bowl and say that they really mean it this time.

  13. Take it from an Eagles fan, Mr. Reese, and appreciate those 2 SBs in 3 postseason appearances in the last 6 years.

    After going to 4 consecutive NFCCGs with 1 SB appearance, and another NFCCG appearance with no SB trophy to show for it, I’d much rather have what the Giants won in the last 6 years.

  14. This team is in big trouble. They got very lucky in ’11, with Atlanta’s no show job, Green Bay having Philbins kid pass away and the Pack having no semblance of a game plan, the SF losing Ginn and having the replacement cost them the game, in addition to all the poor calls by the officials…then forget NE, Brady playing his worst game, Welker dropping balls — forget it. I mean the team was a weak 9-7, very lucky. But this year…weak line on offense, major question marks on d-line, no linebackers, weaker secondary than last yr (and last yr was very weak), subpar specials, question marks at RB, once Cruz started getting chipped at the LOS, numbers nose dived, Nicks is unhappy & always injured…& Eli, lets face it, very good, not great — way too many turnovers…6,7 wins at best. Coughlin will be gone by the new year…

  15. Giants fans are delusional. Those 2sb runs were so lucky and the proof is between those years they’ve been average at best. Sad but true folks. Maybe the giants could actually win 11 gms this year like a real team. As Mara is a crook and a big time CHEAT

  16. I love when people say “your team is lucky that they won the super bowl 2 times in the last 6 years”.

    It’s not like they played pop warner teams in any of those years.

    Whatever helps Redskins, Eagles and Cowboy fans cope I guess…

    Anyone thinking the Giants don’t have the talent to compete this year is crazy. What was the Giants number one issue last year? Health. They had Corey Webster breaking his hand, JPP playing with a bad back, Hakeem Nicks healthy for all of 4 games, Ahmad Bradshaw hurt, Andre Brown injured for most of the year and injuries on the Oline. Speaking of the oline, saying they were bad is far from the truth. Eli was the least sacked quarterback, and they were better in run blocking than they had been in the last 3 years.

    Are teams like the Seahawks, Packers and 49ers better, sure, on paper. But I remember this Giants team going into Candlestick and smoking the 49ers, they beat up the Packers too. They just for whatever reason could not play with any consistency what so ever. They blew games against the Eagles and Steelers that they should have won. The goose egg against the Falcons and the blowout loss to the Ravens were very surprising but not shocking. For whatever reason, this team has periods where it plays un-inspired football and it’s evident in their up and down seasons.

  17. If The Giants FG kicker can make Kicks then the Gmen could easily be a 11 win team no question. Tynes missed kicks in Washington, Philly and Steelers game at home, costing us the games, Now if he makes those kicks The Gmen couldve been 12-4 looking at the 2nd seed making another run to the bowl. So the position to watch for in NY is the FG Kicker.

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