Jason Garrett: Cowboys’ practice “wasn’t as good as it needs to be”


Cowboys coach Jason Garrett is not happy with the effort of his team during Saturday morning’s walk-through practice.

It wasn’t as good as it needs to be,” Garrett said, via Charean Williams of the Star-Telegram. “The standard for a walk-through is high. Just because you are walking through, and it’s not a full-speed practice, you have to be into it mentally. You have to be sharp. We understand as coaches we are putting a lot of stuff in every day. We anticipate mistakes. That’s why we go through a walk-through. You clean things up. I just think overall the concentration was only OK. It’s got to be better.”

Whatever the reasons, Garrett is putting his team on notice: Practices like these will not be accepted.

“I don’t really care about what the explanation is or what the excuse is,” Garrett said. “We’ve just got to do it better.”

The Cowboys open the preseason against the Dolphins in the Hall of Fame Game in eight days.

13 responses to “Jason Garrett: Cowboys’ practice “wasn’t as good as it needs to be”

  1. When you practice at an elite level with max effort all the time, you will play at an elite level with an even greater effort all the time. Players will certainly listen to coaches, but when they get the message from the leaders on the team, guys like Romo and Ware, than that goes a long way towards ensuring that each and every guy on both sides of he ball will give everything they have to the team’s success.

  2. Jerry needs t grow a pair and can Garrett NOW. He is not a coach that is going to be anymore successful than he is right now. He was the problem when Phillips was the coach, and dumb ass promotes him. He is even weaker as an offensive play caller. Jerry WAKE UP and fire the biggest problem you have. (I know most think Romo, but i believe Romo has potential that is being hindered with Garrett in charge). I’m not even that big of a Cowboys fan, but it’s an embarrasment to the league to call JG a headcoach.

  3. Practice wasn’t that productive, Jason? Could it have had anything to do with wrinkled old Jerry Jones staring over your shoulder and watching everything you do? Tell him to go away and then Monday’s practice will go much better.

  4. That’s what happens when roger & little Johnny Mara take 18 mil a yr from your salary cap — I’d sue the hell out of the league, the late great Al Davis style.

  5. As a dallas fan, it embarasses me that I am fully prepared for a massacre at the HOf game. I dislike praying for injuries, but jeebus, I sure do wish Jerry Jones would fall down some stairs and go on injure reserve from being the GM. I guess its time for another drink…

  6. I think pulling the play calling from Garrett will make him a better Head Coach. When he became the Coach Jimmy Johnson told him to give up the play calling and he didn’t and I think that hurt the Cowboys. Now Garrett is all over the field working and watching each POD which makes a lot of sense. Say what y’all like but I think we will see a whole totally different team this year. Because he isn’t calling the plays. And Romo was great last year in the no huddle offense and with Romo being able to change the play in the huddle that will help them. And with Callahan up in the box where he can see what is going on in the field of play that will help. I know there are going to be the haters that come on here and hate on the Cowboys so all I have to say is. ” GO COWBOYS “

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