Jay Cutler: Not everyone’s bought in to Trestman, but there’s time


Lovie Smith was a popular coach in the Bears’ locker room, and when he was fired at the end of last season, many players were disappointed. So as the Bears open their first training camp under new coach Marc Trestman, how are the players responding?

According to quarterback Jay Cutler, some are buying in. But some are not.

“Guys are buying in,” Cutler told Rick Telander of the Chicago Sun-Times. “Not everybody’s bought in, but that’s OK. We still have a lot of time. Hopefully by the time the first game rolls around, we’ve got everyone on the same page.”

Of course, from Trestman’s perspective, getting everyone to buy in may be a simple matter of getting rid of the guys who aren’t on board with what he’s doing. There are 90 players on the roster now, and at least 37 of them will be sent packing before the regular season starts. Give Trestman reason to believe you’re one of those players who haven’t bought in yet, and you’re increasing your chances of being one of the 37 who’s told to visit Trestman’s office and bring your playbook.

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  1. I agree with you totally MDS. Also , let’s give Jay Cutler some kudos for saying it publicly . Either he is just very very honest, very bold, or he wants those same players to be weeded out too. Ok maybe all three…lol

  2. If I were a Bears fan, this would make me pretty nervous. As much as we credit players on the field for team wins/losses, it’s still incredibly important to have a good coaching staff. And if the team isn’t buying into the Head Coaches philosophy, well, that team isn’t going to win many games, plain and simple. And if the team isn’t buying into the system yet, I have a hard time believing that will change overnight. Mr. Jay Cutler, you need to man up and unify your team. You’re the freakin’ franchise QB in a contract year. Earn your money/team’s respect.

    Naive Bills fan (who believes Marrone has his team buying in 100%)

  3. Before anyone flips this negatively, some of you need to realize that some of these players have been with Lovie for the majority of there careers. I get what Jay is saying.

  4. Their training get-up look like prison uniforms. Hopefully they are treated like inmates too.

  5. swaggyy says:
    Jul 27, 2013 10:53 PM
    That’s not what you want to hear from your starting QB. I’m sorry Bear fans

    What honesty? He didn’t say he wasn’t buying into Trestman. He said not everybody was. That tends to happen and they either get the boot or the bench until they do buy in.

  6. Most people would assume the defensive players are more loyal to Lovie. It was refreshing to hear Briggs or Tillman say “Jay should say who hasn’t bought in – if he believes that to be the case – as they’re not aware of anybody”

  7. Sounds like Tucker needs to get the guys to buy in. I don’t think the players who haven’t bought in yet are on the offensive end.

  8. I don’t get how you really can be a “professional” and have trouble “buying in” to a new coach’s program.
    What choice do you have unless you want to maybe play for a different team, ask for a trade and get out of the way then.

  9. Cutler has never been one to beat around the bush. If he sees guys who aren’t buying in i’m sure he’s telling more than just the press. Though many may not believe it, he is a leader on this team in the locker room. If Cutler buys in to Trestman then the rest of the team will flow suit.

    That being said the best way to get guys to buy in is to put them in the best position to succeed, and that will bring forth wins. Once the season starts there are only two directions this whole thing can go.

  10. The should’ve never fired Lovie Smith. I’m a Niner fan, but always respected him. The Bears better make the playoffs…

  11. Anybody surprised by this? The reason Trestman never got a shot at any head coaching jobs either in the NFL or NCAA isn’t politics as usual for a change; he’s always had a reputation of having horrible people skills. That’s not a great trait to be one of the first things that comes up on you if you’re going to be a successful head coach.

  12. We all know what happen to lovie Smith was bush, and the true culprit that should have been shown the door was the GM , He was responsible for player personnel and fail miserably in key areas.

  13. I like the Mark Trestman hire for this reason as well as his NFL pedigree.

    He saw something in an 18-yo high school senior named Russell Wilson and recruited him to NC State. How long has it been since a member of the Bears coaching staff possessed an eye for talent, let alone the ability to coach a player to a higher level of performance.

    Lovie’s record of missing the playoffs cannot be ignored and Jerry Angelo’s draft ineptitude is a factor, but can anyone name a rookie or young free agent brought to the Bears during Lovie’s reign, that improved from special teams contributor to key back-up to consequential starter?

    I know I cannot.

  14. I’m actually interested, as a football fan first, to see how Trestman and Chip Kelly does this year. As for not everyone being on the same page, it could simpl be that it takes some players longer to learn the different parts of the offense/defense. I wouldn’t read too much into it.

  15. Back in 2008 when the Packers decided to move forward with Rodgers, they had a split locker room and many players wanted Favre back. With half the players not on the same page, the team went 6-10.

    Obviously, it turned out to be the right decision in the end, but it certainly cost the Packers that one season, while the decision showed its justification.

    It’s hard to imagine that if a Bears player hasn’t bought into Trestman at this point, they won’t by the start of the season. Just being realistic here.

  16. Don’t worry, Jay, not everyone’s bought into you yet, either. Trestman has been successful, and I expect he’ll be successful again in Chicago, with or without Cutler.

  17. Maybe it’s the guys with one year contracts who haven’t bought in? Well, either buy in or look for work elsewhere. Every new head coach has guys who are still connected to the last regime . Old habits die hard. Their getting paid, so buy in….

  18. I wonder if this isn’t Cutler’s way of saying he hasn’t bought in yet, but doesn’t want have the guts to put his name on it.

  19. Lovie’s 10-6 record, great demeanor, leaves Trestman in a tough situation…

    You can’t just cut Tillman or Briggs or Melton if they haven’t brought in yet….

  20. This site needs an edit option…Meant to conclude with, Trestman will be successful, as you said, but it will be with Jay, not without him.

  21. Two posts out of five made the cut…So this wasn’t a complete waste of time after all. (Maybe instead of replying to individual comments with logic and knowledge, and maybe having a real football discussion, I should just say everyone I disagree with is an idiot, and move on…That would probably get approval from the censors.)

  22. To all of you fake Bear fans with your doubts, get out of here!! Regardless of what has happened since the end of last season, I will continue to strongly support Da Bears! Of course not everyone is on the same page. How many were on the same page when Lovie was first hired as the head coach? Training camp has just started and there is a lot more to do before the first game. Will this season be a bust? Maybe or maybe not. I say let the pros get their work done, let the so called experts keep talking out of their you-know-what, and let’s keep supporting our Bears! It all comes down to who has the most points on the board when the clock in the 4th qtr. reads 0:00! BEAR DOWN!!

  23. @youarejealousof6rings says:

    First of all, no I’m not…And second of all, not sure how Jay’s comments qualify as whining…He was stating a fact. Get over yourself.

  24. I guess some people liked not making the playoffs, and want to turn their back on Trestman because they liked a head coach who was clueless on how to run an offense? Save supporting losers for Chicago Baseball. The Bears want to win titles, and that was not happening with Lovie Smith. No “fan” will turn their back on Trestman, or they are not a fan.

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