Matt Flynn suggests his style didn’t mesh with Pete Carroll’s


As quarterback Matt Flynn embarks on his career as the Raiders presumed starter, Flynn has reflected on his inability to go from presumed starter to actual starter in Seattle last year.

And while Flynn concedes that Russell Wilson won the job based on his play, beating out Flynn and Tarvaris Jackson, Flynn suggests that his own style didn’t mesh with the head coach’s high-energy, rah-rah approach.

“I had to find a medium ground last year because I knew that Pete was high energy, all over the place in practice, and I knew he probably wanted that out of his quarterbacks a little bit,” Flynn tells Sam Farmer of the Los Angeles Times.  “But I still didn’t want to be someone I wasn’t.

“I think Russell and I had two different personalities. But I don’t think any of that played a part in the decision.  The bottom line was, Russell took ahold of his opportunity and made the most of it.”

Flynn vows to be a steady and calm presence for the Raiders, if he can go from presumed starter to actual starter in Oakland.

“I feel like if the guys can look at me in the huddle and see a calm and collected face, that they’re going to relax a little bit,” Flynn said.  “The way I look at it, leadership and being that guy is, don’t be someone you’re not.  Don’t be a hoorah guy jumping around and clapping your hands if you’re not that guy.  Makes you look desperate.  Makes you look silly.  That’s not me.”

In other words, don’t look for Flynn to finish every interview by saying, “Go Raiders.”  Especially if he somehow gets beaten out for a second straight year by a rookie named Wilson.

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  1. Fair enough. I wouldn’t ask him to be someone that he’s not. Glad that he’s doing better than he was. And I wish him luck.

  2. I hope Flynn has many years of success in Oakland and leads the team to many victories.

  3. His comment makes even less sense when you consider the person he was trying to replace was actually Tarvaris Jackson. TJax was as low key a football player as ever hit the field in Seattle and Pete was quite high on the guy.

    Wilson wasn’t going to be stopped, it was as simple as that. Once he got Flynn on the rails in the second pre-season game, there was no doubt who was going to be the starter.

  4. Wilson is the Raiders future, he’s got the toughness, smarts, desire and arm strength to be a very good QB..Flynn should be the starter for this year unless he totally blows in the pre-season..then you cut the clown that is Pryor and go with Matt McGloin as the third string

  5. Silly article. I think the in depth articles of the new MMQB are aimed directly at this site with its pointless opinions.

  6. Matt’s a chill personality. Quiet worker. He doesn’t have to big arm, and not gonna wow you in practice. He seems to be a gamer, though the sample set is small. Wish him well in OAK.

  7. yea, that’s why you lost the job, loser. I know when I see Russell Wilson, the first thing I think of is “Rah, rah” guy. Is this idiot serious? You’re a backup caliber quarterback, that’s all it is to it.

  8. I’ve watched a lot of tape of Flynn, and he makes all the reads and goes through his progressions. He is not a deep baller, but the short and medium routes he is dead on, and his feet are calm and cool in the pocket. No way he is the worst starting QB in the NFL as (JAWS) who’s name speaks for itself is dead wrong, and I can’t wait for Flynn to prove it. Flynn will be the starter, and will prove a lot of people wrong. I like his character. Getter done.

  9. It was nice ‘n all, seein’ you with the clipboard bein’ all mellow and even-keeled and everything while you were here Matt. Thanks for the memories. I’ll take Rah-Rah and a Super Bowl run over whatever the hell bottom-dwelling record you and your Raiders put up this year. Go get’m tiger.

  10. Matt traded a team that cheats in the training room to be competitive for a team that cheats on the field to be competitive.

  11. The sooner Matt Flynn realizes that if he shuts up and out performs Carson Palmer he is good to go. It can not be that hard to play better than Carson Palmer.

    As a matter of fact, every player on the Raider roster just needs to zip the lip and walk into the season trying to execute and not screw up.

    Just Win….

  12. I’ve followed Matt since he came into the league and I believe he has developed his mechanics enough to be effectively-productive.
    There isnt much game-tape to go on with Matt but if Reggie can field a solid O-line, Flynn will find some intermediate success.
    I wouldn’t put it past Flynn to direct this team to an 8-9 win campaign and scratching at the wildcard if he can minimize his interceptions in Nov and Dec. If the running game can churn out 120 rushing yard per game, Oakland may be able to put 10 wins together.
    So lets see what happens! Good luck Matt, Wood and Reggie!
    Hope to see you in the SB!
    Love Jimi.

  13. Playing for Pete Carroll must be a little like playing for a cheerleader.Frankly think that will wear thin w the players pretty fast especially if start losing.

    Let’s face it they benefited from a blown call against the Packers last year to help them get off to a good start.

  14. Meeting matt at seahawks training camp he came off like a pretentious ahole, and on the flipside russel was very engaging and humble. Still wish matt the best be cool to your fans brother!

  15. Matt’s inability to beat out Russell Wilson is why he didnt start, had nothing to do with meshing with Carroll. Dream on Flynn, you will be on your back all year….

  16. Despite the outrageous claim, Flynn did aknowlege the fact that his personality had nothing to do with his getting beat by Wilson for the starting job. I wish him the best in Oakland.

  17. I’ve got to believe that if Flynn was the better QB that he would’ve started. To suggest differently is just asinine. C’mon. I don’t like Petey either, but if Flynn were the second coming of Joe Cool he would’ve gotten the nod. Instead he is obviously a back up QB with the asperations to be a starter, but not the “it” factor.

  18. The reality is Flynn’s 45yd arm, immobility, and indecisiveness didn’t mesh with Carroll….Flynn will be on the bench by week 5

  19. When are they gonna start losing? 2018? This team is stack for the next 5 years at least.

  20. Let’s see, not a big arm, goes through his progressions, sounds a lot like Rich Gannon. Also sounds a lot like Alex Smith. Come to think of it, sounds like Matt Cassel too. But if I had to bet on which one he will be the most like, I am betting Cassel.

  21. It would be difficult for anyone to take losing the job in Seattle the way he did but he has been very professional about the situation from the beginning. If he’s starter material both teams win anyway.

  22. Flynn did own up and say he got beat out and Ill give him his respect for that. He may have success in Oakland but it has to be a true wesf coast offense because his arm is average at best. The comments on leadership style and Carroll approach are moot if you look af the qb the year before being Jackson who is not vocal one bit. listen to any intervuew with players here they love playing here and along with tbe high energy it’s also a family environment. Go Hawks.

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