Maurkice Pouncey talks hat, says Mike couldn’t


While his brother Mike has avoided the topic, Steelers center Maurkice Pouncey has again apologized for wearing a “Free Hernandez” hat.

Maurkice apologized on Twitter shortly after he was photographed wearing a hat supporting his former college teammate Aaron Hernandez, who is now charged with murder.

And upon reporting to Steelers camp, Maurkice said again he made a mistake in judgment.

“I understand it was a serious situation, and I apologize if I offended anyone,” he said, via Ralph Paulk of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. “I’m here to play football, and let’s move off from that.

I know I took a lot of heat for it, and I probably should have. I understand what happened. It’s pretty cool now, and I’ll let things blow away.”

So far, Dolphins center Mike hasn’t followed suit, but Maurkice indicated that might not have been his call.

“I talked to Mike, and his team handled this situation a lot different than [the Steelers] did,” Maurkice said. “I’m sure Mike wanted to apologize, but that’s how they handled it.”

The urge to say nothing at all is tempting, and the Patriots players who worked with Hernandez are taking that tack. But there’s a bit of an innocent bystander quality to being a Patriot who happened to work with an accused murderer.

The Pouncey brothers actively supported Hernandez. One of them realizes it was a mistake, and he’ll be able to move by virtue of taking responsibility.

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  1. Nothing to apologize for if they feel Aaron Hernandez is innocent then thats the way they feel. He is innocent until proven guilty nobody told the George Zimmerman supporters to apologize when he was on trial and he had supporters then so why cant they show support for Hernandez if they truly believe he is innocent

  2. “and I probably should” and “if I offended anyone.” If there’s no remorse apologies are hollow.

    I would of rather heard why he wore the hat. Instead, he used the apology to hide behind it.

  3. Because all of you can read minds and know what these guys are thinking. It was their birthday. They had a few drinks and did something stupid. Not commenting about the hat might just make the media loose interest.

  4. “I’m here to play football and lets move off from that.” Ohh and one more thing I tell the media what the Steelers tell me because I am a uneducated young man that can’t speak for himself!

  5. “and he’ll be able to move by virtue of taking responsibility”

    In Gantt’s moral court??

    My guess is neither of them truly give a crap about this and its the media forcing it down everyone’s throat.

    Give it a rest guys.

  6. They shouldn’t have worn the hats imo since obviously none of us knows the verdict yet(even tho it appears he will be guilty)….Big Deal, its an old college teammate of theirs they were just supporting…. The media will talk about anything when football is not in session.

  7. Shredded pansy i mean pouncey jersey make great rags to wash your car. And on this side of Stinkie Nation he will never be forgiven for supporting a mortal enemy. I wonder what Deebo Harrison would of did prob chased him down and slammed him

  8. Bottom line there intent was to support a friend but the result was really ill-intended as they represent a multi-million dollar company. As much as we in the “public” want to convict this dude of murder yesterday he has yet have his day in court. Plus these twins are twenty something’s and the way most youth show support is through the “Free” blah blah concept although it was really born from supporting political prisoners.

  9. I don’t understand why wearing the hat is an issue. Right or wrong, wearing the hat is freedom of speech.

  10. Here is why Gantt, and the rest of Florio and the Droogs won’t get over this: they are poseur sports pundits, and keeping on this nonsense grabs headlines. And it just so happens that the team they hate the most (the Dolphins) is the team that “the other Pouncey brother” is on, so that gives them incentive to pile on (proof they hate the Fins is that they rank them behind such powerhouses as the Titans and Lions and they “Overspent” for Wallace). Now listen up, Droogs–here is why Mike Pouncey did not apologize: because it is stupid for him to apologize for wearing a stupid hat backing a guy who might just not be guilty of anything other than being a jackass (making him a member of a minority of NFL players), because there is a first amendment called freedom of speech and the Pouncyes were exercising it, and because the Dolphins just happen to be in the same division as the Patriots and thus should not get involved in giving the Pats another reason or incentive to beat them twice a year. And if Coach Philbin or the higher ups wanted Mike to be quiet on this non-issue then stop blaming Mike and blame the organization, something you Dolphins haters really don’t need an excuse for, eh?

  11. I’m no Hernandez, Patriots or serial killer fan but I actually question if he’ll be found guilty in a court of law. All you meatheads fall hook, line & sinker for whatever official line the media dishes to you. The Zimmerman case & now Skippy only point to the symptomatic putrid, seedy underside of how the conventional media operates in our country. Wake up sheeple!!

  12. Remorse for what? Wearing a hat? Who cares what these guys do, say, think, or dress like? It was a hat. This is the type of thing that makes me hate other fans.

  13. For all the krapping on Bob Kraft about “the patriots way” and bringing in good guys, at least he didn’t have any patriots players making up CUSTOM hats to support Hernandez. That goes beyond a moment of poor judgement.

    Really, no one could foresee Hernandez’s meltdown but at least after the fact the pats were not making up special custom hats celebrating and supporting Hernandez.

  14. To those who think the hats were ok because they were just supporting Hernandez – the Pounceys of course can support him on a personal level if they want to, e.g. by visiting him in jail or saying he’s still their friend or whatever. But wearing a hat that says “Free Hernandez” suggests that it’s improper to keep him in jail. Which, given the evidence we know of and the fact that in most places it’s standard practice to deny bail to people charged with first degree murder, is patently ridiculous.

  15. Seeing as how they know details of a shooting in 2007 but don’t tell authorities, I’d say they don’t care if he killed anyone. There’s a difference between believing your friends lies and knowing he’s lying and not caring. They’re only sorry because the teams told them to be.

  16. These things shouldn’t have to be repeated to anyone who has taken civics and/or history classes at some point, but “innocent until proven guilty” is only a standard that applies in court – since I won’t be sitting on AH’s jury or juries, I can make up my own mind as to whether he is truly innocent or guilty of something (and right now, he seems guilty of obstruction of justice and aiding and abetting a murder, if not murder outright). “Freedom of speech” simply means that the government cannot make laws putting unreasonable restrictions on speech, not that someone who says something stupid is immune from criticism or discipline.

  17. anyone who claims that hernandez’s case is simlar to the trayvon martin shooting is either A)an complete idiot. B) some type of racist(like the idiot who mentioned that it was “white america’s” way of getting even for that murderer we call O.J., who got off 18 years ago.
    The only thing the pouncy boys are guilty of is poor taste. However, for those of you who think that #81 is innocent, get a life.He is going to the big house for life. But hey, atleast he still has his street cred. JOKE!!!

  18. Is there an “off-season event” that’s been more overblown than this one? Was it stupid, yes, but at the time I’m sure that wasn’t what they were thinking.

    The Steelers printed up an apology for Maurkice, but it’s still a subject for reporters (which implies Hernandez is guilty before a hearing). The Dolphins chose to handle it internally and not waste time with an unnecessary mea culpa, and the question hasn’t come up again at camp.

    If it were the Patriots, it would be hailed as “the Patriot Way”, not commenting on an ongoing criminal investigation and moving on, no more questions.

  19. Steelers are a joke to make him apologize. Let a man stand for what he wants to Stand for. They don’t know him as a murderer. They only know him as a friend and teammate. Cut these guys a break and let them wear their hats.

    Everyone talks about the “great run steelers”. And how the rooneys are untouchable. They are nothing more than or conscience pre madonnas.
    Part of developing into a man is making decisions right or wrong. Then standing by then. They basically cut him off at the knees. Shame on the Rooneys and the steelers.

    Same organization that probably forced Tomlin on twitter as well. No coach would do this for real. Carrol had it from SC.

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