Moss done absent perfect situation


With Eagles receiver Jeremy Maclin tearing an ACL and Ravens tight end Dennis Pitta gone for at least six weeks with a dislocated hip, the name “Randy Moss” could pick up some steam in league circles, at least from a speculation standpoint.

Per a league source, it’s highly unlikely Moss will play.

It’s going to take a perfect situation to get Moss back to the NFL, with the right combination of quarterback, role, compensation, and prospects for contending.  It’s not impossible, but at this point it’s highly unlikely.  Only a perfect situation, we’re told, will bring him back for another year.

Moss adopted that same posture in 2011.  He would have played for a small handful of teams with franchise quarterbacks, but the planets never lined up.

It’s even less likely that it will happen this year.  In 2012, Moss signed with the first team that showed serious interest.  Moss eventually admitted he wasn’t happy with his role, even though he nearly won his first career Super Bowl.

Moss, if he doesn’t play again, will be eligible for the Hall of Fame in early 2018, getting first consideration at the same time as linebacker Ray Lewis, linebacker Brian Urlacher, cornerback Ronde Barber, guard Steve Hutchinson, and center Matt Birk, who like Moss was a draft pick of the Vikings in 1998.

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  1. I hope Moss never makes it into the league ever again and is not elected to the Hall of Fame. He was the epitome of arrogance and self-centered attitudes and behaviors. I’m sure the Viking fans all want him back. He’s was their perfect role model with those attributes.

  2. Perfect situation, my butt. Nobody wants him, anymore than anyone wants TO. Dogged it in the Super Bowl.

  3. I think a one day /retirement contract in Minnesota would sound pretty perfect for both sides involved…

  4. moss is no doubt HOF material, and he has been a model citizen of late….but watch out next team- if you get to the super bowl. he’ll use that platform to talk about randy moss, not the team, make grandiose claims and dissapoint with a pouty style play that is notable for its lack of effort.

  5. So… The Ravens would sign Randy Moss because they lost a tight end for maybe first half of season?

    Yeah… That makes sense. I mean , Moss can block… But he’s not a tight end. Awesome correlation!

    Patriots not even mentioned as a possibility with then losing BOTH tight ends and their best wide receiver.

    But yeah… With how bad some receiving groups look for multiple teams… I still can’t believe nobody will sign TO or Moss. Ocho isn’t nearly as talented so I understand that one. But the other two guys can okay better than quite a few guys teams are trotting onto the field each week.

  6. “Moss eventually admitted he wasn’t happy with his role, even though he nearly won his first career Super Bowl.”

    That sentence describes who Moss is perfectly.

  7. Anybody who thinks Moss should not make it to the HOF obviously has a personal bias against Moss. The man out up HOF numbers, and his “play when I want” attitude will likely keep him from being a first ballot guy, which is at least worth considering as being a deserved move. Either way, I will lose a lot of the little faith I have left in Canton if Randy Moss isn’t enshrined.

  8. moss didn’t have alot of stats last yr but I really think he did what he was supposed to…ever time he stepped on the field he was double team…so his stats wasn’t alot but he definitely did have a part in some of the success last yr..and could do the same on a different team if he stayed in shape

  9. Moss was the best receiver I’ve ever seen when he goes all out. I know I’ll catch crap from 9er fans (just dont shank/shoot/or fight me) but when he has his head in the game in his prime he made Rice look like Laurent Robinson. But that is a big problem “when he has his head in it”

  10. I don’t know how randy or the pats feel but given the pats current lack of receivers that have a working knowledge if the team why not bring him in. Use him sparingly and have him around to help develop the young receivers. I know that’s not really what he’s looking for but I don’t think the bridge was burned when he left and the pats even in their current predicament are still a legitimate contender, not as strong as in years past but still a contender.

  11. Anyone who thinks Randy Moss is not first ballot Hall of Famer knows nothing about the game, or is too young. Absolutely the most dominant wide reciever to ever play the game. Yes Jerry Rice is also a Hall of Famer. But nobody, and I mean nobody, changed the defensive game plans like Randy Moss did. Whatever anyone thinks, check
    out the highlights of the Dallas Thanksgiving game in 1998. Yes Jerry Rice was sensational and he did get his rings from HOF QB’s. But seriously, did he change things like Moss did? Ask Darrel Revis or even Sanders who they would rather have covered. No brainer.

  12. If the Vikings get a new catering company, they could be in the running.

    Moss and the Vikings have at least one thing in common, neither will be playing in the Superbowl anytime soon.

  13. I can’t believe Packers fans are still butt-hurt because Randy Moss fake mooned you.

    First ballot Hall of Fame… And it ain’t even close, Hillfolk.

  14. During the course of his phenomenal career, much has been said and written about Randy Moss, both good and bad. Some of it was right, and some of it was wrong. But here’s the bottom line: Randy Moss should be a first-ballot Hall of Famer. In my opinion, Moss, whose athleticism and football IQ were off the charts, is second only to Jerry Rice.

  15. Moss is definitely not coming back to the Patriots. Everyone who is sleeping on Amendola, Dobson, Boyce, and Thompkins is going to get a rude wake up call this season.

  16. If he could just grit his teeth and bear it and say that he loved everything about his time in San Francisco and wish they could’ve won the Super Bowl, teams would look at him differently. He could play a role on several teams if he could just fix that attitude. Once you think he’s come around and finally quit popping off at the mouth he’ll say something. Nothing big, but just enough to get under somebody skin. I think it might Vick got his game together, Moss could play a big role in small doses.

  17. Watch some of his highlight reels on youtube if you don’t think he’s a first ballot HOFer, he used to run by multiple dbacks like they were jogging, nobody dominated like him in his prime.

  18. There is more headwind against Moss to the HoF than just “I play when I want to play”. He consistently faded in the second half of seasons. He couldn’t/wouldn’t block. He frequently took plays off. Generally, numbers alone do not get you into the Hall. However, with receivers of the past decade or so, even with numbers it is hard to get into the Hall because of the changes to the game. The perception is that the changes to the game magnified the numbers. Thus, the voters look to more than just numbers and one of those elements is consistency. Moss simply doesn’t have a sufficiently long string of great years. He has a patchwork of great years and crappy years. That you were great for a season or two isn’t sufficient to get you into the HoF much less first ballot.

  19. He changed the game and then became a head case. All his opponents will remember him as a head case but the fans know he is a hall of famer.

  20. viksfaninaz says:
    Jul 28, 2013 12:05 PM
    Is that 3 potential Vikings entering in 2018 HOF… Moss,Birk, and Hutchinson…..Should be a good year..


    And in the same year we could be hosting a Super Bowl. Good year indeed!

  21. At the time, the Vikings received a lot of crap for giving all those picks to the Patriots, but with their offseason with Aaron Hernandez and such, does anyone else think that if Cordarrelle Patterson turns out to be the elite WR he has the potential to be, the Patriots will regret not pulling the trigger on him at 29?

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