Niners have different way to prepare for the read-option

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With the proliferation of young, mobile quarterbacks who run the read-option, teams now have some interest in having quarterbacks on the roster who can run the formation for the scout team.

As explained by Matt Barrows of the Sacramento Bee, the 49ers have a different plan for preparing to face Russell Wilson twice, Jake Locker, Cam Newton, and Robert Griffin III.  They’ll use their first-team offense against their first-team defense more extensively this season.

“We didn’t waste our time [last year] working on it against our own offense with our first-team defense,” defensive coordinator Vic Fangio said Friday, via Barrow.  “This year we will, obviously.  So it does help having an offense that knows how to run it.”

Every team need a plan for preparing to face the read option, even if they enter the season without an expectation of facing it.  The offenses that don’t currently have a starter who could run it could choose to adopt it as the season unfolds, for reasons ranging from injury to the same kind of desperation that prompted the Dolphins to install the Wildcat out of the blue in 2008.

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  1. It’s a mistake to think the Niners are a read-option team. It’s just one of their possible looks. And what makes them so dangerous is that they can run different packages from the same lineup.

    Yes, Kaep ran for a thousand yards against the Packers using read-option and pistol. But the next week against the Falcons he ran once or twice on scrambles and they barely used the read-option.

  2. I imagine any team that runs it can prepare for it by using this strategy. I’m sure Seattle and Washington will also have their 1st team run vs their 1st team “D” when playing against a read option team.

  3. Last thing we need is another injury but I fully expect more teams to run at the beginning of the season. niners going be ready to end Wilson and Seahawks season when they run it. I don’t believe rg3 will even be able to play by the time we get to that game. Kaepernick going show everyone he not a read option only qb when he goes for over 4k yards passing this year.

  4. Everbody is concerned with the read option..they do know that carolina ran the option the most at 14 percent of there plays and then followed with skins at 13percent..what are these teams gonna do the rest of 86 / 87 percent of the time.

  5. Panthers aren’t going to be a team with the read option as first choice this year. They weren’t the last half of last year either, and we won 5 of 6 to end the year. Makes sense, since we have about a hundred running backs. The read option will be used as a wrinkle, rather than a staple. By the time we play the 49ers, both teams will have enough 2013 film on each other that tricky schemes won’t win the game for either side.

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    norcalmafia says: Jul 27, 2013 10:50 PM

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