Rams bring in Bulluck to work with Ogletree


In 2000, Titans coach Jeff Fisher made linebacker Keith Bulluck a first-round draft pick.  Thirteen years later, Fisher has called on Bulluck to help Fisher’s latest first-round linebacker get acclimated to the NFL.

According to veteran NFL and Rams reporter Howard Balzer, Bulluck will spend several days at training camp, working with first-round linebacker Alec Ogletree.

A top-10 talent who slid down the board due to conduct issues, Ogletree could end up being a steal for the Rams, if he gets himself pointed in the right direction on and off the field.

Bulluck, a great player with an impeccable reputation, can help on both fronts.

It’s another smart move from a Rams organization that went 2-1-1 against the 49ers and Seahawks last season, and that could disrupt things at the top of the NFC West this season.

11 responses to “Rams bring in Bulluck to work with Ogletree

  1. This Front office/coaching staff continues to impress.

    -They know how to handle the character risks and get them on a better path, both in real life and football.

    -The mandatory Financial Management class was brilliant. The military did the same thing for me, very helpful.

    -Fisher knows how to treat the veterans, especially when it comes to easing up and backing off, etc.

    Yea we went 7-8-1, also had the 4th toughest schedule but more importantly, the 2nd youngest team last year. Not surprising we led the league in penalties or near the top (young team), but hey he went 7-8-1.. Now we’re the youngest team in the league but those guys got exp under their belts now.

    Can’t wait for the season..simply..can’t..wait..

  2. totally a super idea bringing in a guy with such a great football past as well as a reputation for staying clean and out of trouble touché to the rams and their staff

  3. In an amazing coincidence, the Rams selected Ogletree with the 30th pick in the draft, and in 2000 the Titans selected Bulluck with… the 30th pick in the draft.

    Fisher and Snead may not be perfect — Pead and Quick have to prove themselves pretty quickly, and Watkins was a wasted pick — but they have made so many great moves that they have my full confidence. Go Rams!!

  4. An extremely fast and young defense, but not inexperienced. They play all but 2 of their games on turf/in domes, which only helps. Much hinges on Bradford but I predict they steal the division this year. Its clear thats how Coach Fisher is building this team.

  5. And when Fisher follows this season as rest while as a HC, mediocre; we’ll hear how 2104 will be the year for Bradford and Fisher.

    Everyone always seems to overlook 149-128 for a .538 winning percentage w/ Fisher. He’s barely above average & that’s after 18 years as a HC. He isn’t getting any better.

  6. You’re a moron if you call Fisher average. This dude had a great career with the Titans until Adams forced VY on him. He is one of the few coaches who have gone through a franchise relocation and made it look easy.

    I also miss KB. He was one of my favorite Titans. I would live to see him get into coaching as I think he would be a natural. Great move by Fisher.

  7. If you think having one 2 division titles between 1994-2005 (’00 & ’02) as awesome you really have never watched a great coach. And he added 1 more division title in ’08.

    3 titles in 16 years is your standard??

  8. Fisher never had a gm that worked with him! Always salarycap purging , fisher and his whole staff wanted Cutler! They were forced to take young! How much better would his record be if he would have got Cutler! You can see what he can do already with a gm on his side! After we win our next superbowl the titans fans will see they were looking in the wrong place! And it will start when we beat the titans this season!

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