Report: Pitta is done for the year

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From Philly to Baltimore, it’s officially “Sh-t Sandwich Saturday.”

Eagles receiver Jeremy Maclin tore an ACL earlier in the day.  Now, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, Ravens tight end Dennis Pitta will miss the entire season with a dislocated hip.  The bigger question, as we pointed out moments ago, is whether the dislocated hip will result in avascular necrosis and, eventually, a hip replacement.

If Schefter’s report is accurate, Pitta undoubtedly will land on injured reserve.  He’ll earn $2.023 million this year, and he’ll become a free agent in March.  The Ravens could still work out a long-term deal or apply the franchise tag, but that will require a leap of faith premised on a clean bill of health.

The mantra for Ravens fans during an offseason of turmoil was “In Ozzie We Trust.”  It’s now time for the Hall of Fame tight end who also would make it to Canton as a General Manager to earn it, again.

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  1. I hate to see any player get hurt , but the ravens are going to have bigger problems than Pitta !

  2. Don’t believe the title. While the Ravens had officially announced it was worse then they thought, they did not say he was out for the season. They said the same thing about Suggs and Lewis. Best case, back by week 9, worst case, back late December.

  3. Pft may have to reevaluate their conclusion that Pitta may turn out to be a better choice in the 2010 draft than Gronk.

  4. Massive, massive blow. We’re already without a possession receiver after trading Boldin. Pitta was going to have to carry a heavy part of the load considering. It would be extremely difficult for Smith to stretch the defense without anyone to throw to underneath and now we have lost our one true threat. It will have the be screens to Rice and hopefully Dickson can step up and be a true number one. I guess Shiancoe will be seeing plenty of action

  5. Oh man, how reality will slap JUMP BALL JOE in the face with no Q and no Pitta to bail him out.

    Say it ain’t so JUMP BALL JOE!!!

  6. “The only team that matters to Maryland is under the watchful eye of Mike Shanahan.” Wait, what? Who won last year? Oh, never mind, I noticed the signature. The village idiot speaks.

  7. So all you Joe Flacco ball washers are going to see just how average Joe Flacco really is. Elite QB’s can make stars out of nobody WR’s…like Brady did with Rachell Caldwell.

    Flacco is a bum and will be exposed on the opening game, Thursday nite in front of the entire nation. Can’t wait.

  8. They are down to 4 TEs, and 3 of them have very little receiving experience. These guys are better blockers than offensive weapons.

    Sounds like the perfect team to trade for pass-catcher Tony Scheffler.

  9. Damn. Hate seeing injuries this early in camp, especially season-ending ones to big-time players.

  10. If true, this season will define Flacco. Premier QB’s can make things happen with any receiver on the field. See Rodgers, Brady, Manning, etc. Receivers simply get better because of them

    If Flacco wants to earn his money, and prove he is a top-tier QB, this season, with a depleted receiver corp, will be the teller

  11. This is why it’s so hard to repeat. Whether people want to admit it or not luck plays a huge factor in a team winning a Super Bowl. Now the Ravens are without Boldin and Pitta leaving them with just Torrey Smith and Ed Dickson meaning the Ravens have one of the worst receiving corps in the league.

    Needless to say the Ravens are in deep trouble on offense.

  12. All players should pay attention to this stuff!!! Over at any time. Still not over missing all the great things we could have seen from Bo Jackson!!!!!! S**k

  13. how will Flacco be able to keep up his 86 QB rating without Pitta and Boldin bailing him out?

  14. Everyone is eating Sh-t sandwiches from Philly to Baltimore???

    Thats crazy!! And I thought I had it bad eating my ham sandwich with no chips.

  15. Ozzie would be wise not to franchize tag Pitta next year. The guy was a solid player for you guys in your Superbowl run but is hardly worth elite TE money. I’m sure Newsome already knows this.

  16. What’s with all these injuries throughout the league within minutes of the start of training camps? Are these millionaires that badly out of shape that they become crippled by merely getting off the couch?
    The bleeding hearts (ESPN’s “Outside the Lines”) will soon be telling us that conditioning is ruining football and that all practicing needs to cease.

  17. Please be quiet logicalvoice!! You are making Skins fans seem like Seahawks fans. Plus you are barking up the wrong tree! They are the DEFENDING CHAMPS!!!! Deal with it. Our franchise will have one within 4 years. Get well soon Pitta. HTTR!!

  18. Any team that was counting on a 28 year old tight end who only has 1000 career yards to carry the offense was not in a good place anyway…

    Way to rank them #3 overall PFT. That’s doing your homework.

  19. That’s awful, he’s definitely someone who has been on the rise. I’m a Steeler fan and even I hate to see that. Prayers and thoughts.

  20. Vernon Davis, Jason Witten, and Tony Gonzalez just saw their fantasy value go up

  21. If you play Fantasy, and I know you do, you better grab Jimmy Graham and Tony Gonzalez early because there are NO TE’s anymore! Maybe Tyler from CIN but as a rookie might not do to much….

  22. Newsome blew it getting rid of Boldin. Ravens will have trouble making the playoffs. I see a third place finish in the division behind the Bengals and Steelers.

  23. Big loss. We will be fine. Rice to slot, pierce becomes feature back.

    Thank God we get to play Cleve and Pitt twice a Year, 4 wins there alone.

  24. I hate to see anyone injured. Always hoped that all the teams would play at full strength. He is a fine player and I imagine figured prominently in their offensive plans.

  25. karma for the ravens fans commenting on the heath miller article a couple days ago saying he is fragile.

  26. Ugh. With the losses of personnel that the Ravens and Patriots have suffered, things continue to get easier for the Denver Broncos.

    Tough break. Pitta is fun to watch and I tagged him to be better than Heap.


  27. I’m not worried, we have been down this road before. Next man up in bmore all day long. Dickson , its time for you to step up on your contract year. Major injuries will happen to every ball club at some point of the year. As long as its not Flacco and multiple season ending injuries to pivotal positions, I’m ok. Not saying losing Dennis won’t be tuff to overcome, but it can and will be .

  28. What the Hell is going on? Training camp has just opened and we’re losing all these players already? I’m just an all-around football fan, and this is heartbreaking.

  29. First the person who said the Ravens don’t have money to go out and get someone because of Flacco’s contract understands nothing about the contract. They have money to spend. Secondly anyone getting on here and making fun of a player getting a serious injury is one a poor human being and two desperate to see a better team be wounded so their poor excuse for a team has more of an edge…

    Ed Dickson can fill in here at TE and their are others on the roster. Another receiver would be good as a pick up before the season starts. People should worry more about how their teams offense is gonna score on the Ravens D…

  30. All star TEs don’t win or lose you championships.

    The Ravens will be fine especially when you note that the backup TE use to be the #1 TE who caught 50+ balls the year before Pitta broke out.

    What makes the Ravens so good is that they are a deep team. All the good teams are.

  31. Relax everyone, despite numerous reports Pitta is done for the season, jamesundeee said he’ll be back by December at the latest.

  32. Get out the deer antler! Honestly, for major injuries players should be able to do whatever helps them heal. Pitta missing the entire season is horrible considering it is a contract year. If he could make it back for the last 4 games and postseason, he might be able to get a better contract…

  33. I am far from a Ravens fan, but it sucks to see a guy go down with a nasty injury like this. Best wishes, Dennis. I hope you are able to come back from this.

    To the Steelers fans who are enjoying his injury, I say this: people don’t dislike you because of rings, we dislike you because you are tools. Grow up.

  34. Avascular necrosis is no joke. It happens when the blood supply to the bone is cutoff causing it to die. This is a particularly serious concern when a bone is dislocated because the dislocation can damage the surrounding blood vessels, veins, etc.

  35. This just underscores the mistake they made by letting Bolden go. They were counting on Pitta, who has so far been good but not great, to step up and replace Bolden.

    Torrey Smith is just a deep threat. He’s not a polished #1. Jacoby Jones is only a good WR if there are 2 or 3 other targets that the defense is more worried about, that or if a DB falls down.

    The Ravens are now paying Flacco a ton. They are about to find out how that limits the moves you can make. Letting Bolden leave was the first lesson.

  36. This sucks for Pitta –
    But this is why it’s OZ rules in Baltimore. Pitta’s on a restricted free agent k and this is precisely why OZ does not pay until he has to. If we would have locked him up long term like everyone was clamoring for, we’d really be screwed. If injuries in August (sans the quarterback) derail a season, the team has a sorry front office and coaching staff. Not the case in Baltimore.

  37. yes pitta is a big loss. but the ravens can and will respond to this positively. and really…for all of you that are happy that a player is hurt. grow up

  38. Could you please perma-IP ban logicalvoices please

    While you are at it do the same for joeflaccomontana ….what a way to make lots of posters happy….but we know you won’t…oh well there is still the pope.

  39. Tough break. I hate seeing guys go down like this, especially in training camp of all places.

    The pressure now rests even more on Flacco. He’s never had to be the focus of the offense before. It will be interesting to see if the classic “just another cog in the offensive wheel” QB can step up and play like his paycheck dictates. By the way, that big paycheck is going to make it tougher to land a replacement TE. But keep lecturing us on how little Joe will be counting toward the cap this year.

    By the way, if Jones doesn’t return that kick in the Super Bowl and Flacco doesn’t get MVP, how much do you think his contract would’ve been worth?

  40. Still have better receivers, running backs. And a better defense than New England but were the ones who should be worried? Get used to the name Ed Dickson, dudes gonna come up big this year. See you in the playoffs, #RavensNation

  41. @youarejealousof6rings and @stairwayto7

    LOLing at a man with a broken hip who may never play again?!?! You both are sick.

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