Rex concedes the obvious regarding his job security


While it’s unclear precisely what Jets coach Rex Ryan needs to do to extend his stay in New York beyond 2013, he knows what he can’t do.

“It’s safe to say I won’t be here if we draft [Jadeveon] Clowney,” Ryan told the media on Saturday.  The team then highlighted the comment via its official Twitter page.

Ryan’s remark and the franchise’s decision to point to it could make some of the league’s sticklers a little uneasy, since technically no league employee may say anything about any underclassmen who has yet to be declared eligible for the draft.  But it happens, and rarely if ever does the league do anything about it.

The real question is what it will take between winning the Super Bowl or the Clowney sweepstakes to preserve Ryan’s job.  More importantly, it remains to be seen who’ll make the decision on Rex — G.M. John Idzik, owner Woody Johnson, or maybe someone else.

Chances are the right answer will be obvious when the season ends.  But there’s a chance the Jets will miss the playoffs and land in the gulf between 7-9 and 9-7, making it much harder to determine whether Rex should still be employed.

11 responses to “Rex concedes the obvious regarding his job security

  1. I think Rex is on the hot seat is just a media story, Rex is on the cool seat does not generate much interest. If Idzik had his own man, he would be here already. If Idzik and Rex are getting along, as they seem to be, there is no reason Rex would not be his man. Besides Rex’s present contract runs thru the end of 2014, He get paid anyway if a new coach is brought in next year. Woody does not like paying two people to do the same job, if only one person is doing it.

  2. Rex we are going to miss you when you (and also your twin brother) are gone from the NFL. You two are the best at spewing totally inane comments that make us laugh, shake our heads or just want to look away. Maybe you can get a job on Saturday Night Live (though I doubt they would want you as a Featured Player)

  3. Rex, this is why you’re Buddy’s son. Just the other day you said, “I don’t worry about those things”, now two days later you’re commenting on that.
    Stop and think if a Belichick would say that.

    Just do your job. Ten wins would keep you in green.

  4. Just so I understand correctly….Rex gets paid until 2014 even if he’s fired and can double dip but a player gets “offset language” to prevent that? That’s why I don’t care who holds out for money, they have to!

  5. i love how people blow comments out their a$$ like they know how to coach an nfl team the guy can coach other wise he wouldnt have brought in and his defence has been in the top ten all the years he has been the jets coach we prolly wouldnt have gotten to the afc championship game 2 years in a row if not for his deffence, as a jet fan i like his style cause he always keeps it positive and makes the players want to play for him now if they had better offence the last 2 years then he wouldnt be in this situation, in all the years as a jets coach he has only one losing season and people want him fired thats abbsurd give him time to build his team and it will be successful, if it wasnt for tannybumm and the salary cap all messed up im sure we could have had better players

  6. Where’s the Super Bowl guarantee Rex?? How bout if you trade Sanchez & your toe sucking wife for the rights to the second pick in the draft since you’ll already have the first one. And Clowney won’t play for a sorry ass team like the J-E-T-S..

  7. Rex has come a long way from the pre season comments on winning the Superbowl. After the Packers won in 2010, the next summer he declared had the Jets been in that game instead of Pittsburgh, the Jets would have won it.

    Being a loud mouth blowhard doesn’t take much in the brains department, just the willingness to say stupid things. I am looking forward to the end of this season to see his fat ass in the unemployment line and I guarantee he will not get another heading coaching job.

  8. If he does get fired as a sacrificial lamb in a transitional house cleaning, the Jets will regret it.

    Best Jets coach in a generation, and yes, I’m including Jets’ Parcells in that discussion, too.

    Rex may be a loud mouth blowhard, but he can definitely flat out coach his behind off. What he did to Tom Brady two seasons ago in the playoffs was a thing of beauty, not to mention how much he has squeezed out of marginal talent with the turnover machine as his QB.

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