Roethlisberger-Haley relationship is getting better


Last year, the talk around Pittsburgh was about whether quarterback Ben Roethlisberger and new offensive coordinator Todd Haley could get along. This year, everything is cool.

That’s the word from Roethlisberger, who told Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that he and Haley have a better relationship now than they did last year.

It’s no secret that Haley isn’t regarded as a “players’ coach.” When Steve Breaston, who played for Haley in both Arizona and Kansas City, was asked about Haley, the best compliment he could come up with was, “Coach Haley’s not always a butthole.”

But while Roethlisberger and Haley haven’t always seen eye to eye (including a dispute over play calling that led Roethlisberger to apologize to Haley late last season), it appears that they’re on the same page now.

66 responses to “Roethlisberger-Haley relationship is getting better

  1. Always a great start to training camp when your QB and your OC are starting to get along after a year.

    Looks like a sub-.500 year in Pittsburgh, could be a disastrously bad year if Big Ben gets hurt again.

  2. LOL “getting better” meaning Ben still dislikes him but realizes Haley is around again this year and going against his play calls still only got his team to 8-8 and no playoffs. Listen to him this year and do even worse than 8-8 then Ben you will get your way 🙂

  3. Things are better now that Haley realizes that Roethlesburger never accepts no for an answer.

  4. Gonna get hurt, Gonna have another Losing Season. But, fatty can always go back to not understanding the word “No”. He’s definitely
    good at that.

  5. We have six rings for a reason. You don’t just become the greatest sports franchise in history over night. Follow our lead.

  6. Face it. The Steelers have to rebuild.

    This roster is good for an 8-8 or 9-7 season for the next 5-6 years.

    Lovin it!!!!!

  7. I hate Todd Haley dearly! His offense is way TOO predictable. It’s run, run, short pass and then it’s fourth down. They should just let Ben run the offense instead!

  8. Tom Brady
    Aaron (super-sensitive) Rodgers
    Drew Bree’s
    Payton Manning
    Eli Manning
    Andrew Luck
    Big Ben
    There are 7 QB’s in the League right now that I would select before Big Ben, other than that, the guy is a Tough , elite QB….anyone that says otherwise, is just hating to hate! 2 Super Bowl Rings and other appearances. The guy is a stud, and everyone knows it! I wish my Vikings had a QB half as good as he

  9. What a bunch of hooey. C’mon Steeler Nation! BA’s offense was too predictable, Haley’s offense is predictable….he & Ben don’t get along. Blah, blah, blah. There’s no whining in football! Let the coach coach and the players play. We’ll see what happens on the football field soon enough. Show me the LOMBARDI. That’s all Steeler Nation cares about! Stairway to 7: to be continued!

  10. @ravensbob: How about you worry about your own team and the fact that HALF of your team overall was practically gutted following the Super Bowl win. Considering Ben has been to THREE Super Bowls and won TWO, there is absolutely NO WAY that Ben is “unemployed” after this season and, additionally, history for Todd Haley has shown that his offense starts to thrive MUCH better in its second year (as was the case when he was OC with Arizona and when he was Head Coach with Kansas City. His second years with BOTH teams saw the Cardinals reach the Super Bowl (NEARLY beating the Steelers, I might add) and saw the Chiefs having a winning season/record, win a division title and get a playoff appearance).

    To everyone else, keep on hating. All your comments do is show that deep down you know you’re scared of the Steelers this season. The FACTS are that since 2003 the Steelers have NEVER had a regular season record under .500 (6-10 in 2003 was the last time they finished below .500) and have NEVER missed the playoffs two years in a row (something that hasn’t happened since BEFORE 2003). The facts SHOW that SINCE 2003, the Steelers have finished with a better record and either a Playoff/Super Bowl appearance and/or a Super Bowl win following a “down/bad/off” year. Please by all means count the Steelers out and predict them to finish 3rd in the AFC North. Look how well that worked out for them in 2005, 2008 and 2010.

  11. “We have six rings for a reason. You don’t just become the greatest sports franchise in history over night. Follow our lead.”

    … And watch the playoffs from the couch.

  12. @Joemontanaflacco: So what if the Steelers watched the playoffs from the couch? It took the Ravens FIVE YEARS since drafting Flacco to FINALLY reach and win a Super Bowl. Whereas the Steelers are tied with the MOST Super Bowl appearances since the merger and of course are the team with the MOST Super Bowl wins since the merger. Just because the Steelers watched the playoffs from their couches LAST season doesn’t take away from the fact that they ARE the greatest sports franchise in history.

    Good luck with that target on your Ravens back this year. Since 2004 the Super Bowl winner has NEVER made it back to the Super Bowl and that trend WILL continue with the Ravens this year.

  13. Haley is an idiot,and Tomlin has been exposed for losing a game in the 4th quarter,no knowing how to manage the clock,time outs ,and most of all never improving that O line and letting Ben get mugged for years.Haley won’t coach in the Burg after this year,and another 8-8 season,Tomlin will be with him.

  14. Vince Young would be a perfect fit for a team needing a backup quarterback…. He is Motivated, Hungry and Determined to prove he can still play this game at a high level…. and help lead a team deep into the playoffs and possibly to the Big Dance… Vince Young is salary-cap friendly “Low Cost – High Reward” type of guy…. A wise choice for a Owner/GM willing to take a chance on him….

  15. just a question. how can they be the greatest franchise in all of sports when they dont even have the most nfl championships. and did all sports start counting championships when it was convienent for steeler fans?

  16. @dagrizzman: Are you delusional?!?… Tomlin hasn’t even had ONE losing season yet and you think he’ll be gone if he has another 8-8 season?!? LMAO! LOL! Bill Cowher had MANY losing seasons during his 15 years and he was never fired, so there is absolutely NO chance that Tomlin is going to be fired if he has another 8-8 season.

    @scoobies05: The Steelers are the greatest franchise since the MERGER took place!

  17. Just so you can unbunch your panties scoobie the steelers should be called one of the best franchises in history. Having grown up outside of Boston the celtics are in contention , but the Yankees are hands down the best franchise ….hard to say as aSox fan but I am not a fanboy like some frequent Raven trolls.

  18. scoobies05 says:

    just a question. how can they be the greatest franchise in all of sports when they dont even have the most nfl championships. and did all sports start counting championships when it was convienent for steeler fans?

    Sounds like a frustrated Eagles fan. But don’t feel bad. The Steelers do not have the most Lombardi trophies without an asterisk, only with.

  19. I’ll go with “one of” – there are a few terrific sports franchises, but if you’re talking NFL Football, the Steelers have to be in the top 3.

  20. you don’t see football fans in mexico, australia, etc all wearing steeler jerseys for nothing. when was the last time you saw a football fan in england wearing a ravens jersey. it just ain’t gonna happen.

  21. Sounds like a frustrated Eagles fan. But don’t feel bad. The Steelers do not have the most Lombardi trophies without an asterisk, only with.

    Scoobie s not that bad he is a Raven fan who is one hell of a hard headed Lewis supporter. Still not as bad as an Eagle fan. He just likes to act like one of the big boys because his Ravens finally got to the SB after five tries.

  22. “There sure is a lot of Ravens fans reading and commenting on this. Worried or jealous much?”

    We’re just concerned given that Haley and Roethlisbooger obviously still hate each other ‘s guts. We remember the difficulties Ravens had with Cameron, but thankfully the Ravens never sank to a pitiful 8-8 which means the Steelers better either get a new QB or OC or both and FAST!

  23. Let me get this straight: The Bruce Arians Offense stunk because SuperBen “liked” Uncle Bruce far too much; while The Todd Haley Offense stinks because SuperBen doesn’t like Haley nearly enough…
    Makes sense.
    I’ll be so glad when Roethlisberger is gone and replaced by a coachable, defense-reading, TD-throwing quarterback.
    Hear me, Landry Jones?

  24. Regardless of coordinator, there is still not a QB I’d rather have to win a game. Last year before his injury Ben was the best QB in the nfl. I expect that to continue his year.

  25. there has never been any kind of rift between Ben and Haley, no matter how much the 3rd rate journalists at PFT want you to believe there is.

  26. Why does Ben feel the need to publicly state this? Very bad sign. When you have to let people know “you’re cool”, it’s doubtful you really are.

  27. Through the first eight games last season, Roethlisberger quarterbacked an offense that ranked 19th in scoring, and the Steelers’ record was 5-3.
    Imagine just how bad things might’ve been had SuperBen not been the “best QB in the NFL” before his injury, as crownofthehelmet has suggested.
    I can remember a time when the “best quarterback in the league” actually had to, you know, quarterback an offense that was productive. When did things change?

  28. scoobs, you’re sullying your name as a reasonable, knowledgable poster. For someone who gives all kind of grief to steelers fans who bring up past accomplishments, you sure do bring up the past when it supports your cause.

    I have relatives who are Packer fans, and they take the whole “most championships” to the extreme, to where they refuse to utter the word Superbowl. They just sound foolish.

  29. The Big Ben Groupies on this site shouldn’t be calling anyone of another fan base “foolish.” There are no bigger fools than those who believe SuperBen has outperformed any quarterback in any of the three Super Bowls he’s played.
    By the way: The Packers have won four Super Bowls, which I doubt has made their fan base all that embarrassed.
    As I recall, Green Bay’s latest Super Bowl win was way back in 2010, when Roethlisberger threw a pick-7 in a six-point loss.

  30. bobzilla, we’re all well aware that you’ve been scorned by Ben in the past, but regardless – if you don’t think he was playing great last year then you just didn’t watch many games. Your stats don’t change that. And by your logic, only the SB winning QB would be the best in the league. Two words on that – Dilfer, Flacco.

  31. I don’t recall seeing anyone saying Big Ben has outperformed any of the three qbs he faced in the superbowls he has played in. But maybe I missed it…….Big Ben is a BIG reason the steelers have played in all 3 of the superbowls and he won 2 of them so thats all that matters. By the way, the pick six he threw against GB(as I am sure you know) wasn’t his fault it was the offensive linemans(kemoeatu). Anyway you slice it you can’t blame that one on him. I look forward to Big Ben having a good year as long as he stays healthy and the offensive line holds up.

  32. What’s interesting about this article is that it shows how dysfunctional the Steelers are. Roethlisbooger’s personality disorder is so obvious — now it’s standing in the way of his relationship with a perfectly qualified OC. Roethlisbooger says his relationship with Haley is better? Who are you trying to convince, the fans or yourself?

    Like Ray Lewis says, “this is a man’s game” and whiny babies who can’t get along with their coaches need to hit the road.

  33. jmf, it’s almost like you’re purposely ignoring that you had to cut your OC mid-season because the relationship was so tumultuous and unproductive. Surprised you put so much stock in that relationship.

  34. crown, I don’t recall Joe Flacco ever arguing with his OC because he wanted to run around like a chicken with his head cut off. And I don’t believe Roethlisbooger for a second. Looney has a gun to everyone’s head this year to make sure they say what he wants to hear. See Pouncy’s statement re: Free Hernandez hat.

  35. “I don’t recall Joe Flacco ever arguing with his OC ”

    You sure didn’t. That would mean he actually had some fire and passion, instead of the deer-in-the-headlights persona he’s built up.

  36. I’m a fan of Ben, but he needs to play much better this season. In fact, the organization needs to do much better.

    Someone mentioned leadership. Leadership starts at the top and with the real owner now home from Ambassadorship in Ireland, there may be some better leadership exercised on the entire organization. By leadership, I mean focus. A focused team does not lose to some of the bad teams they lost to last season. I don’t care what stats are out there, last year was a failure for the organization from top to bottom. Makes me glad the Steelers play in the horrible division they do. 9-7 they make the playoffs.

  37. Ten yards for illegal re-posting of a sentence fragment, Crown. You’re better than that.

  38. crown:
    That’s a good one.
    Quarterbacks who play “great” don’t play on bad, unproductive offenses. It’s just that simple.
    At the time of his injury, Roethlisberger was engaged in a 10-10 tie with the 1-7 Chiefs. He exited the game with these numbers: 9-for-18 passing for 84 yards.
    Really “great.”

    Has SuperBen ever thrown an interception that was his fault?
    Didn’t think so.
    You, sir, are delusional.

  39. bobzilla
    Big Ben has certainly thrown many interceptions that has been fault. Just not the one your referring to in superbowl 45.
    You certainly have a strange way of thinking. Of course, I expect Anti Ben people as yourself to defend your remarks to the end. Maybe if I was delusional, I’d know what you were talking about. Think about it.

  40. Steelers’ fans are starting to sound just like the players — fighting among themselves. This is what happens when your hero’s biggest accomplishment is dragging your team into two giant sex scandals. He certainly isn’t worth the trouble anymore, Steeler fans. Face it.

  41. steelcurtainn:
    There’s nothing strange about expecting a $100 million quarterback to perform like a $100 million quarterback.
    What is strange, however, is you groupies expecting me to lower my standards to “go with the flow” and pretend that Roethlisberger’s 26 TD passes last season were comparable to Rodgers’ 39 or Brady’s 33.
    Not going to happen.

    If you don’t like how we Steelers fans sound, go loiter some place else.

  42. bobzilla

    From a statistical view, I see your point. Theres nothing strange about that in this post…… I Do not think anyone of us are expecting you to lower your standards, Heck we would all like to see 39 tds a year…. Do I think Big Ben can do better for 100 million, sure….All I am saying is you act like Big Ben has done little or anything to help the steelers to the their 3 trips to the superbowl and he was an intracle part of all that success. Trust me you will be eating your words if you hope Big Ben is gone right away (as your post indicated) and you think Landry Jones is the answer. I hope Landry Jones will eventually be the answer as an adequate replacement(no time soon). Big Ben is going nowhere soon, so support the guy and quit bashing him every post because he doesn’t quite meet your standards of the Bradys and Mannings.

  43. Ben didn’t like Bill Cowher and they won. He did like B.A. and he took a million sacks and won. It’s a non issue. I work with people I don’t like but I am professional so I can deal. I did think it was funny though last year that when Ben threw an interception to lose the game is when he brought up the offense issue. Suck it up Ben and own up to your mistakes.

  44. steelcurtiann:
    You are under the misconception that Roethlisberger’s presence was and will continue to be the MAIN reason the Steelers crank out Super Bowl wins. You are delusional.
    This team is in decline. The defense has lost too many of its superstars, and the head coach is fresh out of motivational speeches, which explains losing to the like of the Browns twice in the past four seasons.
    Roethlisberger has never had to carry the team, nor will he ever be able to carry the team. He’s an average QB who needs the support of a No. 1 defense to be successful.
    Because of a revamped defense and the lack of leadership at head coach, the Steelers may not win more often with Landry Jones, but I guarantee their offense will be dramatically improved.
    Replacing Roethlisberger’s 23 TD passes a season will be easier than you think. But replacing a defense that’s been ranked No. 1 five times in 9 seasons, that’s going to be a bit more difficult.

  45. bobzilla:

    As a steeler fan like you as well, I respect some of your post and some I disagree with. I am far from delusional as you appear to think, I guess we see things differently.

    First off, to set the record straight, I am not under no misconception that Big Ben was and will continue to be the MAIN reason the steelers crank out superbowls win. This is competely false. Football is a team sport and Big Ben was just as responsible for GETTING the steelers to the superbowl and winning as the other 52 players.

    Secondly, Time will tell but I don’t believe the team is in decline. The team has lost alot of superstars, sure,but they have also added a couple new pieces offensively and defensively. We will see how they respond.

    As far as losing to the browns 2 out of the last 4 years. Division games are tough, you know that. I don’t care what your record is. The steelers have mangled the browns for years so splitting a couples years does not mean your team is in decline. Not the way I see it. We could go all day with this bobzilla so I will end of that. Good to get your views, although sometimes I disagree with your points.

  46. You don’t believe the team is in decline? Did you miss last season: 8-8 record against the weakest schedule in the league?
    The Steelers have beaten just six teams that finished with winning records in their past 33 games. They are 20-13 in those games, which means they no longer are among the elite teams in the league. That’s called IN DECLINE.
    In 2009, the defending Super Bowl (two words, not one) champion Steelers lost to the ONE-and-ELEVEN Browns, 13-6, in a must-win game en route to missing the playoffs.
    The Steelers have missed the playoffs twice in the past four seasons. They are 0-2 in their past two playoff games. That’s called IN DECLINE.
    I blame Tomlin.
    No James Farrior, no Hines Ward, no James Harrison, no Casey Hampton, no Max Starks, no discipline on the team, no leadership on the team. That’s called IN DECLINE.

  47. bobzilla

    No I do not think the steelers are in decline. We’ll see.
    I see every steeler game bobzilla…….. Big Deal, the steelers declined ONE YEAR from 12-4 in 2011 to 8-8 last year but it doesn’t mean they will be in decline again this year(they could, but it doesn’t mean they will)…..People said the same thing in 2o03 when the steelers were 6-10 that they would be IN DECLINE in 2004 and the steelers went on to go 15-1.(and yes I know the steelers picked up Big Ben that year)

    Your facts are nicely broken down, but there old facts and old seasons, who cares….. This is the 2013 steelers with some new rookie faces mixed with familiar ones.

    I do agree tomlin needs to do a better job coaching and Big Ben needs to be a much better leader along with some other players on the team.(I’m talking to you Woodley, Timmons and Polamalu). They need better discipline for sure.

    BUT do yourself a favor, lighten up with all your in decline and negative comments when no one knows the outcome of steeler games this season. With Big Ben and the Steelers having no worse of an 8-8 record under his belt(even under injury plague seasons) I say the steelers have a SHOT at winning the superbowl every year. After all they did it in 2005 at 11-5 and the lucky(fluke) ravens did it at 10-6 last year……Its a must they reestablish their running identity IMO.

  48. Wow!!!
    Just because you “see” every Steelers game, that doesn’t mean you actually watch, which is obvious by your cavalier attitude toward the Steelers’ 13-6 loss in 2009 to the ONE-and-ELEVEN Browns.
    One of the all-time great defenses in NFL history just passed through Pittsburgh; a defense you think can be replaced simply by adding some new faces…
    That’s classic.
    Here’s a suggestion: Stop bashing the Ravens and start worrying about the Steelers. Trust me: there’s plenty to worry about.
    You are the Mr. Magoo of Steelers Nation.

  49. drone501 says: Jul 27, 2013 3:49 PM

    you don’t see football fans in mexico, australia, etc all wearing steeler jerseys for nothing. when was the last time you saw a football fan in england wearing a ravens jersey. it just ain’t gonna happen.
    Yeah, that’s because real fans hang on to their jerseys even when their teams have a few losing seasons, instead of being bandwagon posers like most stealer fans. The migrants pick up steeler jerseys for .10 cents at thrift stores during the summer then take them back to Mexico sell them for a few pesos, as for the Australians, wearing them, ?? aborigines will wear anything, they’ve been wearing leaves for pants for years.

  50. bobzilla

    “Just because you “see” every steeler game , that doesn’t actually mean you watch.”

    Wow, bobzilla, tell me what I do then sit and stare at the screen if I am not watching, what an idiotic comment. Mr Magoo of steeler nation, wow another good one. Another such inappropriate comment. You sound like more of a raven fan then a steeler fan. You really need to understand other steeler fans points of view and not your own all the time, …I’m done talking to arrogant fans like you. You, sir, are the delusional one…( as made by most of your comments without talking to being able to talk to people rationally)… I won’t respond to your(think I know it all) post anymore…….See ya!

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