Schwartz more confident than ever in the Lions


A 4-12 season in 2012 hasn’t diminished Lions coach Jim Schwartz’s confidence.

In fact, Schwartz says he’s more confident in his team right now than he has been at any time, even more confident now than he was when the Lions were a playoff team in 2011.

“We have tangible reasons to be optimistic,” Schwartz said. “I’m the most confident I’ve been in four years here as the head coach. We’re confident in our players, we’re confident in our system. I like where this team is, and we’re looking forward to having a good training camp.”

A year ago everyone was talking about the Lions’ off-field problems, but Schwartz said he liked the “distraction free” nature of this year, and he thinks that will help his players hit the ground running in camp.

“The players have been able to focus more on football over the last six months, and that’s been beneficial for them,” he said.

That better focus had better translate to a better record. Another 4-12 season would likely be Schwartz’s last season as the Lions’ head coach.