Seahawks claim Schofield on waivers


The NFC West could secede from the NFL and form its own four-team league and it would still be must-see TV.

With the Cardinals acquiring linebacker John Abraham, they no longer had a spot for linebacker O’Brien Schofield.  The Seahawks did.

Seattle announced Saturday that Schofield has been claimed on waivers.

It means that Schofield, if he makes it to the 53-man roster, will get two cracks at the Cardinals in 2013.  And Schofield, as we understand it, isn’t thrilled with the circumstances surrounding his departure.

Per a league source, Schofield was cut within a day after being told he’d be a major contributor to the team’s defense in 2013.  The move also has sparked speculation regarding a potential conflict between those in the Cardinals organization who want to win now (as evidenced by the Abraham acquisition) and those hoping to build for the future (which would have favored keeping Schofield around).

Schofield started the first nine games of the 2012 season before suffering a season-ending ankle injury against the Packers.

A fourth-round pick in 2010, Schofield will now get a chance to play out his contract year with the Seahawks.  It’s unknown whether any teams below Seattle in the priority list made a claim for his services.  However, none of the non-playoff teams opted to take a flier on Schofield.

And that’s a good thing.  Keeping Schofield in the NFC West is just another reason why the NFC West, not long ago the most irrelevant division in football, has become the most compelling.

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  1. Schofield wasn’t very good. Take it from someone who has watched every one of his games. Cards need pass rusher and there is a reason he was released.

  2. Schofield was a good pass rusher – when he could get on the field. Hurt all the time. Also not a liability against the run. Had to go once Abraham was on board. Not a lock to make the Seahags roster.

  3. Most Cards fans liked his pass rush but see he was injury prone. He is only 26 and we do have a bunch of pass rusher but 2 of our best will be out at least 4 games. Schneider has had some excellent pick ups and if it doesn’t work they don’t hold on too long. Braylon Edwards may be the exception to that .

  4. I keep going back to what I think is a huge tactical error by the new staff of the Cards. They’re picking up talented vets by the busload and dropping the young guys just as fast. While that may improve them for a season or two, it isn’t doing much to build a solid young core that will make up your future.

    So now you end up with a 6-10 record at worse or a 9-7 at best. In both cases you miss the playoffs and in both cases you end up with a draft pick that is in the middle of each round leaving you zero opportunity for a franchise type QB. (Unless you’re willing to ignore the safe route and take a shot on a guy others dropped down their board for stupid reasons. Think Russell Wilson.)

    Frankly they should have gone with a servicible veteran QB off the FA market and then drafted for speed, regardless of the position. Speed can make up for a lot of “rookie” errors and soon you have a very fast, very young team that is getting smarter and better week by week.

  5. He will still have to compete in Seattle to make the 53. I don’t know that they are lacking at LB or DE. I’m sure they brought him in for a reason. I’m not a Niner’s fan but they have a dominant LB corp that allows other parts of their D to be aggressive. Maybe he is looking for that. Mad science of a head coach in the NFL. I wish I could sit inside one of those meetings!! How cool would that be?

  6. Good pickup by the ‘Hawks. He can play the SAM/LEO role until Irvin gets back and then we can see what happens from there.

    This move actually gives the Seahawks some depth at the weakest position on the defense, the linebacker.

  7. SEA loves versatile guys with nasty streaks. They also like guys who have a knack for ripping out balls. BO fits the bill. He’ll have to compete to make the 53, but he’s a nice addition to SEA camp right now.

  8. I think I speak for a lot of Seattle fans when I say how awesome it is to read such jealousy out of other teams’ fans.

    It’s a breath of fresh air to know the ‘Hawks scare the crap out of the rest of the league.

  9. So Shecluck fans like to say people troll when their stating facts so heres some fun facts about the legendary Seahawks you can look up yourself…
    Seattle fans like to take credit for beeing the loudest fans in the NFL… the designer has stated the design was all about trapping noise so basiclly pee wee herman sounds like barry white in there..Seattle has been voted top ten for the last ten years as one of Americas worst sports towns but they say there the loudest fans in the NFL?Keep dreaming seaskunks…Seattle has also finished in the top of alot of other categories to..these are all things you can look up yourselves..Seattle has also been voted one of Americas most boring cities, worst dressed cities, most miserable cities and has two websites dedicated to people from other states that had to move there..Its called I hate Seattle and Seattle sucks..Google em pretty funny..Seattle has never one the NFC West when there was another team over 500.There best selling jersey of all time is a #12…Really..smh…according to football stats the Seaslugs are the 26th most popular football seasaps have no superbowls and one NFC championship..Yes this all just reeks of greatness..So Seattle fans get a clue the Seahawks have a solid unit and its good to be excited but when you start trying to claim your some legendary franchise like the 49ers or Steelers (etc) give it a break and wait untill your joke of a franchise has accomplished something untill you keep flapping your beaks!

  10. All this is doing is creating a spectacular rivalry and I do believe that the 49ers players are feeling severely hunted right now. Even the players have admitted it. Seattle is lurking right below the surface, but when the season starts: the rest of the NFL, including the 40 whiners,

  11. There is one thing the Hawks already lead the league in this year…..Most PED suspensions. You go Hawks a real class franchise.

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