Trufant, Alford will get baptism by fire with Falcons


Maybe Desmond Trufant should have held out, after all.

Before the rookie first-round cornerback can ever play in a game of pro football, he’ll be spending hours chasing around two of the best receivers in the league during practice.  The same goes for second-rounder Robert Alford.

According to Michael Cunningham of the Atlanta Journal Constitution, the process began Friday, with Trufant “victimized” by receiver Julio Jones in one-on-one drills.  Both Trufant and Alford will be charged in practice with trying to stop Jones and Roddy White.

“Those two guys are going to have tough days every day,” Falcons coach Mike Smith said of his rookie defensive backs, via Cunningham.  “Those are two of the best wide receivers in the league.  It’s good for us.”

It’ll make Trufant and Alford better when they face other receivers, but the ultimate goal will be for the entire defense to become good enough to help the Falcons hold postseason leads of 20 points (which they blew against the Seahawks, before rebounding) and 17 points (which they squandered quickly the next week against the 49ers).

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  1. The biggest weakness during those games was not receiver coverage. Zack Miller and Vernon Davis carved up the Falcons D with ease.You’d think Dimitroff would have addressed that somehow this offseason, but I haven’t seen anything yet.

  2. The absolute lack of a reliable run game was a major contributor last year. If Jackson is even league average the balance will exist.

    They need to be more concerned with their suspect pass rush.

  3. I am not a Falcons fan…but I am excited to see what Steven Jackson can do on this team. He could be a big factor in helping them keep a lead.

  4. Julio Jones has to be in the top 3 physically and ability wise, so if they can learn to cover him, they should be a solid pair.

  5. Alot of it was also a change in coaxing philosophy in those playoff games. They went from attcking to trying to defend their lead. They should have continued attcking in the second half of those games. Keep doing what is working until it doesn’t work anymore.

  6. The Falcons are as in good of shape as anybody…at least on paper. Matt Ryan took the next step last season. He has Roddy White, Julio Jones, Tony Gonzalez, and Steven Jackson. A QB should be drooling with this talent around him. Like another poster said, they should not stop attacking when they have the lead. You gotta trust that these guys will continue to make the plays.

  7. There may not be a better 1-2 punch of WIdeouts in the game right now! There should be ZERO excuse not to completely dominate this year. I see it as SuperBowl or bust!!!
    The CB’s practicing against this duo should only make them that much better come game time! The addition of S.Jackson should really add that missing component on offense… This team should be scary good, barring injuries….

  8. But they will stop attacking cause they don’t have their foot on your throat mentality. They had a 10 point lead against us last season and lost. They had a big lead against Seattle and almost choked that one away. They had a 17 point lead on San Fran and lost. And if I’m not mistaken, they had a hell of a time with the piss poor Oakland Raiders. As long as their coach keeps choking under the pressure of making big time decisions, their not gonna reach elite status.

  9. Bcajun…I recall Brees last trip to the Georgia Dome ending with 5 picks and 0 TD’s. This also ended his record streak of consecutive games with a touchdown pass. This set up Brady to grab the record this year if he can escape the Georgia Dome.

    Alford and Trufant will be major players in working to make that happen. Good to know they are practicing against some of the leagues best.

  10. Ok buddy Julio has been in the league for just 2 years and there are plenty of Elite CB’s that Jones hasn’t even faced yet. Lets see if your still talking that nonsense after Keenan Lewis shuts him down, just like Jabari Greer does to Roddy White.

  11. True atlfalcon but look at the overall record since 06…its going to be fun getting our 2 wins this year and watching that annual playoff loss yall are going to get IF you guys get there that is…like i said above “burnt dirty turd” stay classy my friend

  12. Why are the saints fans the most obnoxious in the league? Don’t you have your own page? Or are you guys that irrelevant? Just because you have your coach back doesn’t mean anything. 7-9 again??

  13. Why are the Saints fans so obnoxious? They’re just trying to draw attention away from their team not even making the playoffs and trying to make themselves feel relevant. Won’t work guys, nobody in football even thinks about the Saints anymore.

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