As training camp arrivals go, Reggie Wayne has outdone himself


Last year, Colts receiver Reggie Wayne showed up for training camp wearing a military uniform and escorted by members of the Indiana National Guard.  This year, Wayne took it up a notch.

Wayne arrived at training camp via helicopter, wearing an IU Health flight suit.

He brought along 20-year-old Matt Sercer, whose life was saved last year after a farming accident by a helicopter crew that took him to a hospital.  Even then, Sercer was told he wouldn’t walk again after having his heel torn off by an auger.

“Guys like Matt and stories like Matt, they’re the real heroes,” Wayne said, via the Jeffersonville (Ind.) News & Tribune.  “It inspires you to go out there and do great and prove people wrong.  A lot of people didn’t think Matt would be able to walk again, and he’s out here moonwalking with me.”

Though the Colts are regarded as a team that can get back to the playoffs and take the next step, Wayne (perhaps wisely) is taking the position that the Colts are nationally being overlooked.

“We got to prove people wrong, got to show them what we can do and show them what we made of,” Wayne said. “We got to bite down through hard times and find a way to prevail.  Matt is truly an inspiration to that.  I’m bringing him to camp with me to show everybody else what we can do.”

What the Colts can do was the inspiration for the arrival by chopper.

“I really think our team this year is better than last year,” Wayne said.  “If we don’t hurt ourselves, the sky’s the limit for us.  I really sat back and thought, ‘Sky’s the limit, sky’s the limit,’ why not come in through the sky?”

It makes sense, as long as they don’t eventually go out through the ground.