Calvin Johnson thinks he can top last year, hopes he doesn’t

Getty Images

Calvin Johnson set the NFL record for receiving yards last season, and he thinks he’s capable of breaking his own record. But he hopes he doesn’t need to.

In a question-and-answer session with fans on the Lions’ website, Johnson said that his goal is to be better than last year across the board, when he caught 122 passes for 1,964 yards.

“Personal goal is to do better than I did last year in every category,” Johnson said.

Johnson recognizes, however, that all the passes thrown to him last year weren’t necessarily a good thing. The rest of the Lions’ receivers were plagued by injuries, meaning the Lions had few other options in the passing game. And the Lions were losing late in games, meaning they were throwing a lot. Johnson would prefer to see the Lions not have to rely on him so much.

“It’s definitely possible, but if guys are healthy, I shouldn’t have to do that,” Johnson said.

The Lions want to put the ball in their best player’s hands a lot. But if Johnson gets the ball less this year because the Lions are leading more, that would be a good thing.