Chuck Pagano: Motivation better not be an issue on the Colts


Colts coach Chuck Pagano doesn’t think he’s going to need to give any big speeches to motivate his team.

Pagano was asked by a reporter at training camp on Sunday what he does to keep his players motivated, and he seemed a bit taken aback by the question, saying that if there’s a player who has to be kept motivated when he’s fighting for a job in training camp, that player probably isn’t the kind of guy he wants in a Colts uniform.

“What do we do to keep them motivated? They’re trying to keep a locker,” Pagano said. “They’re trying to keep a jersey, you know? They’re trying to make a football team, so that should be easy.”

After missing most of last season while battling cancer, Pagano knows better than most how lucky he is to be where he is today. And he’s not going to tolerate any player who needs to be told he should feel fortunate to be there.