Connor discusses his arrest, takes full responsibility

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Not everyone hides behind the shield of “pending legal proceedings.”

Giants linebacker Dan Connor spoke Sunday about his recent arrest for having a switchblade in his luggage at the Philadelphia International Airport.

“I was flying out to a wedding in Pittsburgh and had something in my bag, a pocket knife that I didn’t even know about,” Connor said, via Ohm Youngmisuk of  “I hadn’t seen it in over a year.  I was a little shocked when they pulled it out.  It’s something I have to deal with now. . . .  I’m responsible for it and I’ll accept whatever punishment is handed out.”

Connor said he thought he had lost the “spring-loaded” knife while moving.

“They don’t want the bad publicity and I don’t want it on myself,” Connor said.  “Being a new guy here, I don’t want to put a scar or have a bad mark on a city that doesn’t even know me that well.  It’s just unfortunate.

“But at the same time, it’s my fault.  And I have to prove to everybody that I’m not that type of guy, a guy to get in trouble.  It was the first time I’ve been arrested, so pretty embarrassing for me.”

It’s embarrassing, but honorable.  Connor isn’t hiding behind constitutional protections aimed at ensuring innocent people aren’t wrongfully convicted.  He did it, he’s owning it, and he’s moving on.

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  1. And that’s why I start with an empty bag whenever I fly and make sure I didn’t leave or put anything in there that would result in an incident.

  2. Let’s be clear: they don’t routinely arrest people when they find a “pocket knife” in their bag. They make you either surrender the knife or you turn around and don’t go through the gate, and you can do something with the knife other than bring it on the plane (for example, you can mail it to yourself from the airport post office). This has happened to me personally (I surrendered it).

    But this was a switchblade knife, and are illegal to carry in Philadelphia.
    Philadelphia – Carry of switchblades prohibited. See, PHILADELPHIA, PA., CODE § 10-810 (2006). Use or possession on public streets or on public property of any “cutting weapon”, defined as “[a]ny knife or other cutting instrument which can be used as a weapon that has a cutting edge similar to that of a knife” prohibited, with exception for “tool or instrument commonly or ordinarily used in a trade, profession or calling” while “actually being used in the active exercise of that trade, profession or calling.” See, id. at § 10-820. Violation penalty is minimum fine of $300 and minimum ninety day imprisonment.

  3. It’s one thing to have a gun and another with a knife. Though against the law, Connor should not be chastised for something that 100% of honest people know it was an accident. Kudos to him for not making a bunch of excuses and simply owning up to the mistake.

  4. Wait..he acted like a man and took responsibility for his actions? How very unAmerican

  5. Yeah. Leave that cowboy nonsense back in Texas. You’re on a big boy team now with real leadership and expectations.

  6. As with any trip to Pittsburgh, no matter if it’s for a wedding or a Kenny Chesney concert, carrying a knife is usually advisable.

  7. this is legit ALL it takes for a player to move on past an arrest- be honest, dont try to make 100 excuses bec it ends up to more and more questions, more and more articles and never dies down

    that said if he gets any suspension for this it would be insane. plus im sure TSA changing their absurd minds on letting people bring knifes on then finally feeling the pressure of commons sense makes it that much more confusing.

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