Daryl Washington vows to prove himself to his new coaches


Daryl Washington is a Pro Bowler and one of the Cardinals’ best players. But right now, he’s a backup just trying to prove himself.

Washington is suspended for the first four games of the season for violating the league’s substance-abuse policy, and he was also arrested in May and accused of assaulting his girlfriend. New Cardinals coach Bruce Arians said after that arrest that Washington is walking a very thin line, and Washington said the coaches have made clear with him that he’s practicing with the backups until they’re confident they can count on him.

“I’m not frustrated at all because I understand why it’s happening,” Washington told the team’s website. “It’s not unexpected. I talked to [linebackers] coach Mike [Caldwell] and [defensive coordinator] Todd [Bowles]. You understand. And when I get back, I need to prove myself all over again.”

Washington said he’s doing everything he can to prove himself during training camp. He’ll be with the team through the end of the preseason, then he’ll be gone for the first four weeks of the regular season. He’ll be allowed to return in Week Five.

“Right now I’m staying positive,” Washington said. “I know I’m going to miss the first four games the regular season, but I want to get as much work as I can and being in my playbook and getting work on the field so when I come back I’m not too rusty.”

Working hard in training camp is the only way for Washington to earn a spot back in the starting lineup when his season starts in Week Five.

4 responses to “Daryl Washington vows to prove himself to his new coaches

  1. D-Wash is a stud on the field, no doubt about it. Where he needs to prove himself is off the field. That’s where he has serious issues.

  2. Mike Caldwell. I thought that name sounded familiar. He was drafted by my Browns. Wow. Funny when you remember when someone was drafted and they are now a position coach in the league. I’m getting old…and I’m only 36.

    I hope Washington can come back from this and keep his life straight. These supplements are dangerous. They put things in the item that isn’t on the label. IDK if that is what got him suspended, but it is a crappy game those companies are playing.

  3. After the latest mysterious four game suspension of Von Miller also “not for substance abuse related issues” that left fans to speculate the worse, it would seem that the Commissioner is targeting certain teams and their key players knowing that the press will do their dirty work in making negative inferences. It now is being reported that Miller’s suspension was for being late for a scheduled test (similar to what got Washington suspended) when Miller was reported to be in Afganistan with Peyton Manning on a USO tour! It seems the NFL can’t get it right and I think both Washington and Miller are the caliber of professionals to rise above all this.

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