Donovan McNabb will formally retire as an Eagle on Monday

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He last played for the Vikings and spent a brief and unhappy spell with the Redskins, but quarterback Donovan McNabb is going to formally exit the NFL as a member of the team he quarterbacked for the majority of his career.

The Eagles announced Sunday that McNabb will announce his retirement at a press conference on Monday morning at the team’s headquarters. Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie will join McNabb at the podium for the announcement.

McNabb hasn’t played a game since 2011 and the team is already planning to honor him at halftime of their September 19 game, so this is even more of a formality than the usual return of an old player to retire as a “member” of the team. McNabb said recently that he’s not worried about getting booed by Eagles fans upset at some of McNabb’s comments about playing in Philadelphia since he left the team, something that won’t be a concern at Monday’s press event.

That should mean it will focus on McNabb’s place at the top of the Eagles’ all-time passing yards, completions and touchdowns list as well as his nine playoff wins as an Eagle quarterback. That last total doesn’t include a Super Bowl win, but it is just one less than the combined playoff win total of every other Eagles quarterback.

34 responses to “Donovan McNabb will formally retire as an Eagle on Monday

  1. Lol I think most eagles fans thought he “retired” about 2 or 3 years before the Eagles finally got rid of him

  2. McNabb has thrown out a lot of petty, seeming envious and even spiteful comments.

    He may get a favorable response, but his ever-growing list of comments of late probably won’t help things.

  3. Welcome back Donovan, I enjoyed your play and I don’t blame you for the Eagles not winning a super bowl(that was a team effort). Good luck on your analyst career your football knowledge will be as good as all the other ex players. but please do not mention the Eagle fans or that loser Cataldi ever again you will be better off for it.

  4. He was my favorite player in college, drafted by my favorite NFL team, and brought them to the brink of a Championship… everybody gets aggravated with players from time to time, even Westbrook got booed, but all in all, I love that McNabb was an Eagle!!!

    He got traded to a division rival, which is a slap in the face for ANY player, so I can understand some of his bitterness… I’m glad he’s retiring as an Eagle, and proud that I own an autographed jersey of his…

  5. I know Philly fans will disagree but I kind of feel sorry for mcnabb. He never seemed to be accepted there and then was just tossed to the street like garbage. It’s also sad now to see him come out with these occasional comments that reek of bitterness. Good example of not all high profile careers end well.

  6. There is a good chance he will be booed. They booed Santa Clause didn’t they? And let’s not forget the little kid they made cry after he won a punt, pass, and kick competition because he represented a team that is a division rival. Great fans. NOT. NOT. NOT.

  7. Buh-bye!!!! Had some great moments, no doubt about it, but they ended long before his career did… Burned my Redskins, I’ll admit it… Never cared much for his personality though…

  8. If you go hunting for a new team and are told no one wants you, then embark on a new career, isn’t it a little late to announce a retirement?
    Isn’t retirement something you choose?

    He is really announcing that he is accepting reality.

  9. McHomey left a weird trail during his career as a player and as a speaker of dumbass comments.

  10. Good luck the rest of the way Donavan. You played many games that were enjoyable to watch for all NFL fans.

  11. A goodly portion of the Eagles fans will certainly boo McNabb when he retires because – they are eagles fans and that’s what they do.

  12. I was at eagles training camp today, and he received a huge ovation, so he needs to shut his mouth. most eagle fans appreciate what he’s done, but no longer appreciate what he’s saying.

  13. “McNabb has thrown out a lot of petty, seeming envious and even spiteful comments.”

    It never ceases to amaze the irony in people’s comments. Donovan only lead this team to its most successful period on the franchises modern history. He put his body on the line every week with much less talent at receiver then most QBs leading teams to Championship games ever have. McNabb (besides TO) didn’t have pro-bowl talent around him. He’s always been a citizen, never suspended or in any trouble. But he’s been a victim of back-biting & sniping from my fellow Eagle fans long before he ever went on TV. Eagle fans have been treating Donovan shabbily for a long time. He’s even had another fellow Philly fan & local athlete question his “blackness”. He really is one of the most under-appreciated athletes in his home city in NFL history.

    Kelly & Levy are LOVED in Buffalo, Bud Grant & Tarkenton as well in Minnesota. Those fans certainly do not treat the players involved in the most successful runs in their franchises history as some of my fellow fans harshly treat Reid & McNabb. Thank you Donovan for all you brought to the great city of Philadelphia. Looking at our QB play since 2010, it’s painfully obvious what you brought to us in your years of service to the Eagles. j

  14. Retire an Eagle, that’s appropriate. Don’t retire his number though, he doesn’t belong in that conversation. Same goes for the HOF.

  15. McNabb is a whiny passive aggressive person. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a quarterback argue and whine like a child about how ” He was the most criticized an unappreciated QB EVER”. Even if you were a real leader would never cry about it or argue w anyone who will listen that he was. For starters Ryan Howard is in Philly and takes more abuse from fans than Mcnabb ever did and handles it outwardly much better even if inside its killing him.
    HE went to all the NFC championships.
    HE got to a Super Bowl. All the losses never on HIM. Go play air banjo and shut it. Got a standing O Today and I’m sure all he heard was the 3 people booing.

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