Eric Mangini sticking to work with 49ers’ offense


The 49ers hired former Browns and Jets head coach Eric Mangini as a senior offensive consultant in June, and he has focused on that side of the ball, Matt Maiocco of reported Sunday.

49ers defensive coordinator Vic Fangio, who said he did some similar consulting work with the Ravens several years ago, had an interesting viewpoint on how he believes a defensive-focused coach can help an offense.

“Generally speaking, I think defensive coaches have a better understanding of offenses and what offenses are being taught to do from a schematic standpoint. I think offensive coaches do not have as good an understanding of defensive football,” Fangio told

“It’s kind of a fact because I did that role one year in Baltimore and they learned a lot from having a defensive guy in the room. They just don’t always understand the adjustments.”

It’s an intriguing question: do defenses better understand offenses, or vice versa? Here’s one I’m hoping the coaches in the audience will weigh in upon in the comments.

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  1. It’s a two-way street. Rex Ryan hired Tom Moore as a consultant, not only to work with their offense, but to work with Ryan from a defensive perspective.

    For the most part a coach at this level is/has been either an offensive guy or a defensive guy so his perception has been from that viewpoint.

    At lower levels a key to success is scouting. You obviously scout your opponents, but not many coaches at lower level actually scout their own tendencies and patterns.

    A new set of eyes on something is usually helpful. When that set of eyes have been trained a certain way but are now looking at it from the other side it should only help.

  2. I believe Mike Nolan has coached both sides of the ball. He said when he coached Wide receivers and went back to defense it helped him in his career. Defensive coaches understand what the offense is trying to do to a defense. To me the defense minded coaches are more leery of what can be exploited on D. The offense coaches look at their offenses as an infallible machines. Their have a tough time seeing the weaknesses. Defense coaches look for the weaknesses all the time..their own and the offensive side of the ball

  3. Good. Now Mangini and Fangio should be focused on the two positions that need the most help: WR’s & DB’s

  4. mugsymagpie says:Jul 28, 2013 2:12 PM

    I wonder if he is going to rat them out.

    You’re right, if you were coaching a team, you’d allow the opponents to illegally tape your team?

    Security broke it to Mangini.

    No wonder you probably work at a car wash.

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