John Harbaugh confirms Dennis Pitta is out for season


The reports on Saturday all said Ravens tight end Dennis Pitta would be out for the season after fracturing and dislocating his hip during practice and coach John Harbaugh confirmed it on Sunday.

“Dennis is out for the year,” Harbaugh said, via Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun. “It’s the type of thing he’s not going to be able to come back from this year. There’s enough damage in there.”

The team’s move to sign veteran tight end Visanthe Shiancoe earlier in the day made it pretty obvious that Pitta was done, but Harbaugh’s announcement erases any chance that they’d put him on injured reserve with the option to return later in the year. Harbaugh said that he didn’t think the injury would interfere with Pitta’s ability to play in 2014. He didn’t say that it will certainly interfere with his expected contract as a free agent, but that’s a matter for the offseason.

For now, the Ravens will be focused on replacing Pitta’s expected production. Shiancoe will help as a blocker and fullback Vonta Leach may be on his way back to help on that front as well, but Ed Dickson will be expected to carry a heavier pass catching load. Dickson says he’s ready for the job.

“It’s tough, it’s tough,” Dickson said. “You lose a brother like that, we’re a 1-2 punch. He had a great season last year. Him and Joe [Flacco]’s chemistry, I have to try to get to that level of him and Joe where they are. I will pick him up on my back. Everything I do in practice and anything I do in a game, I got to pick him up.”

The Ravens have a lot of time to adjust to Pitta’s absence, something General Manager Ozzie Newsome stressed in an interview with Don Banks of about Pitta’s loss along with a reminder of other times the Ravens have adapted on the fly successfully during training camp. It doesn’t make Pitta’s loss any less painful, but it’s a reason not to panic in late July.

10 responses to “John Harbaugh confirms Dennis Pitta is out for season

  1. Ed Dickson caught over 50 passes two years ago so he is capable to doing the job plus Shiancoe has had productive seasons. Losing Pitta is a blow but the Ravens have shown in the past that they can adjust.

  2. Hate seeing guys go down like this, especially in camp. But hey Ravens fans, keep telling us how little Flacco costs against next year’s camp, while the Ravens struggle to sign a better option than Shiancoe because they can’t afford it.

    Pitta is another member of the “Carry Joe” club that won’t be around this season. By the way, if Jones (a charter member) doesn’t return that kick in the Bowl for a TD, the Ravens lose and Flacco doesn’t get MVP (and instead becomes the QB who presided over the biggest blown lead in Super history) — how much you think his contract would’ve been worth?

  3. Dickson said. “Him and Joe‘s chemistry, I have to try to get to that level of him and Joe where they are. I will pick him up on my back. Everything I do in practice and anything I do in a game, I got to pick him up.”

    Forget about chemistry, he should work on english.

  4. Ravens will miss Pitta but they will come back in short order. All the sicko Steelers fans who have been laughing about Pitta’s injury will find their demended joy to be shortlived.

  5. Big loss for the Ravens. I just hope it isn’t a career ending injury for Pitta. A very low key workhourse in the NFL. Needs to be more like him.

  6. demended joy

    For someone quick to call another illiterate would you be so kind to explain that word to the posters you feel so superior. Is something just germane to Charm City? Hope it’s not contagious…

    Side note I don’t approve any fan rejoicing the injury of any player and would hope the above posting raven troll would do the same….history cast serious doubt that he will.

  7. Not surprised that Nofool jumps on the bandwagon of sickos hopping up and down about a fallen player. I am surprised that he tries to mask his joy under the guise that he’s making fun of what is so obviously just a typo. That is DEMENTED.

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