John Idzik says he’ll have “pretty big role” in picking quarterback


When Jets coach Rex Ryan was talking about his desire to see the Jets quarterback competition to come to an end sooner rather than later last week, he said that he would lean on other people before making his decision.

One of the people whose voice will be heard in that process is General Manager John Idzik. His take on it doesn’t put Ryan quite as front and center when it comes to the ultimate call, however.

“I’ve got a pretty big role in that,” Idzik said, via Mike Vornukov of the Newark Star-Ledger. “I think we’re going to discuss that much like we do anything: it’s going to be a collective opinion. We’re going to hash it out. And it’s not limited to quarterbacks. I know that’s front stage and center. It’s every position.”

There’s nothing wrong with having a lot of voices weigh in with opinions about who should be the starting quarterback, but, ultimately, someone has to tell everyone thanks for sharing and then make the call. That is usually the head coach and Ryan’s been adamant about that point, but Idzik said Saturday that “it’s not one individual” and that he wants to feel like the decision is a “we decision.”

That could be a problem since Ryan, who has reason to be concerned about his job security, and Idzik, who doesnt, might not be approaching the issue with the same goal in mind. Ultimately, though, the call should go to the head coach and if the Jets didn’t want Ryan to make decisions about how to use the players on the roster, they should have made a coaching change this offseason.

23 responses to “John Idzik says he’ll have “pretty big role” in picking quarterback

  1. Yea, but does Braylon Edwards get a say?

    The Jets circus just keeps on keeping on…

  2. Uh oh, sounds like dissension in the ranks. Couple this with all the other things that creates a bad football team, and I can already see how this movie will end. I still really like Rex(great d.c. for the ravens) , but even he probably knows he’ll be gone after this season.

  3. Sounds like a great plan, the GM telling the Head Coach who to play.

    Don’t worry Jets fans,with every loss this season just say to yourself Clowney, Clowney, Clowney.

  4. I’m thinking one of the two SEC QB’s are going to come out of the woodwork to win this competition. You never hear about them running their mouths or crying about anything. And I liken Mark Sanchez to a Wins Above Replacement QB in baseball, where his factor is -2 games or something. Throw in a no name at this point and have a better shot at winning Jets!!!!!!

  5. Idzik…. well if that’s the case, and you want to fill the stadium and have the fans love you, eat the 8mil, and run Sanchez completely out of NY. We all know Woody Johnson can afford to eat that kind of money, so get Sanchez off the team. Whether Sanchez stays or goes, it’s still 8mil against the cap. Let’s be honest, could Geno, or McElroy be worse than Sanchez? I think not.

  6. I think Geno does have a “real” chance to start now. Starting Geno could mean Rex has a chance to save his job. He has some wiggle room now because it can be seen as a rebuilding year with G smith… With Sanchez, it’s prob his last shot at really being the coach of the Jets, IMO!

  7. Good for Idzik, he should. Rex is loyal to his Tatoo Loverboy.

    But seriously, this is how it has to be. Rex was horrendous last year in handling his QB situation.

  8. So evidently the NY Jets this year will be run just like the US Congress.

    Idzik just sprinkled more “fairy dust” on the poor Jets fans.

    No wonder fireman Ed gave up.

  9. As a dolphin fan I hate the JESTS. But we have stunk so long and have had such bad problems I can at least feel their pain as they get all the bad press. (Still, better them then the fins). Their GM hopefully will get rid of all their problems. I would love to see the Jests and the Fins actually be good and their games against each other mean something!! That way when we kick their butts it will be worth more then bragging rights…

  10. It’s a clear signal that if it’s a close competition at QB Sanchez will be out as the starter.

    The Jets players have already turned on him and Ryan has given up on trying to stop the infighting and pot shots other players take at Sanchez.

    We’ve seen no accountability from the organization on those issues.

  11. The only time I want to hear from an NFL GM is during the draft and when they make an off-season acquisition. Other than that, please stop making these administrators into celebrities.

  12. So you’re saying that the GM has a say in personnel decisions?

    This really is hard hitting journalism at its best.

  13. The owner gives the gm money to spend on players, the gm signs to the contracts and the coach coaches and decides who plays. It’s a pretty simple concept.

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