Jones’ L.A. comments could have been a message to AEG

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So why did Cowboys owner Jerry Jones decide not once but twice this past week to talk about how close the NFL is to returning to L.A.?  We may have a theory.  Or at a minimum a hypothesis.

Or at a bare minimum the product of a couple of glasses of wine on a Saturday night while re-watching the first two episodes of Breaking Bad.

The league doesn’t seem to be interested in Ed Roski’s shovel-ready site in the City of Industry, the flavor-of-the-month location at Chavez Ravine would take years and millions of dollars and inevitable litigation to secure, and the effort to do a deal with AEG near Staples Center appears dead on the Farmers Field vine.

But what if Jones’ comments were a message to Phil Anschutz, the owner of AEG?   What if, by saying that it’s “more imminent than any time since we haven’t had a team in Los Angeles” and that it’s “a little bit of a black eye for all of us to have had this many years and not had an NFL team in Los Angeles” and that “[t]here are people, there are locations, there are people that are interested — viable people — that could help us put this thing together,” Jones is letting Anschutz know that the time is coming for a deal to be done?

Many believe the NFL won’t return to L.A. until the “right deal” can be done, which possibly means “the deal by which we make a ton of money and our ‘partner’ gets hosed.”  Anschutz won’t let himself get hosed.  If the NFL doesn’t want to do a deal that works for everyone, Anschutz simply won’t do a deal.

And if a deal isn’t done with Anschutz, we may still be talking about when and if the NFL will return to L.A. in another 18 years from now.

With the Chargers perhaps finally getting restless (and likewise nervous about one or two teams moving to the fringes of their market) and with the Rams due to become free agents after the 2014 season, the time to do a deal could be now.

And Jones’ comments could be aimed at getting Anschutz to wait just a bit longer.

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  1. Well, according to the turds of the media the Jaguars are moving to LA and London, so Jerruh has nothing to worry about.

    Obey the stache.

  2. “Or at a bare minimum the product of a couple of glasses of wine on a Saturday night while re-watching the first two episodes of Breaking Bad.”


  3. la IS not GETTING A TEAM !
    L.A. doesn’t care and neither does the nation as the TV ratings sucked when the teams where there. It is what is is.
    Jerry should focus on his own team and fire himself as GM and bring a REAL man in there.
    How did that canning Jimmy Johnson work out for you? You haven’t won anything without him other then that Barry Switzer drive bye built on a team that J J built.

  4. L.A. is a baseball town (yes Florio, baseball is still wildly popular even though you bash it every chance you get) and it’s been proven over the last decade and a half that the citizens of the area are luke warm at best towards the NFL. They get their football fix with two solid college teams – USC & UCLA.

    Now you take the Dodgers & Angels away and the city would burn itself down.

  5. There’s a lot of money in LA besides Anchutz. There are also other locations to build, like Hollywood park. With 6 million people to draw from it is incredible that the NFL left. The Rams belong in LA. Just like the Raiders belong in Oakland. The Chargers will get their stadium in San Diego once we get a Mayor that doesn’t grope all the women in San Diego. I wouldn’t blame the Chargers for leaving.

  6. Oh c’mon, we’ve come to know full well Jerry Jones is both a snake oil salesman and an egomaniac. Whatever comes from his lips publicly is self-serving hyperbole.

  7. there shouldn’t be a team in L.A. there is a reason one hasn’t lasted. USC. name one city that has housed a successful NFL team, AND a successful NCAA football team. I mean competeting for championships. not simply making Bowl games.

  8. It doesn’t make any since for a current team to relocate to LA. Most of the revenue generated is shared between all of the owners, so why would a current owner pay the relocation fee just to make a similar amount of money?

  9. People are crazy if u think stan kronke, the second richest owner in the league and one of the shrewdest businessman in the world is going to move his team and pay a 500$ million dollar relocation fee and not even fully own the team or stadium.

  10. Any team in LA will leave withing 10 years. It is the fanbase. They can’t support a team. Nobody in LA is from LA. Everyone is from somewhere else and has a different team affiliation.

    At least in New York, we have multi generational fan support. That doesn’t happen in LA.

    How is Breaking Bad? I hear great things about it. But I’ve never watched it. Its about a teacher who makes crystal meth right? That never occurred to me to be a show that I should watch. But if its good I’ll check it out.

  11. Or maybe something is already happing behind the scences.the raiders,chargers and rams will be free agents in the next 2 years and all three teams are in some way some how tied to AEG.the coliseum in oakland is operated by AEG,rams owner stan kroenke and phil auschwitz are business partners from denver and in differnt sports ventures and “silent stan” could just end up buying AEG and building the stadium him sell in theory and chargers owner dean spanos has been contacted by former AEG ex president tim leiweke about a possible return to LA all these teams are on the fence about possible relocation coinsidence maybe not!!

  12. People like Anschutz don’t get hosed, just give Spanos some money to move.

    Then we can all sit back and watch the Chargers die a slow but comfortable death.

  13. The NFL needs to NOT have a team in LA. Why would they part with their best bargaining chip when negotiating leases or new stadiums??

    I think Jerry is helping out teams that are currently in stadium negotiations.

  14. Leaving LA was the best business decision the NFL ever did. The legitimate threat of relocating franchises there has forced many smaller cities into financing new stadiums with sweetheart leases in which to further line owners pockets as well as adding considerable power to the NFL to dictate what can occur in and around the stadiums

    Why the NFL would surrender their biggest negotiating threat is beyond me. Probably JJs way of getting new deals done in St Louis, San Diego, & Jacksonville

    As odd as it is without having a franchise there, it’s not like it has hurt the NFL at all

  15. In L.A. it is difficult to make a profit off fan attendance. Too many NFL games are not decided until the last few minutes of the game. This would conflict with the L.A. fan tradition of leaving before the game is over.

  16. There are too many cities that do not deserve teams- Jax,Charlotte,st Lou, Miami, Tampa,SD-for there not to be a team in the 2nd largest market.

  17. LA is such a transient city it just won’t work. especially for two teams. LA has two NBA teams that will get more interest in the city than two NFL teams. LA is pro basketball town in the fall and winter. Keep the NFL awaya

  18. It’s bad enough that Jerry Jones has installed himself as the sole mouthpiece for his own team, even taking to the podium usually reserved for head coaches, but now he’s assuming the role of spokemen for the entire NFL?

  19. Umm if Jones wanted to talk to Anscutz why wouldn’t he just pick up a phone?

    That may have been a message to the fans, but I doubt it was directed at AEG

  20. Like Jerry or not, and it’s easy to be critical of him, he owns a team that brings in plenty of revenue for the NFL. A lot of owners can’t make that claim. Jerry is a leader among the owners and is probably in the know of what is going to happen in LA.

  21. There won’t be a team in L.A..

    Sorry, but when Roski is being turned down and the eggs are allegedly all in the baskets of AEG and Chavez Revine no team will be in L.A..

    The team should just let the Raiders take Industry, CA and work with Roski and leave them to whatever they both want to do.

    The NFL team in a big city concept is overrated because the Falcons can’t get a downtown stadium and three of the “big market” teams play in suburbs like Arlington, TX and East Rutherford, NJ.

    The Los Angeles area shouldn’t be put into a double standard situation where it’s okay to approve one or two plans by premeditation, but not realize the good that Industry, CA has to offer.

  22. Frankly i am sick of seeing empty seats in jax, Miami, Tampa, Charlotte, st Lou. The league needs to do something. Give San Antonio, LA, Oklahoma, etc these teams.

  23. Jerry is a shrewd business man. He is NOT a personnel man, general manager, player, football guy, human. He IS an insult to Dallas, Texas, the United States, North America, Earth and the Milky Way. There may be a bigger sphincter in another galaxy, but we don’t have the technology to find it yet. It is possible his mouth is a black hole though.

  24. Jerry’s comments put pressure on San Diego and Saint Louis to get their act together or lose their franchise. Nobody in LA cares what he says. He’s not a headline in LA.

    The NFL needs LA more than LA needs the NFL. I’m glad taxpayers out here say no to corporate welfare for billionaire NFL team owners. The claim that stadiums “pay for themselves” is dubious at best.

    Unfortunately, it looks like the AEG deal is dead. Anschutz wasn’t a big fan of the project and the members of his staff who were have left. With no NFL interest in the City of Industry/OC project, the next location would be Irwindale (which is every bit as lovely as Industry), and I haven’t seen any serious plans floated for that area yet.

  25. San Diego taxpayers aren’t going to pay for a new stadium, don’t know if STL is dumb enough to fall for that again.

    2 teams can build 1 stadium without AEG’s interference, follow the Jets/Giants model.

    It’s 2 teams in LA, privately financing a stadium or no teams in LA.

  26. It’s amazing to see the number of people who think they know everything there is to know about the NFL in Los Angeles, a fanbase for a team (s) or the city itself when it’s clear none of you know what you’re talking about in regards to the great city of L.A. or have ever visited or lived in the City of Angels.

    All of you wannabees need to crawl back under the rock from which you came and worry about your own cities which can’t hold a candle to the city that’s known as the “Entertainnent Caoital of the World. Your comments aren’t funny or original.

  27. sfm073 says: Jul 28, 2013 3:25 AM

    People are crazy if u think stan kronke, the second richest owner in the league and one of the shrewdest businessman in the world is going to move his team and pay a 500$ million dollar relocation fee and not even fully own the team or stadium.

    Where do people come up with this crap?

    A relocation fee WILL NOT be even remotely close to $500 million. The last relocation fee was $30 million.

    Learn the difference between expansion fees and relocation fees.

  28. As a fan of the football Cardinals,AND WATCHING THEM LEAVE,I can empathize with folks in LA wanting the Rams back.However,Stan Kroenke was the main facilitator in bringing the Rams here.Why would he move them back?I wish those in LA luck on either the Chargers or Raiders relocating there.

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