Mario Williams happy to be free from offseason distractions


Bills defensive end Mario Williams spent part of his offseason engaged in a fight with his ex-fiancée about the return of a $785,000 engagement ring.

Williams filed a lawsuit in an attempt to compel Erin Marzouki to return the ring, which led her to release text messages that featured Williams talking about taking prescription painkillers and suicidal thoughts. Williams said those messages were blown out of proportion and the case continues on.

Williams said Saturday that it isn’t weighing too heavily on his mind as camp gets underway, however. Williams said several times that he was focused entirely on football and away from the distractions that plagued his offseason, a change that pleases him.

“Definitely,” Williams said, via Joe Buscaglia of “Everything that’s happened has been unfortunate, but it is what it is and I can’t let that distract me in any way with how big this is for this city and for the fans. And that’s my mindset.”

With the Bills shifting to a new scheme under defensive coordinator Mike Pettine, Williams should continue to have plenty to keep his mind occupied in the weeks to come. He’s expected to move around the defense a lot and come at the quarterback from a variety of angles in hopes of improving on last year’s 10.5 sacks. Doing so won’t get him the ring or the $785,000 back, but it might set the stage for a more pleasant offseason next time around.