Ndamukong Suh, Nick Fairley looking better than ever


The early word out of Lions camp is that defensive tackles Ndamukong Suh and Nick Fairley look the best they’ve ever looked.

Lions coach Jim Schwartz said the whole team is in good shape, with everyone passing the conditioning test, but he pointed to Suh in particular as a player who made the test look like a joke, it was so easy for him.

“Ndamukong’s always been the guy that’s been in great shape, but I think he took it to a different level this year,” Schwartz said. “Quite honestly, he made a mockery of the conditioning test. He really did. Calvin [Johnson] does that every year, too. Calvin can run his times and barely even break a sweat, and I think that’s what those great athletes do. Ndamukong did that.”

Schwartz also had praise for Fairley, who lost weight during the time off between minicamp and training camp.

“I’ll tell you what, he’s really impressive from where he left here at the end of mini-camp to his report,” Schwartz said of Fairley. “You know people make TV shows about Extreme Makeover and stuff like that and I like where he is right now. He’s worked very hard in five weeks or six weeks whatever it was where he was gone and reported in great shape. His weight was done and he just needs to stay on that track. We’ve talked about how talented he his but it’s been more about availability thing with him rather than a talent thing. And it looks like he’s taken it very seriously. I’m proud of him for doing it.”

Fairley said in May that he considers himself and Suh the best defensive tackle pair in the league. They’re putting in the work to back up that talk.

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  1. These guys are gonna be a force to be reckoned with for years to come. Just when you think getting body slammed by Ndamukong Suh is bad enough, here comes Nick Fairley to deliver a vicious blow to the ribs after the whistle was already blown.

  2. I say wait until they play some regular season games before declaring them superstars.

    Lions have a way of making great players look average because of the other players who surround them

  3. In many ways , these guys remind me of the Buffalo Bills of the early 90’s — they were a bad team for a long time and accumulated a lot of high draft picks. Those premium picks have formed a young core of good players , and with a few more additions , this team should be primed to go deep into playoffs for the next several years.
    Hopefully , Detroit’s long suffering football fans will have something to cheer about this season. I know one thing: they’ve got a great running back in Reggie Bush.

  4. Don’t forget about Israel Idonije and the rest of the rotation at DL in Detroit. Being a Packer fan, I have to respect what Detroit has done to get better.

  5. Problem is that Fairley will be making all the tackles while Suh is kicking the other team’s quarterback in the groin.

  6. The Detroit Lions may look good on paper, but judging by their record last year, the Lions resemble a paper tiger. Indeed, Detroit’s 4-12 (.250 PCT) record in 2012 wasn’t much better than their 0-16 (.000 PCT) record in 2008, when they were arguably the worst team in NFL history. In the words of Bill Parcells, “You are what your record says you are.”

  7. Seeing is believing. That’s all talk…show it to me on the field.

    I’ll check back after the first 7-8 games and then we’ll see how true this really is.

  8. Can’t wait for the season to start.
    All you internet tough guys will be instantly silenced when your team gets destroyed by the Lions.

  9. Lions going nowhere with idiot coach Schwartz. Yah the DT’s look good. Good enough to ram into a brick wall in a dead end alley.

  10. The Lions needed last season to play out the way it did. Sometimes the best thing in life is to be humbled. So far this offseason, I’ve seen nothing but maturity and leadership from this team.

  11. It takes a lot of hard work to practice moves that cause life long problems and career ending injuries. Gotta keep in shape to play dirty ball.

  12. Suh is a classless, abusive and dirty football player. Don’t buy into these ridiculous nad pumping articles. Lions were 4-12 last year and Suh had how many unnecessary’s…..

  13. their not bad, but geno atkins and domato peko are a better pair who compliment each other better

  14. ososrule says: Jul 28, 2013 6:56 PM

    Suh is a classless, abusive and dirty football player. Don’t buy into these ridiculous nad pumping articles. Lions were 4-12 last year and Suh had how many unnecessary’s…..
    One (an “unnecessary roughness” penalty for shoving Aaron Rodgers too hard Week 14, just like he shoved Jay Cutler so hard between the shoulders that Ed Hochuli thought it was a blow to the head and flagged it).

    And you were saying?

  15. Zeke Ansah is a pure outside speed rusher, and these two will help make his job look easy. I’m also less concerned about the DBs this year than I have been in many years.

    I wish we still had Chris Speilman at LB to plug up holes against the run, but that guy was one of a kind.

  16. Hey Lions fans! Isn’t it funny that all these GB, Chi and Minn and various fans wanna spend their time reading about us? LOL Thanks for showing us how important we really are!

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