Ravens add tight end depth with Visanthe Shiancoe

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A day after losing starting tight end Dennis Pitta, Baltimore added veteran tight end Visanthe Shiancoe.

The Ravens announced on Sunday afternoon that Shiancoe has agreed to a one-year contract.

The move was widely expected, and the Ravens were interested in Shiancoe even before Pitta got hurt. But while Shiancoe should provide some solid depth at the position, he’s no replacement for Pitta. Last year Pitta had 61 catches for 669 yards. The 33-year-old Shiancoe has never reached 60 catches or 600 yards in any season of his 10-year NFL career, and last year Shiancoe appeared in just four games with the Patriots and didn’t catch a single pass.

Pitta suffered a dislocated hip at Saturday’s practice and is expected to miss the entire season.

31 responses to “Ravens add tight end depth with Visanthe Shiancoe

  1. good insurance and support for Dickson. Was solid in 2010, we’ll see if he can still run.

    Pitta loss hurts bad but we’ll find out soon enough which receiving options can or will stand up for Baltimore.

  2. As a Vikings fan, I can assure you that you’re getting a hardworking, productive tight end that will help your team out especially after losing Dennis Pitta, this is the perfect replacement

  3. he was solid as a viking when we had favre. probably won’t get similar production to pitta, but he probably won’t be a total bust either.

  4. As a Patriots fan, I can tell you you’re getting a guy who couldn’t be more than 5th on our TE depth chart behind Daniel Fells and Michael Hoomanawanui. If you don’t know who these guys are, I don’t blame you, I didn’t either when I first heard we signed them last year. I don’t know what happened between his Viking days and now, but this guy’s performance has dropped off. If you can’t surpass no name tight ends on a team desperate for them, you aren’t doing something right. His highlight of last season besides his grand total of ZERO receptions, was dropping a beautifully thrown Mallett pass in garbage time in the Texans game and bouncing it up for an INT.

  5. Probably a solid addition, but he didn’t record a catch last year on a Patriots team that had a ton of TE injuries.

  6. ozzie strikes again. solid signing. he’s been a solid player in this league for a long time. I still think Pitta was better than his numbers showed, but this is as good of a replacement as one could hope for at this point in july.

  7. Undrafted rookie Matt Furstenburg out of Maryland finishes the season as #2 TE. Calling it now. Not saying Shiancoe is bad at all, just saying Furstenburg was a very good college TE who had terrible QB’s and went highly unnoticed. He will flourish with the new opportunity with the Ravens.

  8. Shiancoe was on the sidelines watching practice with Ozzie when Pitta got hurt. No I’m not kidding. Is this signing really a surprise? Your gonna see a lot of Torrey and Jacoby on the outside, Rice in the slot, Dickson at TE and Pierce in the backfield. With the play-action that is a matchup nightmare for defenses. Caldwell wasn’t born yesterday and he certainly isn’t losing any sleep over the lose of Pita. Not will I. Keep hating y’all. See you in the playoffs.

  9. Shank’s a good football player and a great guy. He worked out well for the Vikings. One of the rare good Childress finds. Nice pick-up Ravens.

  10. Didn’t even know he was on the Pats last year…but the dude always had good hands..not goin to be askd to do alot anyway

  11. Did nothing his first yesr in MN, but the guy led the league in TDs with Tarvaris Jackson throwing the year before Favre and was always great with fans. Hope he has a revival, just dont let your wives and GFs look up his locker room oops

  12. I think this is a big deal for the Ravens as far as losing Pitta but I also thing too many are making too much out of it.

    The Ravens have Dickson and Furstenburg, I truly think the combination of these two could come close to the combination of Dickson and Pitta. Sadly before the injury the Ravens would have had all three. Also if Leech is resigned they could add Kyle Juszczyk to the mix.

    I think the fact this happened so early in camp helps the Ravens adjust their system to the players they have. Things will need to change but I don’t think it is as bad as some try to write on the wall.

    Shiancoe is just more depth and will probably have a better fit in the Ravens system than the Pats.

    My only concern is from the latest it sounds like Pitta could be gone forever not just a season ender. Hope not he was a quality person not just a player. The NFL could use more people like him on rosters.

  13. Wow, this is going to be one powerful, high-flying offense. Who exactly is Flacco going to pass to, to get his typical sub-50% completion rate?

  14. Hmm….it’s interesting to see how our 95 north brethren’s consistently mock us on how in the past we picked FA’s to see them turn our team into a NFL mockery. Now it’s interesting to see the Raven’s continue to pick up these player’s from other teams in hopes that they will be able to maintain that consistency of winning, but what happens is they now have a motley group of guys who have not played with each other…and..well…you know the story. Just look down 95 south, and you will catch my drift. The DC Pro Football team hasn’t panicked about losing the players that either have been suspended or gone down, because we have used the FA market wisely, and more importantly we have drafted wisely. Good luck Ravens…..

  15. In Ozzie we trust!! Who is Hooman anyway? He’s never done squat for anyone! I know, I picked hie in fantasy 1 year! Gotta be a Squeller fan! GO RAVENS!! REPEAT

  16. Your comment would have substance if this was something new. The Ravens had a big turn over year before last with numerous players and made it to the AFC championship losing to the Patriots in the last seconds of the game.

    Big difference between what the Ravens do and what the Redskins did in the past was/is the Ravens pick players who have attributes that could be useful and sign these players in contracts that if they don’t workout we can cut them with little to nothing lost. Redskins sign players like Albert Haynesworth to multi-year $100 million deals. There is no comparison to the Ravens taking a risk of 1 year with a pay of veteran minimum and often no or little guaranteed money. The other advantage the Ravens have over the Redskins is most of these players are also backed by young players the Ravens drafted who are more capable than a lot of teams starters. That is why the Ravens have been to the playoffs for the last five years straight and the Redskins usually watch from home.

  17. Pitta is a big hit, he was picking up those ” crunch time ” receptions that boldin didn’t get. It does look like dickson is stepping in and shianco is just depth… he is a solid pick up for depth…just not much else.

  18. I still can’t believe how many people hate on the Ravens. We won the friggin BIG GAME last year, people.

    And you ‘Skins fans…I used to be one of you. I turned the TV off during one of Marcus Allen’s runs back in 85 or whenever that was. Couldn’t watch the 87 SB after the first quarter, but heard my family cheering for the Posse and enjoyed the rest of the game. I loved the ‘Skins. Culnt watch them lose. But then what happened? First, we (you) picked up a COWBOY’s coach in Norv Turner…who we all hated. He’s a COWBOY. I couldn’t let that go. Then you go and draft HEATH SCHULER? I don’t know much, but I know a terrible pick when I see one. I was GONE.

    Soon after all that, this Baltimore boy who had lost his team at age 7 got another team. Think I’m going to stick with the ‘Skins – living in Baltimore, especially after all that BS?! I still can’t believe how dumb you people are. The Skins are cursed. Shanahan leaves RG3 IN THE GAME?! The stupidity has never stopped. You guys may never win again!

  19. Is this where Raven fans claim that Shianco is the latest all time great maneuver by clearly the smartest man that ever lived? Hmmm… Sounds like what I should expect to here…lol

  20. Hope your hearing gets better now that I’m here for you.

    Is this a great move by Ozzie? Maybe maybe not but either way it is a wise move. He just picked up a TE who has good blocking skills and at times has shown very good hands for the minimum. If after a few practices he doesn’t fit the Ravens can simply drop him and lose almost nothing.

    It may not be the fix all move but under the conditions it is probably about the best move that could be made. In the end I think Dickson and Furstenburg will be #1&2 at TE but Shiancoe will add depth and is like having an extra coach because of his experience. Even if just for training camp he was a good sign all around for the Ravens.

  21. Another Great move by the great ozzzzz…….in ozzzzzz we trust lmao………another masterful addition by the greatest front office in football….!! Why don’t you delusional ratbird fans wake up and admit he signed a guy who no one wanted!! Off the scrap heap he comes…..the guy was buried then cut by a team who loves TE’s. Do they sell what you dudes are smokin?? At this point my grandmother would have signed him too. When you had enough of watching the slide this guy took, and watching him drop balls….get back to us!! And thanks to flunkcos salary hit get use to smelling the stench from sitting in the basement….haha

  22. Just be clear here, Cleveland and Miami just paid major money for two guys the Ravens took that nobody wanted. Jones was someone nobody wanted but made some of the biggest plays in the playoffs and helped win the Super Bowl, many stars on many teams not just the Ravens came from being players nobody wanted until they got in a system that fit them.

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