Redskins move into tie for PED suspension lead


The Redskins have moved into a tie for first with the Seahawks.

Not for crowd noise, or preseason hype.

But for PED suspensions.

When defensive end Jarvis Jenkins joined linebacker Rob Jackson in receiving a four-game suspension for violating the league’s policy on performance-enhancing substances this offseason, it gave the Redskins five players who have violated the policy since 2011, according to Mark Maske of the Washington Post.

When you include violations of the substance abuse policy, the Redskins have had eight players suspended by the league since the beginning of the 2011 season.

“Eight is a lot,” cornerback DeAngelo Hall said. “I didn’t know that. I wasn’t really paying attention. But I’ll tell you what, they’ll get it right. It’s their career at stake, their livelihood. They’ll wake up and smell the roses.”

The list of players suspended over the last three seasons includes three who violated the substance abuse policy: Left tackle Trent Williams, tight end Fred Davis, and safety Tanard Jackson, who is serving an indefinite suspension.

Cornerbacks Phillip Buchanon and Cedric Griffin and tackle Jordan Black were suspended for violating the PED policy.

“It’s an unfortunate situation,” linebacker London Fletcher said. “Obviously one suspension is too many. I think the organization does a good job of letting us know what we can and can’t do, what’s acceptable and what’s not acceptable.

“Guys have to take ownership and responsibility for their actions. You’re not going to be with somebody 24 hours a day, holding their hand.”

Perhaps, but when violations are concentrated (like DUIs from Broncos), it’s obviously going to raise awareness, and needs to raise a response from the organization.

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  1. Maybe Danny should concentrate more on his players getting suspended , and less on defending the team name.

  2. That explains a lot. I really didn’t think a team led by Mr. Snyder was capable of making the playoffs without some kind of outside intervention.

  3. This is a little misleading. Buchanon, Griffin, and Black are not listed even on the Redskins roster right now. Tanard Jackson (counts for 16 games suspended) has never actually played a reg. season down for the ‘Skins. Davis and Williams served their suspensions, and while Davis is on a 1-year contract, Williams seems to have turned his career around with Bobby G kicking him in the ass (time will tell, of course). Jackson and Jenkins are unfortunate losses, but not insurmountable by any means. It doesn’t seem to be quite the ‘win at all costs’ trend that PFT is making it out to be.

  4. “Redskins move into tie for PED suspension lead” is inaccurate. Even your source article lists them as drug violations & performance-enhancers. Here is the list…

    Trent Williams & Fred Davis – were suspended for being stupid in their first couple of years in the league and testing positive for Weed. Redskins fans started calling them “Cheech & Chong.”

    Tanard Jackson – was suspended before actually playing for the team, also for testing positive for Weed. This was not his first offense and all offenses took place ‘before’ joining the Redskins.

    Rob Jackson was suspended for “unprescribed pain medication”. Violated substance abuse policy, not PED’s.

    Jordan Black – was suspended for PED’s, but it was for a prescription drug that he had been taking for a medical condition with the league’s knowledge. He was a 1 year back-up, no longer with the team.

    Cedric Griffin – was suspended for PED’s, for Adderall “It increases concentration for those with ADD/HD, and provides a boost in energy for those without ADD/HD.” Played 9 games, no longer with team after 1 year contract.

    Phillip Buchanon – was on the practice squad most of 2011 when suspended (played 1 game not on PS) for PED’s. Suspension stemming from a masking agent, said it was an “honest mistake.”

    Jarvis Jenkins – was suspended for a “masking agent” found in a supplement he took. He bought supplements from GNC that did not have the “NSF label” (certified as acceptable under an agreement between the league and players’ union.)

    So 3 for weed, 1 has never played for the team. 3 for Prescription drug abuse, 1 an oversight by the league and was prescribed, 1 for an un-prescribed pain medicine taken while recovering from injury & 1 for actual prescription drug abuse for concentration/energy gains. The other 2 were from masking agents found in supplements without the NSF label, meaning they are approved by the league/union. There were no steroid or HGH positive tests, proof or history of use when investigated. Only Cedric Griffin can be said to have taken actual “PED’s”, Adderall. Which seems to have been the popular drug to abuse last year with suspensions for it in the double digits. He is also no longer with the team.

  5. These guys write these snippets from ivory towers, correct? Why is it the Broncos or any other teams responsibility to babysit 52+ grown men? That’s not including the coaching staff and front office. It’s not as if they’re benefiting from the pot heads or roid users suspension. The culture issue isn’t within the locker room sir, it’s within the sport and the society they come from.

  6. lol 3 of these dudes aren’t even on the team right now (Buchanon, Black, Grifin). Then there’s Tanard Jackson who was in the midst of getting suspended before he joined the Skins.

    Trent Williams and Fred Davis.. like to smoke weed lol. What does that have to do with PEDs?
    People who smoke weed don’t go out and do active things, they sit on their @$$es and forget what they meant to do. Both made it through last season though without any issues though.

    Jenkins and Jackson are the only relevant members in this entire article that are suspended for PEDs.

  7. The Washington PEDskins will be in the lead once they test their Golden-child for PEDs. How can anybody come back from multiple knee tears within 6 months? He was doing jumping-jacks after only 3 months. Tell me where that comes from besides PEDs?

    They need to cheat to compete.

  8. Are they counting weed as a ped in the total and are they counting Tanard Jackson who has never played for the Redskins?

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